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WHAT IS ELINK? Thermoflow, Inc.

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1 WHAT IS ELINK? Thermoflow, Inc.
ELINK is a name derived from “Excel LINK” and is a feature of Thermoflow software that lets you run a model built with any of our core programs (GT PRO, GT MASTER, STEAM PRO, STEAM MASTER, or THERMOFLEX) from inside the MS Excel environment. With ELINK you can make batch runs with different design parameters, or different off-design conditions. The inputs to the model are manipulated in Excel using normal Excel cells. Model outputs that you select are displayed in Excel cells that you can use in calculations, plots, or Excel-based reports. With ELINK you can create a Graphical User Interface, inside Excel, to run a Thermoflow model you create. This means you can distribute an Excel version of your model, so others can use it without needing to know how to use Thermoflow’s software.

2 Base Case You create the ELINK Base Case in any of Thermoflow’s main programs, GT PRO, STEAM PRO, GT MASTER, STEAM MASTER, or THERMOFLEX. ELINK will allow you to select any program input you can edit using the “core” program, and allow you to see the computed result of any set of outputs too.

3 New Link Thermoflow-ELINK menu in Excel gives access to all features.
You begin a New Link by loading a file you already created with the core program.

4 Select Inputs Virtually any core program input can be set in Excel.
Inputs are listed in a tree structure that follows the menu structure in the core program.

5 Select Outputs Likewise, most core program outputs can be displayed in Excel cells following calculation.

6 Main Worksheet Cases are organized in columns.
Yellow cells contain editable inputs that may contain values, or formulae. Blue cells contain core program outputs that are updated following computation. Other cells on this and other worksheets are normal Excel cells you can use for calculations, graphic displays, etc.

7 Plot Results This chart shows the outputs from the 28 different cases defined on ELINK Main worksheet. You are free to use any Excel function to present results, manipulate input variables, and create your own outputs based on results from the core Thermoflow program. If you change the inputs and recalculate, this chart will be automatically updated to display new output data.

8 Tabulate Results This table combines outputs from multiple cases to generate daily averages and totals. Each cell contains an Excel function that uses results from the blue region of the ELINK Main worksheet. If you change the inputs and recalculate, this table will be automatically updated to display new summary of the computed results.

9 GUI Input This worksheet is a Graphical User Interface on which you can edit several key input parameters. The inputs (in yellow boxes) are connected to input cells on the ELINK Main worksheet. This GUI can be used by anyone, even if they never even heard of Thermoflow’s software suite.

10 GUI Output This worksheet is a Graphical User Interface that displays key core program outputs. Output parameters are connected to output cells on the ELINK Main worksheet. This informative and attractive GUI is easily created using standard Excel features, and makes it possible for a anyone to run a Thermoflow model.

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