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Tridion 5.3 Templates.

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1 Tridion 5.3 Templates

2 Agenda Introduction to Tridion 5.3 Advantages of Tridion 5.3 Templates
Code Migration (VB Script to C#) XSLT, Custom Page features in Tridion 5.3 Event System Implementation Demo

3 Introduction New Version of SDL Tridion R5 Features Compound Templates
Application Monitoring Publish the Binaries to any Web folder ASP.NET Server Controls, JSP Custom Tags Workflow changes, Blueprint Diagram for each Items Publish the Component Presentation as ASCX control

4 Compound Templating (R5.3)
Templating Framework Component/Page Template (VB Script) Published Content Normal Templating (R5.2) Component/ Page Template-1 Compound Templating (R5.3) Published Content Template-2 Template-n

5 Compound Templates The most important new functionality in Tridion 5.3
Compound Templates are nothing but groups of Template Building Blocks make use of various technologies To manipulate the content from Content Manager we need .NET assembly Template Building blocks. To visualize the content, we need Dream weaver Template Building Blocks. Classified into Compound Page Templates, Compound Component Templates & Template Building blocks Template Building Blocks are classified into C# Fragment, .NET Assembly and Dream weaver files

6 Compound Templates Types
Compound Page Templates Transforms the Page (object) into publishable content (XML). Compound Component Templates Transforms the Component into publishable content (XML) Compound Template Building Blocks Cores the often-used tasks that can be included in compound Page Template and Compound Component Templates

7 C# Fragments (Compound TBB)
C# code can directly enter into source tab of Template Building Block for the simple operations on the package Advantages Doesn’t require IDE to write the code No need of Build the code as DLL Exception Handling, DB connectivity, WS Invocation, etc Drawbacks It is not possible to Debug the Code

8 .NET Assembly (Compound TBB)
To perform the most complex operations, we created the .NET assembly in visual studio IDE and upload in a Template Building Block Advantages Able to Debug the Code Language Independence (C#, VB.NET, J# and VC++) Exception Handling, DB connectivity, WS Invocation, etc IDE to develop the Code & Build the DLL

9 Dream weaver (Compound TBB)
This template mainly used to specify the visualization of the content. A valid Adobe Dream weaver (.dwt) file that you create and add to a Template Building Block in Content Manager Advantages Separate the Presentation from Script (C#) IDE (Adobe Dream weaver) to visualize the Content Visualize the content with out script (C#)

10 Compound Templates over Monolithic Templates
Easy to re-use and modify the templates sequence in Compound Templates Enables the user to separate the Template Building Blocks for each step More easy to extend our compound templates by re-use the existing one Easy to distribute the Template building Blocks according to the Skill set like Web-Designer can work on Dream weaver Templates and Developer can work on .NET assemble Templates Content Integration from multiple environments (PROD1, PROD2)

11 Code Migration (VB Script to C#)
The current implementation (VB Script) for generating the Page XML & Component XML has been migrated to C# fragments, .NET Assembly Advantages Reduce the code complexity Able to debug the Code Exception handling Make use of advanced features (WS Invocation, Threading, etc)

12 XSLT, Custom Page features
The XSLT filter for RTA fields (remove empty <p> tags) and Custom Page for populating the security groups has been implemented in Tridion 5.3 without any issues. Event System Implementation Tridion 5.2 supports .NET framework 1.1 and Tridion 5.3 supports .NET framework 2.0. So far we build the DLL using NANT with .NET framework 1.1 assembly will not compatible to Tridion 5.3 environment. So we need to build the DLL with .NET framework 2.0 assembly.

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