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Themes in Modern Indian History

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1 Themes in Modern Indian History
An introduction to Historical Approaches

2 Early Historical Practices
High Textual Cultural Traditions: Legends, Puranas, Epics Lineages of Monarchs: Vamsabalis Court Chronicles and Hagiographies Muslim Court Chronicles Renderings of Divines Tales Caste Records and Family Narratives

3 British Historical Construction of India
British History Writing of India India Imagined as modular well defined Territories with natural frontier and clearly defined history British Imperial Civilizing Mission and the Idea of India Periodization of Indian History

4 Indian Nationalist Historians and Redefining of Indian History
Classical Antiquity Medieval Darkness/ Imperial Glory Colonial Modernity as Problematic Liberator Quest for Nationhood Resistance and Collaboration Elite Historiography

5 Marxist-Nationalist Historiography of India
New Meaning of Nationhood Materialist Interpretation of Indian History Economic Foundation of Colonialism Social Background of Nationalist Movements in India Role of Workers and Peasant Movements in Indian History

6 Cambridge School of History
Ideology or Self Interests Elite Competition Patron Client Relationship and Politics of Locality Province and Nation Factional Disputes Role of Interest Groups

7 New Social History Continuity and Change Role of Information
Patterns of Class formations and Industrialization New Historical Perspectives

8 Subaltern History Rebellion against Elitist Bias History from below
Understanding of Subaltern Mentality and Peasants as Historical Actors Questioning Pre-political Notion of Hegemony and Domination Europe as the site of production of Historical Knowledge

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