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A Link to the Future Where is Education Going with Technology?

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1 A Link to the Future Where is Education Going with Technology?

2 Emerging Technologies Networking Visualization Human-to-Computer Interfaces Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent CAI Innovative Equipment

3 Networking Increased Capability and Use of Home Systems Higher-speed Connections Rewiring of Educational Facilities Wireless Communication Collaboration at different physical sites Changing definitions of distance education

4 Innovative Equipment Wearable systems: small displays that fit over one eye or glasses that provide a heads-up similar to military fighter pilots, hip pocket CPU and storage, data gloves, voice recognition and audio feedback E-books (electronic books): children could connect to libraries from anywhere and the downloaded text could delete itself at the end of the loan period Handheld devices for GPS (global positioning systems) on clothing could locate a missing child

5 Visualization Virtual environments & field trips Use of avatars: An Avatar is any Web3D object, humanoid or not, that is designed to represent a visitor to Web3D multiuser environment. Models as learning data Freedom for handicapped learners: can practice skills in private, controlled environments

6 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent CAI Expert systems: computerize human expertise into a narrow field of knowledge, then acts like an advisor to offer suggestions to aid users decision making Coaches: used in word-processing & spreadsheets that step you through developing a document; used in tutorials, simulations, and problem-solving packages Student performance feedback: integrate the accumulated knowledge of a subject area for testing

7 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent CAI Intelligent agents: do various jobs for students and learn by observing a users actions and noting patterns of behavior to provide articles when searching databases and archives ICAI: intelligent computer assisted instruction monitors and creates a profile for each student and tailors instruction to it Personal tutoring systems and critical-thinking skills: helps student develop their own expert systems as a learning experience

8 Human-to-Computer Interfaces Voice/audio and Voice recognition Physical Log-in using fingerprints or eye retina scans Email is more visual and voice-activated

9 Visions of Technologys Role in Restructuring Education Replacing teachers versus changing teacher roles: technology tools will empower them to teach better and use their time more productively The role of distance education: bringing about radical restructuring of learning opportunities at all levels Knowledge web for distributed online conferences Virtual communities to complement classroom activities Sensory immersion in virtual reality environments

10 Teachers Vision Must have a vision of what they are working toward in their classroom and school Recognize the kind of infrastructure necessary to bring about their vision Be active in building growth and change Must adopt an outlook that their pre-service preparation is only a first step in what must be a life-long exploration of ways to use technology and other resources to improve education

11 Future Skills for Teachers Keep up with change Learn to adopt effective strategies such as reading technical and educational publications Attend training sessions Peruse Internet web sites for new ideas Keep as current as possible on the new and anticipated technologies

12 Summary Computer hardware development will continue to outstrip softwares ability to take advantage of them: computer processors are faster, smaller and more capable, but operating systems cant handle it as fast Educations response to new technologies is slower than the military and is a long, slow process to integrate technology into instruction Lack of access means lack of educational opportunities for many families in this nation.

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