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EF Pre-tour Talking-points Madrid, Spain

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1 EF Pre-tour Talking-points Madrid, Spain
Kevin Sacerdote Mandarin High School Jacksonville, FL

2 Travel: Awakens & Instructs
To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted Bill Bryson Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends Maya Angelou

3 Group Travel: In a Nutshell
STRESS FLEXIBILITY on *Everything EXCEPT TIMING Remain POSITIVE 110% of the Trip Participants Will Feed Off of Your Words & Body Language Smell The Roses! *Food, Rooms, Traffic, Early Wake-up Calls, Roomies, etc…

4 Recruitment Group Adventure Bus = Approximately 51 people
24/7 Effort Work Very Closely With Your EF Tour Consultant Have a question, Ask Your Consultant As Soon As The Current Tour Deadline Passes, WHERE ARE WE GOING NEXT YEAR? HS Class students & their friends v. School-wide “cattle- call” Parents – MUST Conversations Group Adventure Bus = Approximately 51 people Several Groups “Assimilate” Student Tour (Helps to like Teens) Exercise…Walk, Walk, Walk, and Walk

5 Recruitment: EF Tour Consultant
They Exist To Assist! Experts, One-on-One Relationship With You What do you Need…ask! Selecting the Right Tour, Pricing Gentle Reminders: Rooming, Vegetarians, Peanut Allergies, Tour Extensions etc… PowerPoint Presentation Posters Brochures

6 Recruitment: EFTOURS.COM
You Will Become Addicted Constantly Evolving! Visit Your Tour Website: See What Those Interested Can Access Contact Your Tour Consultant: Vanessa Marchica (Mine) The BEST! Others Come Close Participants pay on-line Via a Credit Card

7 Recruitment: EFTOURS.COM
Access All of the Following/Keeps Me Organized! all Participants, Stay in Contact for Any Reason Financial Status of Each Participant …Updated “Plus Three Thinking” (Don’t Get Comfortable) Active Tours: Always have two irons in the fire Previous Tours : Great Source of “Just In Case…” Price Quotes: A Must for Continuous “First Meetings” “My Rewards” Not Just Conventions, BOSE, APPLE, Delta… Edit Your Profile “Manage Your Group” Plus So Much More

8 Recruitment: “Free Spot(s)”
I have found out there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. -Tom Sawyer Abroad

9 Recruitment: “Free” Places
This May Be For You, Be Sure it is For the Free Spot(s) Curfew Checks Wake-up Knocks “Good Cop/Bad Cop” Female/ Male “Chats” “Drama Stopper” Room Adjusters Duval County School Board Does Not Sanction the Trips Yet Principals, and Teachers Travel With Me 15% Discount Participants Do Not Count Towards Free- Spot Fundraising – Some Do I do Not

10 Communication & Organization
Always Register On-line, Auto-pay!!! EF Handles 99.9% ONLY Touch Money if it is Tip Money! $7, 2, or $6, 3, 1 ALWAYS Beforehand Insurance Get a “wing-person” (If Possible) Can Get “touchy” Explain Points versus Responsibility up-front Attends EVERY Meeting Delegate Duties

11 Communication & Organization
Optional Excursions: Can Be added into the Price if Participants sign-up on-line Optional Excursions cut down on free time Perfect if “Free-time” makes you nervous Many Are A Great Deal: Greece: Sardonic Island Cruise Italy: Sienna

12 Educational Content After the Sign-up Deadline Passes, I have Three Mandatory Meetings Collect Tip Money, Copy of Passport, Insurance Card, Update Emergency Contacts Highlight One Major Location and What We Will Be Seeing in Each Meeting Museums, Foods, Weather, Historical Significance, etc…

13 Educational Content Discuss Free-Time, Offer Three Options For That Day (i.e. Museums, Walking Tours, Shopping, ) Spring Tour Deadline is Before Winter Holidays…Tour Books, or Book as a Gift Idea Distribute Hotel and Flight Information The Accreditation Angle I do Not Sell it Enough Because Our County does Not Endorse the trips : “Liability?” County makes it difficult to earn credit for HS

14 Random Thoughts Passport versus Visa
Touch it, check date of expiration Passport Holder – Vertical Neck? Stress a Routine, Participants are responsible not you Good for 6 months? Constant Group Reminder via EF.COM always include this If an Item is too valuable to lose, leave it home!

15 Random Thoughts All Participants should think twice about loaning out money Debit Cards- Contact your Bank and tell them the dates you will be abroad Cell Phones- Call for International Calling and Texting Plans Use the photo option to take a picture of your passport, hotel names, Street Signs where you will meet Try to set meeting times using the same ¼ of an hour (15, 30, 45, 00) Always Collect Tips BEFORE you leave your home country at one of the mandatory meetings

16 Random Thoughts Tips- $7- $2- $1 or $6, $3, $1
Extra Cash For an “Optional on-the-run” Catacombs on the Apian Way Rome at Night Play in London Parents/Adults Touring MUSTS Like Teens, Walking, Challenges of Group Travel Assimilating with the other groups, Be Cordial Rooming- Stress Flexibility, and possibility of “fair” Rotations

17 Random Thoughts “Less Popular” Tours MAY require even more flexibilities Stay over in Newark, but the first flight out YOU MUST turn this into an Positive experience! (i.e. It will help us all conquer jetlag before getting to our final destination) Large groups will probably have a few Flight Plans Make sure you have assistants on the various flights Make emergency plans for What if… you flight leaves Atlanta and Mine is cancelled out of D.C. Alcohol MUST be discussed up front with Parental Units in Attendance at a Meeting Review Tour Consultant, Tour Director, Lead-teacher, and Participant Responsibilities

18 Any Additional Questions?

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