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2 Agenda Meaning of EDP Misconceptions about EDP Objectives of such program Entrepreneurship Cycle Entrepreneurial Discipline Woman Entrepreneurship Factors affecting Woman – Entrepreneurship Barriers to it Entrepreneurial environment and its analysis Locational Mobility of Entrepreneurs Christ University, Bangalore 2

3 EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program) EDP means a program designed to help a person in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively Towards this end, it is necessary to promote his understanding of motives, motivation pattern, their impact on behavior and entrepreneurial value A program which seeks to do this can qualify to be called an EDP

4 Misconceptions about EDP EDP is a catch word But misconceptions about EDP prevail Lack of understanding and clarity has limited its growth EDP hasnt contributed much to the industrial economy of our country yet

5 Chandramauli Pathak has listed some of the prevailing common misconceptions about EDP: 1.Join an EDP, all your problems are solved 2.EDP means only training 3.Higher the number, better the EDP 4.EDP success is the sole responsibility of Trainers- Motivators Misconceptions about EDP

6 Objectives of EDP Refer Page 186 and 187 of Vasant Desai Text

7 Entrepreneurial Development Cycle Refer Fig on Page 185 of Vasant Desai Text Simulatory Support Sustaining, 3 Christ University, Bangalore

8 Christ University, Bangalore 4 Simulatory 1.Entrepreneurial Education 2.Planned publicity for entrepreneurial opportunities 3.Identification of potential entrepreneurs through scientific methods 4.Motivational training to new entrepreneurs 5.Help and guidance in selecting products and preparing project reports Entrepreneurial Development Cycle

9 5 Christ University, Bangalore 6. Making available techno- economic information and product profits 7. Evolving locally suitable new products and processes 8. Availability of local agencies with trained personnel for entrepreneurial counseling and promotions 9. Creating entrepreneurial forum 10. Recognition of entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial Development Cycle

10 Christ University, Bangalore 6 Support 1.Registration of unit 2.Arranging finance 3.Providing land, shed, power, water etc. 4.Guidance for selecting and obtaining machinery 5.Supply of scarce raw materials 6.Getting license/ import licenses 7.Providing common facilities 8.Granting tax relief or other subsidies 9.Offering management consultancy 10.Help marketing products 11.Providing information Entrepreneurial Development Cycle

11 Sustaining 1.Help modernization 2.Help diversification/ expansion/ substitute production 3.Additional financing for full capacity utilization 4.Deferring repayment/ interest 5.Diagnostic industrial extension/ consultancy source 6.Production units legislation/ policy change 7.Product reservation/ creating new avenues for marketing 8.Quality testing and improvident services, and, 9.Need- based common facilities center Entrepreneurial Development Cycle

12 Entrepreneurs who are developed and promoted at social cost have a certain responsibility to the society that promotes and supports them The society expects adequate returns from these people Towards this end, entrepreneurs are expected to follow a certain discipline which is essential for entrepreneurial career This covers subjects like: 1.Repayment behavior- financial management 2.Response to tax and statutory requirement- law and compliances 3.Progressive outlook towards labor- labor management 4.Care for ecology and environment- environment management Issues of EDP- Refer Page 191 of Vasant Desai Text Entrepreneurial Discipline Christ University, Bangalore

13 Woman Entrepreneurship The emergence of entrepreneurs in a society depends on the economic, social, religious, cultural and psychological factors prevailing in the society In the advanced countries of the world, there is a phenomenal increase in the number of self- employed women after the World War II

14 Woman Entrepreneurship in India Christ University, Bangalore 8 Today, we find women in different types of industries, traditional as well as non- traditional, such as engineering, electronics, readymade garments, fabrics, eatables, handicrafts, doll- making, poultry, plastics, soap, ceramics, printing, toy- making etc. Participation of women as industrial entrepreneurs is comparatively a recent phenomenon in India

15 Women Entrepreneurship in India Majority of the women entrepreneurs in India are engaged in the unorganized sector like agriculture, agro- based industries, handicrafts, handlooms, and cottage- based industries In order to improve the situation, a number of activities such as motivational drive, preparation of information material; conducting training; creation of women industrial estates/ areas/sheds; creation of common marketing exposition centers; training of trainers/ promoters; and use of mass media etc. are required Combined effect of all these is bound to accelerate the process of women entrepreneurship development

16 Segments of Women Entrepreneurs Christ University, Bangalore 1010 Four segments of women entrepreneurs exist: 1.Self- help Groups: Those who are well served and mentored by microfinance institutions 2.Grassroots entrepreneurs: Those who are driven by a need to augment the familys finances especially to secure their childrens future- tailors, flower sellers, STD booth owners, pan shops etc. 3.Mid- rung entrepreneurs: They are driven by a need to build reputation, become known, improve quality and satisfy creative instincts. Mostly graduate +, they typically have garment shops, poultry farms, export businesses etc. 4.Upper Crust: Drawn from the topmost social class, very well educated, with businesses like export houses, travel agencies, traders in pharmaceuticals, often adjuncts to their husbands businesses, they aspire for turnovers of more than Rs. 5 crore

17 Qualities of Women Entrepreneurs Refer Page 80 of Vasanth Desai Text

18 Basic Problems of Women Refer Page 81 of Vasanth Desai Text

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