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First Step Access to Community Resources. What is Food Stamps/SNAP? Food Stamp Outreach Pilot Why do it? What is it? Next Steps Itinerary.

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1 First Step Access to Community Resources

2 What is Food Stamps/SNAP? Food Stamp Outreach Pilot Why do it? What is it? Next Steps Itinerary

3 The Food Stamp Program, our nations first line of defense against hunger and malnutrition, can be an effective way to increase households ability to purchase healthy food. SNAP helps put food on the table for some 31 million people per month in FY SNAP is the cornerstone of the Federal food assistance programs, and provides crucial support to needy households and to those making the transition from welfare to work. The USDA administers SNAP at the Federal level through its Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). State agencies administer the program at State and local levels, including determination of eligibility and allotments, and distribution of benefits. What is SNAP? Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

4 Food Stamp Outreach: Funded through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the FSO program is intended to help non-for-profit agencies inform low- income households about the availability, eligibility requirements, applications procedures and benefits of the program What is SNAP?

5 Local Impact For every $5 in food stamp benefits received by a participant – $9.20 goes back into the local economy. Sustainable food cycle: – Benefits can be used to purchased plant starts and seeds – Community gardens can sell at local Farmers Markets – Farmers Markets accept EBT

6 Why should we do it? A way to receive funding for a service that most of us are currently providing at some level By providing callers with friendly service and accurate information, you can help alleviate hunger in your state. The Food Stamp Program is a nutrition assistance entitlement program. Everyone who is eligible can receive food stamps; there is no maximum participation.

7 Many people who are eligible for food stamps are not receiving them. By competently prescreening callers for potential food stamp eligibility, you encourage people who are likely eligible for food stamps to apply. In addition to benefiting individual households, increasing food stamp participation will help local economies by providing people with grocery money to spend at stores within their communities.

8 Why are they calling? Community Development includes: Public Information Advocacy Assistance Senior/Youth Centers Recreation Centers

9 Vision: 211 is San Diegos primary source for community, health and disaster information. Mission: Helping people by connecting them efficiently to the service delivery system, and providing vital trend information for community planning. 211 Vision and Mission

10 History of our involvement FY 07/ San Diego was approached by the CA Assoc of Food Banks to become a contractor for Food Stamp Outreach, the statewide line is redirected to San Diego FY 08/09 CAFB wanted to bring in all of the other 211s in CA but the funding model was not appropriate for phone based outreach 211 San Diego worked with them and the USDA to come up with an appropriate funding model

11 History of our involvement FY 08/ San Diego worked with the other 211s in the state to add them to the contract 211 San Diego expands our contract to include development of curriculum, materials and training 211 San Diego Service Delivery Manager travels the state to provide training to all other participating 211s

12 History of our involvement FY 09/ San Diego administers the contract for all other CA 211s 211 San Diego expands the contract to pilot phone based application completion Hired 3 Application & Enrollment staff to do Food Stamp / MediCal applications FY 10/11 & 11/ San Diego directly contracts with the state entity for the USDA and all other CA 211s are subcontractors

13 Provide a basic training about food stamps; call answering protocol, and how to track calls to staff/volunteers. Cross promote food stamps when callers inquire about other programs for people with low incomes (e.g., WIC, food banks, rent or energy assistance, Head Start, utility assistance Programs Nutrition education when appropriate Refer to application agency Deliverables

14 state contact to see how you can become part of the contract Educate yourself on the program details and process in your local area Determine your level of involvement Next steps

15 First Step Access to Community Resources

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