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Spanish competition The briefing for your briefing.

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1 Spanish competition The briefing for your briefing

2 Step 1 – The Cause Select a cause your company will support by establishing a corporate charity The cause should relate to your brand and/or its values (e.g. a food manufacturer might select world hunger as their cause; your main consumers are women so you might select a cause relating to womens rights, etc) You will be expected to give a brief explanation of your choice and how it fits with your brand and its main values The competition

3 Step 2 – The Charity Define the charity and its aims What are the main aims that the charity will hope to achieve? Who is the target audience? How does this relate to your main consumer base? The aims of the charity should align with your companys key aims Ideally, the cause should be related to your companys activity in a general sense The competition

4 Step 3 – The Brief You must produce a brief with a maximum of 8 slides in PowerPoint format, in English. The brief should include but is not limited to: Details of the cause and how it fits with your company and its values Overview of the charity, its aims and how they align with the companys aims Target Audience and how it relates to your main consumers Name and logo guidelines for the charity Continued... The competition

5 Step 3 – The Brief, continued... Tone of the communication Deliverables what is to be used to give the audience the message? What is the best way or place to reach this audience? Timeline how soon is this needed? When is it expected to be done? Budget how much can be spent to get this developed? Is there any budget needed to execute the creative? The competition

6 A clear understanding of: The brief and your main aims The strategic fit with your existing corporate objectives The alignment of your companys brand image with the cause What you are asking the agency to create What are the jury looking for?

7 You must not use an existing charity Using a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 8 slides is a mandatory requirement You must provide your briefing in English. Your final brief must be uploaded by 20:00 tomorrow (May 11 th ). For any clarification you may need : youngmarketersspain2011@ketchumpleon.comFAQs


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