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NEWS REPORT Main Features.

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1 NEWS REPORT Main Features

2 STRUCTURE HEADLINE: short and eye catching.
INTRUDUCTION: summary of the event Time Place People MAINBODY: describe event. CONCLUSION: People’s comments Future actions

3 MAIN FEATURES LANGUAGE: OBJECTIVE: NO personal comments or feelings
Past tenses Passive voive Reporting verbs OBJECTIVE: NO personal comments or feelings

4 HEADLINES Tenses: Recent events: present simple
Norway Killer Claims He 'Had English Mentor‘ Future events: TO-infinitive Pakistan To Deport Bin Laden Family Past event: simple past Sleepy Pilot Forced Plane Into Sudden Dive

5 HEADLINES Use: passive voice Abbreviations (UK, USA, UNESCO…)
Newborn Boy Snatched After Mum Shot And Killed Abbreviations (UK, USA, UNESCO…) DON’T use: Stops, commas, articles, pronouns , auxiliary verbs, words understood from context Verb “to Be” in passive to describe past event Emergency Landing At Gatwick: 15 Injured

6 Spain VS Argentina. The YPF issue
 Argentina’s President: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Last Monday Argetina nationalized part of oil firm YPF (YPF is currently under the control of Spain's Repsol oil company). Argentina has some of the world's largest reserves of oil and gas. In November last year, YPF, which was privatised in 1993, announced a major find of one billion barrels of oil. The authorities in Argentina accused YPF of not investing enough to increase the output from its oil fields. The firm denies it. Ratings agency Moody's cut the oil firm's debt rating to B3 from Ba3, saying further downgrades were possible. Jose Manuel Soria has said:” we are considering taking some action” Antonio Brufau said “this action will not remain unpunished and we want a compensation”

7 World Book Day 2013 Event: Culture professionals contribute to breaking illiteracy. Date: Tuesday, 23rd April 2013  Time: Throughout the year. Place: in The UK (At Beanstalk). Other: Reading enables people to experience other worlds. The ability to write and read helps us to understand our own identities. Beanstalk Volunteers give support to children who have fallen behind with their reading. World Book Day is an occasion to celebrate the power of storytelling, to inspire a love of reading. Result: These commitments made by school visitors and reading helpers have to continue developing as they are causing effects on children’s abilities. Charlie Higson’s (children’s author) comments: This is “a golden age of children’s writing”.

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