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Combinatorial Optimisation and Decision Support Departement Computerwetenschappen Groep W&T KULAK Vakgroep IT KaHo.

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1 Combinatorial Optimisation and Decision Support Departement Computerwetenschappen Groep W&T KULAK Vakgroep IT KaHo St.-Lieven Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

2 People Staff Patrick De Causmaecker Greet Vanden Berghe Katja Verbeek Postdoctoral members Stefan De Wannemacker 1 Bidzina Shergelashvili 2 1 Research Manager/Validation Coordinator 2 20 % Pieter SmetC Joris MaervoetD Mustafa MisirD Wim Van CroonenburghD Tim VermeulenC Jannes VerstichelD Tony WautersD Joris KinableD Doctoral students (D)/collaborators (C) Francisco Bonachela CapdevilaD Stefaan HaspeslaghD Igor JacquesD Ruben LagatieD Tommy MesselisD Ahmet SoyluD Kuchi SrikeerthanaD Mark DreesenC Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

3 Subjects The underlying technology is heuristic optimisation Hence the issues: – Learning for/in meta and hyper heuristics Haspeslagh, Messelis, Misir, Wouters, (Verbeeck, De Causmaecker) – Logic, modelling and heuristics Messelis, Burak, Jacques (Vanden Berghe, De Causmaecker) – Structured optimisation problems Verstichel (Vanden Berghe) – Symmetry and heuristics in HPC Sergelashvilli (De Causmaecker) – Performance of heuristics as complex systems De Wannemacker (Verbeeck, De Causmaecker) Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

4 Links Within the university and association: Latron KULAK, itec KULAK, Biology KULAK, ESAT, CPA, KAHO, KHBO, Katho, ORSTAT, CIB, Laboratory of Entomology and several groups within the Computer Science Department NATIONAL: AZ Groeninge, BRekencentra, BLCC, De Clercq Solutions, Egemin, Eurad Consult, FIT, HH Roeselaere, MESWare, MMLab, Ordina, RMM, RouteYou, Saga Consulting, Televic, TechWin, IT-Bizz, UZ Leuven, VRT, VSP,Gent University, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Antwerp University INTERNATIONAL: University of Nottingham, Poznan, Udine, Florence, Darmstadt, Vienna, Open University UK, University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom), Space Research Institute (Austria), Ilia State University (Georgia), Institute of Radio Astronomy of National Academy of Science (Ukraine) Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

5 Optimisation, Scheduling/rostering Projects SBO Distributed Collaboration in Multi Agent Systems IWT/KMO Optimalisatie van een MES real-time scheduling door terugkoppeling van KPI en OEE resultaten MountQ: we move until you have quality … Baekeland Heuristieken voor routes op maat KaHo Academisering Intelligent Hyper-heuristics; a tool for solving generic optimisation problems 2 Recent afgelegde doctoraten Timetabling/Tourist guides … Journal Publications Burke, Edmund Kieran; De Causmaecker, Patrick; De Maere, Geert; Mulder, Jeroen; Paelinck, Marc; Vanden Berghe, Greet. A multi-objective approach for robust airline scheduling, Computers & Operations Research, 2010 Demeester, Peter; Souffriau, Wouter; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Vanden Berghe, Greet. A hybrid tabu search algorithm for automatically assigning patients to beds, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 2010 (Accepted) Brucker, Peter; Burke, Edmund K.; Curtois, Timothy; Qu, Rong; Vanden Berghe, Greet. Adaptive construction of nurse schedules: A shift sequence based approach and new benchmarks, Journal of Heuristics, 2009 (Accepted) Burke, Edmund Kieran; Curtois, Timothy; Qu, Rong; Vanden Berghe, Greet. A scatter search approach to the nurse rostering problem, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2009 (Accepted) De Causmaecker, Patrick; Demeester, Peter; Vanden Berghe, Greet. A decomposed metaheuristic approach for a real-world university timetabling problem, European Journal of Operational Research, 2009 Bilgin, Burak; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Haspeslagh, Stefaan; Messelis, Tommy; Vanden Berghe, Greet. Hardness studies for nurse rostering problems, LION, Trento, Italy, 14-18 January 2009 (CONFERENCE) … Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

6 educational technology Projects IOF Harnessing collective intelligence in order to make e-learning environments adaptive:the computer science perspective IBBT ICON Mobile Adaptive & Personalised Learning Experience Language Learning in an Interactive Game Environment Baekeland Automatiseren van gepersonaliseerde feedback in elektronische leeromgevingen Journal Publications Soylu, Ahmet; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Wild, Fridolin. Ubiquitous Web for Ubiquitous Computing Environments: The Role of Embedded Semantics, Journal of Mobile Multimedia, volume 6, issue 1, pages 26-48, 2010 Soylu, Ahmet; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Desmet, Piet. Context and Adaptivity in Pervasive Computing Environments: Links with Software Engineering and Ontological Engineering, Journal of Software, volume 4, issue 9, pages 992-1013, 2009 Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

7 Bio-informatics Projects CIF Functional prioritization and experimental validation of genes expressed in human blood platelets Marie Curie Gene prioritisation Daphnia pulex genome research Journal Publications Tranchevent, Léon-Charles; Capdevila, F.B.; Nitsch, N.; De Moor, Bart; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Moreau, Yves. A buide to web tools to prioritize candidate genes, Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2010 (Accepted) Aquatische biologie: ecologie en evolutionaire biologie van aquatische micro-organismen EURO Working Group on OR in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

8 High performance computing in space Projects RKU-C1638-VES/10/SOPHYS Solar and Space Weather Network of Excellence SOLSPANET ( Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES) (K.U.Leuven CODeS en CPA, St. Andrews, SRI Austria, SPG Azerbaijan, Ilia Georgia, IRA Ukraine, 1.4 Meuro) Preparing: Space call, Symmetries and HPC To be continued Centre for Plasma Astrophysics Visitatie CW 09.20119/22/11

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