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A Great Four Years (2010-2013) 05/1/2014 1 Bringing Together Local Farmers & Low Income Shoppers Wyandotte County Mayor’s Food Summit 2014.

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1 A Great Four Years (2010-2013) 05/1/2014 1 Bringing Together Local Farmers & Low Income Shoppers Wyandotte County Mayor’s Food Summit 2014

2 KC Beans&Greens Program TM Vision 2 Copyright Beans&Greens 2013 All persons are encouraged and able to eat healthy, local foods. When they choose to shop at local farmers markets, shoppers with food assistance automatically earn extra dollars. Matching dollars support low income shoppers, small scale farmers and the local communities in which they live.

3 KC Beans&Greens Program TM Mission 3 Improves access to and affordability for local, healthy food in Kansas City Program helps: Lower Income Shoppers Local Farmers Local Economy Improved Public Health “Win – Win” for Everyone!

4 KC Beans&Greens Program TM Highlights 4

5 Copyright Beans&Greens 2013 5 The Match Equally Benefits - Local Farmers & Low Income Shoppers Small-Scale FarmersFood Assistance (Shoppers) Creates “Healthy Supply”Creates “Healthy Demand” Motivation to sell in low income neighborhoods Better access to healthy foods Growth in customer baseExtended purchasing power Commerce of Nourishment Economic Access Affordability Shoppers with food assistance can earn up to $25 per week in matching money.

6 How Does the KC Beans&Greens Program TM Increase Access and Affordability? 6 I. Provide Farmers Markets With EBT Machines and Tokens 2. Provide Matching Dollars When Food Assistance is Used Kansas EBT Card Missouri EBT Card Senior Food Assistance Card

7 Food Assistance Shoppers Spend $974,000, Driving $1.74M in Local Economic Benefit (2010-2013) 7 “Pre-B&G” Local Food Assistance + Match Dollar Spend $7,900 $214,081 $319,696 $97,101 Copyright Beans&Greens 2013 $342,636

8 SNAP Transactions grow 267% (2010-2013) 8 Copyright Beans&Greens 2013

9 Cooking Corps Partnership: Brings Education to Low Income Shopper Experience Copyright Beans&Greens 2013 9 2013 Measure(S) Total(s) # of Customer Facing Cooking Demo & Tasting Hours 590 # of Recipes Showcased28 # of Demonstrations85 # of Participants Adults Youth 7,000 Cooking Corps (MU and KSU) enhances shopper know-how with demos, tastings, recipes and “how to” buy, store and prep tools.

10 State of KC Beans&Greens Program TM 10 New home for KC Beans&Greens for 2015 Communities/Markets Pursue Own Funding Sources The Missouri Senate Bill No. 850 The 2014 Farm Bill Copyright Beans&Greens 2013

11 F RESH F OOD FOR H UNGRY P EOPLE How SoSA West Works with Community Partners to Feed Hungry People in Kansas City, KS

12 S O SA W EST M ISSION Partner with farmers, growers and others in the produce industry to salvage fresh produce that is going to be wasted and get it to food banks and agencies that feed people who are going hungry.

13 S ALVAGED P RODUCE This is nourishing, fresh food that has been graded out in packing sheds for cosmetic reasons (too large, too small, surface imperfections, etc.). Could also be excess produce that threatens to undercut the market price. This produce is also graded out by workers in fields and orchards, where it is left behind to rot.

14 G LEANING L OCALLY SoSA West works with 29 famers in Wyandotte County to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest. Joe Jennings at J-14 Ranch, was one of our first farmers. He now grows food specifically to donate to SoSA West. Other key partner farmers include Joe Steineger, Cider Hill Family Orchard, Bob Burdine and Gibbs Farm. We glean apples, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, turnips, watermelons, greens, okra, tomatoes, potatoes and more in KCK.

15 P OTATO & P RODUCE P ROJECT In addition to working with volunteers to glean local fields and orchards, SoSA West works with commercial growers around the country to get tractor trailer truckloads of donated produce, which are generally delivered directly to Harvesters. In April, SoSA West delivered four truckloads of white potatoes and a truckload of tomatoes and watermelons to Harvesters. A truckload of produce weighs between 35,000 and 45,000 pounds.

16 P ARTNERSHIP WITH H ARVESTERS Harvesters continues to be our primary distribution partner for fresh produce. Harvesters prefers to work with the “Hard Seven” - potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, onions, corn, carrots and cabbage. Generally speaking, these types of produce are easier to store and have a longer life when stored properly. Over the past six years, we have provided around 12 million pounds of fresh produce to Harvesters and its service area partners and agencies.

17 P ARTNERSHIPS WITH A GENCIES SoSA West works with 18 church pantries and feeding agencies in Kansas City, Kansas. Key partners in KCK include St. Paul’s and its parent organization Episcopal Community Services, Crosslines Community Outreach, and the Wilhelmina Gill Multi-Service Center. These agencies receive a wide variety of gleaned produce in quantities that they can handle and distribute to their clients. Produce includes everything from apples to zucchini, berries to watermelon, lettuce to squash.

18 G ETTING F OOD INTO L OW - INCOME N EIGHBORHOODS AND S CHOOLS SoSA West is partnering with Farm to School programs to get more fresh produce into feeding programs at schools serving low-income neighborhoods. SoSA West and Farm to School programs are also collaborating to get students gleaning on farms to teach them how their food is grown and how good vine-ripened fruits and vegetables taste. SoSA West also partners with senior centers and community organizations in low-income neighborhoods to get fresh food into areas where it’s needed most.

19 G IVING G ROVE – A N EW P ARTNERSHIP Our partnership with Giving Grove will continue to grow in coming years, as more tree gardens bear fruit throughout Kansas City, Kansas. These tree gardens will serve the communities in which they are planted, with SoSA West gleaning each garden at the end of the season, to provide pantries in the surrounding communities with fresh fruit, berries and nuts for their clients.

20 W E N EED V OLUNTEERS Too often, we don’t have enough volunteers to gather all the good food that is available. We work with churches, civic and community organizations, schools, corporations and foundations to get teams of volunteers to glean. Gleaning is a fun, multi-generational activity, fun for the whole family. We glean most week days and every weekend from July through November.

21 W E N EED M ORE P RODUCE Please help us connect with more farmers, markets, produce packers and others in the produce industry. Call 816-921-0856 or email Lisa Ousley at Help us keep good food out of land fills and get it into the hands of hungry people.

22 Cross-Lines Community Outreach, Inc. A Place of Hope since 1963… 736 Shawnee Avenue Kansas City, KS 66105 913-281-3388

23 Cross-Lines Mission & Vision Mission: Provide people affected by poverty with basic services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence and self- sufficiency. Vision: All people in Wyandotte County are empowered to meet their own needs without the reliance of social services.

24 Hunger Relief Hunger is an immediate need. The long term impact of malnutrition is more insidious. We confront both by providing:  Breakfasts and hot lunches at the Don Bakely Community Annex  Food Pantry  Sack lunches to take to work  Community garden – provides fresh vegetables which are essential to a healthy diet  CSFP monthly commodities distribution

25 Hunger Relief – 2013 Statistics Breakfasts – 13,846 Hot lunches – 38,008 Sack lunches – 5,590 Food Pantry – 6,092 individuals Community Garden – 4,729 lbs. of fresh produce

26 Community Garden 4,729 lbs. of fresh vegetables New orchard – planted Sept. 2013

27 Integrating Nutrition into Hunger Relief Programs Partner Other agencies Volunteers Donors and funders Educate Make changes to institutional practices and policies Involve those we are looking to serve

28 Educational Initiatives Be Healthy, Live Better Class: Monthly class for seniors. The class provides nutrition and wellness education along with fresh produce and healthy foods at low- income housing complexes in Wyandotte County. Food For You and Your Family Class: Six to eight week class for families. This class is a cooking and nutrition education class for parents and their children. Participants get “hands-on” cooking demonstrations and learn how to shop for and prepare nutritious meals.


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