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“A JOB WE CHOOSE”. Goal for the lesson: A job we choose.

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2 Goal for the lesson: A job we choose

3 Warm – up unscramble the words hh,e,t,c,r,e,a tt,o,c,d,r,o, gg,n,a,m,a,r,e ss,r,n,e,u gg,e,s,r,e,i,d cc,u,n,t,c,a,t,a,n,o TTeacher DDoctor MManager NNurse DDesigner AAccountant

4 Mass media TV presenter Newspaper journalist Political commentator Sport commentator Media tycoon Foreign correspondent Photographer Make up a media map

5 Job requirements 1. A sharp mind 2. Ambition 3. Creativity 4. Numeracy and literacy 5. Artistic ability 6. Dedication 7. Administrative skills 8. Individuality 9. Initiative 10. Ability to work to tight deadlines 11. Physical strength 12. Teamwork skills 13. Leadership 14. Ability to work under pressure 15. Flexibility 1. Остроумие 2. Честолюбие, амбиция 3. Творчество 4. Расчетливость и грамотность 5. Художественные способности 6. Посвящение 7. Административные навыки 8. Индивидуальность 9. Инициативность 10. Способность работать напряженно до предела 11. Физическая сила 12. Навыки коллективной работы 13. Лидерство 14. Способность работать под давлением 15. Гибкость

6 Classify the items in the list according to the categories: skills, qualities, abilities. SkillsQualitiesAbilities Numeracy and literacy Administrative skills Teamwork skills A sharp mind Ambition Creativity Dedication Individuality Initiative Physical strength Leadership Flexibility Artistic abilities Ability to work to tight deadlines Ability to work under pressure

7 Choose one of the jobs from your mind map SSay which skills and abilities are needed to be successful in it. GGive reasons for your viewpoint.

8 What would you like to get from your job? WWrite a wish list of your expectations in terms of: SSatisfaction SSalary WWorkload/ intensity LLeisure time AAdditional benefits HHolidays EExample: 1. I’d like to be able to buy everything I want with my salary. 2. I’d rather have flexible working hours than stay in the office from 9 to 5.

9 Speaking TThink of the job you would like to choose and answer the questions: 1. What qualities do you have/lack? 2. What do you like/ dislike about these jobs? 3. Which job may suit your wish list and personal qualities? Expressing preferences and giving reasons: II’m rather… II’d prefer… IIf I had my way, I’d…. IIn my case… WWhat I’m more concerned with is… TThe reason why… BBecause of that…. DDo/don’t…..

10 Teenagers at work IIt’s hard life being a teenager in Britain.  Nowadays most children work at least some of the time.  Some work in the summer holidays. Others do part – time jobs before and after school.  It is illegal for teenagers to work full – time while they are at school. TTeenagers can only leave school and start working full – time at the age of 15.

11 Homework  You’ll carry out a similar survey in your own class or school.  Make a list of the questions you want to ask. Write a questionnaire and give it to all your friends.  Compare your results with the British survey.

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