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3 In January I shaved.

4 Also in January, Kelly’s parents came to visit. Our employees welcomed them with a sign that they made and a song that they wrote. ‘Welcome to our guests, grandpa & grandma’

5 They had a lot of fun, mostly with the kids.

6 A few months ago our househelp, Ruthie (Ruth), told us about a problem that he has. She lives with her late husband’s relatives, because he and his parents have passed away. Now the relatives are selling their house and moving away and soon she won’t have anywhere to live. When her husband was still alive they purchased a piece of land, intending to build a house, but that never eventuated. We let the need be known to our prayer team, and a number of people came though with prayer and financial support, and within weeks the amount needed for her to build her house came in! One of the groups that helped financially was a ladies Bible study in California. They were doing a study on the book of Ruth, and decided to put into practice what they were learning. You can read the story of this here, written by a friend of

7 I got the chance to go on a motorbike safari again with a few friends. We took all our food and water with us and spent two nights by the river bordering the Serengeti. At night we heard lions and hyenas. During the day we hooned around and went exploring.

8 Recently at the office we did some discourse training for the translators, and rather than follow it up with a test or presentations, we did a ‘Jeopardy-style’ game show. It was a lot of fun, although they’re quite the competitive bunch!

9 We did Easter at our house with some friends.

10 The kids love being read to. Sometimes it includes Bible stories, which they act out, such as in the picture below where they are marching around ‘Jericho’ to make it collapse. Actually it’s our septic tank, so I hope it holds up.

11 Here are some of the materials that our team has published, mostly over the last year and a half or so. These include books of Luke, Ruth, Jonah, literacy primers, and more.

12 Thank you to those of you who purchased a copy of ‘Africa the Beautiful’. These are still available if you want to purchase one, so go to our website to find out more.our website Comments from satisfied customers: “The book is amazing.” S.C. “It's beautiful!” J.L. “My copy of Africa The Beautiful just arrived! Pretty happy about that.” J.F. “The photographer is super cute!” K.N. “…it's so great!” J.S. “Just got mine, I ♥ it!!!!!!!!!!!” D.S. “Got mine yesterday, the pictures are amazing!!!” S.P.


14 Malia: We can make everything out of coconut flour. We make honey out of coconut flour. Michael: No, not honey. Kelly’s mom: Malia, do you know what animal makes honey? Malia: Yeah, it's my mom. She makes it. Malia: (holds up a wooden toy) Look what Luke drew on. Michael: (sternly) That says 'Malia' on it. Did you draw this? Malia: Um... yeah... but that was 100 years ago. Michael: Oh, were you alive a hundred years ago? Malia: Yeah. It was when I was 3. Malia: You know houses can move around. Kelly: Mm hmm. Malia: Mommy, no they don't! Houses can't move. Kelly: Oh, yeah. I know. Sorry. Malia: Is Yukon Cornelius God? (character from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) Kelly: Um, no. Why would you think that? Malia: Because he kills things. Luke: That's just because he has really good ideas! Luke: Would I be able to buy a remote control helicopter somewhere in Musoma? Kelly: Um, no. Luke’s friend: Well you can buy remote control cars in New Zealand. I guess you could just ask your parents if you could go there to buy one. Luke: But we don't know the language! Kelly: Luke, they speak English in New Zealand. Luke’s friend: Yeah and I'm sure they'd let you speak American. Luke: Well, I'm not sure my dad would let me. Luke: My calendar says December and it's January but there are no more months!! Kelly: That's because the year ended. We'll have to get you a new calendar. Luke: Why can't I just start it over? Kelly: See, this calendar says your birthday is on a Thursday but it's really on a Saturday so the days are wrong for this year. That's why we need a new one each year. Luke: (weeping) Why can't you just change the days so my birthday is on a Thursday again?!

15 click here to support us from the US click here to support us from the US click here to support us from Oz click here to support us from Oz Further Updates In March I traveled to Nairobi by myself because I was suspicious that our last treatment for Brucellosis hadn’t worked, and indeed, it had not. It’s back again, so I’ve started a new course of antibiotics, much stronger than the last course. Please be praying for us as we go through this. Kelly hasn’t noticed any strong symptoms returning, so we’ll wait to get her tested when we’re in Nairobi in June. Work is going well. We’re pressing ahead with translation. By the end of next week we should have half of the book of Acts consultant checked (one of the final stages in translation). We’ve been getting back into reading more these days. Kelly made it through C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy recently, an excellent philosophical work on the origin of evil, nature of man, state of society, etc. I’ve been reading some old books like The Three Musketeers, Don Quixote, The Prince (Machiavelli), and the Communist Manifesto (am I allowed to acknowledge that?! – it wasn’t very convincing, if that helps). Kindle gifts are never unappreciated. Speaking of appreciated, we really appreciate our prayer and financial supporters at this time. We’ve felt very supported during this difficult time of sickness – so, thanks! click here to purchase ‘Africa the Beautiful’. click here to purchase ‘Africa the Beautiful’.

16 LINKS/INFO Our blog: More about our work: To join our Prayer Team, or sign up for newsletter notifications: email us To support us financially: supportsupport Or send us an email & we’ll send you a card. To give by mail, make a check/cheque out to: “Wycliffe Bible Translators” and send it to:email Wycliffe Bible Translators Wycliffe Australia P.O. Box 628200 or 70 Graham Rd Orlando, FL 32862-8200 Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097 USA Australia *Include a note saying that it’s for “Michael & Kelly Nicholls”. Our Tanzania mailing address: Michael & Kelly Nicholls Box 1235 Musoma, Tanzania EAST AFRICA or catch us on facebook.facebook Birthdays: Luke – Jan 19; Michael – Jan 30; Elliot – April 24; Kelly – Aug 15; Malia – Oct 16

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