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Copyright © 2003 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Confidential Please use the speaker notes in PowerPoint for additional information Enter the.

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1 Copyright © 2003 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Confidential Please use the speaker notes in PowerPoint for additional information Enter the world of infinite mobility: The Portégé M100.

2 July 20032/Portégé M100 A masterpiece of ultra-portable wireless computing Portégé M100: Positioning

3 July 20033/Portégé M100 Stylish, lightweight ultra-portable Maximum flexibility and functionality Best technology available for mobile productivity Long battery life for mobile productivity The Portégé M100 concept Convenient working conditions Fully integrated communication capabilities

4 July 20034/Portégé M100 Target group definition Mobile business users requiring: –Extreme mobility without compromising on performance –Long battery life –Investment protection through common docking, Slim SelectBay accessories and Toshiba ConfigFree software Portégé M100 Portégé R100, Portégé 3500 Ultra-Portable SMB CA/LA Satellite Pro A10 Satellite Pro M10 Tecra S1Tecra M1 B2B notebooks positioning 2003 High-endMainstreamValue

5 July 20035/Portégé M100 Stylish, lightweight ultra-portable - highly mobile professionals will appreciate the magnesium alloy case, ergonomic keyboard and vivid 12.1 Poly-silicon TFT display Impressive mobile performance - integrated Intel® Centrino mobile technology and extended battery life of up to 8.4 hours massively enhance working on the move Stay connected anywhere - Wireless LAN 802.11b with future-ready dual band 802.11a/b network support, Fast InfraRed and Bluetooth upgradeability enable fast, secure wireless access and data sharing Maximum flexibility and functionality - versatile Slim SelectBay modularity, Secure Digital slot and ultra-fast i.LINK® port tackle any tasks Convenient docking capabilities - instantly transform your Portégé M100 into a desktop with the cross-platform compatible Advanced Port Replicator option Why choose the Portégé M100? 1 2 3 4 5

6 July 20036/Portégé M100 Stylish, lightweight ultra-portable Designed for the most mobile and demanding business users –the perfect balance between mobility and performance –the seductive magnesium alloy case and sleek black interior create the ultimate status A lightweight device at just 2.0 kg –a pure pleasure to carry –slim dimensions 1

7 July 20037/Portégé M100 High-resolution 12.1 Poly-siliconTFT display –powerefficient –ultra-robust Full-width, spacious keyboard for comfort –specially sculpted for a smoother touch –Presentation Button –Toshiba Console Button High-resolution display and spacious keyboard

8 July 20038/Portégé M100 Toshiba Presentation Button Presentations made simple –TouchandPresent –Ideal for mobile road warriors –Programmable One-Touch switching from Single Display (LCD only) with Single Image to Dual Display (LCD and CRT) with Single Image. Programmable options –Single image on Dual Display –Ext. display resolution of 1,600 x 1,200, 1,280 x 1024, 1,024 x 768 or 800 x 600 –Dual image on Dual Display –Ext. display resolution the same as the notebook Single Display w/ Single Image (NB LCD only) Dual Display w/ Single Image (NB LCD & Ext. CRT) Toshiba Presentation Button Fn+F5 Toggle Menu vs

9 July 20039/Portégé M100 Toshiba Console Button –One touch access to critical system management applications and utilities Customize your computer Troubleshoot network connections Secure system access with supervisor and user passwords –End-user programmable End-users can enhance productivity by triggering most useful application –Internet browser, E-mail, or end-user selected program

10 July 200310/Portégé M100 Impressive mobile performance Intel® Centrino Mobile Technology including Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M, 1.2 GHz processor –delivering breakthrough mobile processing power and significantly extended battery life of up to 8.4 hours 40 GB hard disk drive, 5,400 rpm –protected by a unique shockabsorbing case design –Provides huge mobile storage capacity 256 MB DDR system memory –expandable to 2.0 GB 2

11 July 200311/Portégé M100 Intel® Centrino Mobile Technology Performance benefits Mobile optimized micro-architecture 1 MB L2 cache Scaleable chipset solutions USB 2.0 Battery life benefits Mobile optimized micro-architecture Enhanced Intel ® SpeedStep ® Technology Power optimized processor bus Optimized internal clock gating Form factor benefits Improved thermal solutions Thin micro FCPGA/FCBGA packaging Increased integration Pentium ® M Processor Intel ® PRO Wireless Intel ® 855 Chipset family Wireless benefits Integrated Intel ® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection Extensive validation Single and dual band WLAN network support Designed to deliver on the four vectors of mobility.

12 July 200312/Portégé M100 ATA100 2 channels ICH4-M Flash Bios External Graphics AGP2x/4x Pentium® M Processor USB/USB 2.0 6 ports PCI 400 MHz PSB LAN DDR 266/200 855 Chipset family Wireless New mobile optimized micro-architecture delivers highest mobile performance for every notebook segment. Intel ® Centrino Mobile Technology Performance enhanced for mobility –Larger L2 cache: 1 MB Larger L1 cache, Queues and TLBs reduce data latency –Faster PSB: 400 MHz, 3.2 GB/s Advanced low power circuit design –Power optimized bus reduces overall CPU power consumption –Dynamic power management –Reduced idle power –Reduced active power Additional features –0.13 m manufacturing process (same as Tualatin (PIII-M) and Northwood (P4-M))

13 July 200313/Portégé M100 Stay connected anywhere Wireless –Wireless LAN 802.11b – wirelessly access and share information anywhere – 802.11a/b ready –Fast InfraRed – rapid data synchronisation to keep you on track –Bluetooth upgradeable – for fast, secure wireless access and data sharing Wired –Wired LAN and international V.90 modem support 3

14 July 200314/Portégé M100 Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b Wireless LAN 802.11b -Transmit at 2.4GHz -Data transfer up to 11 Mbps -Sequence Spread Spectrum Modulation No interoperability Decision guidelines Consider using Wireless LAN 802.11a if range requirements are significant end users are sparsely populated Consider using Wireless LAN 802.11b if there is need for much higher performance significant RF Interference is present within the 2.4 GHz band end users are densely populated The Portégé M100 offers Wireless LAN access via integrated WLAN 802.11b and with dual-band antenna ready to run 802.11a/b. Wireless LAN 802.11a -Transmit at 5 GHz -Data transfer up to 54 Mbps -Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

15 July 200315/Portégé M100 Maximum flexibility and functionality Ultra-lightweight 2-spindle mobile device Versatile Slim SelectBay - add additional drive and device capabilities Secure Digital media slot – more efficient data exchange i.LINK (IEEE 1394) – high- speed data transfer connection ConfigFree including Connectivity Doctor – for hassle-free connectivity 4

16 July 200316/Portégé M100 Slim SelectBay drive DVD Multi drive (DVD-RAM/-R/-RW ) Slim SelectBay HDD adapter Second battery pack The Slim SelectBay is a single drive bay that can accommodate a DVD-ROM or CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and optional modules such as:

17 July 200317/Portégé M100 The Most Advanced Optical Drive Options The first corporate notebook series to feature DVD- Multi Drives: –One drive supports DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD, CD-RW, CD Note: Q329112: MS QFE w/ known limitation – On Windows 2000 and Windows XP, if a DVD is mastered as multi-session, and if there is more that 4 gigabytes (GB) of data in any combination of sessions, only the first session is readable. DragnDrop CD+DVD Software enhancements: –Add data to used DVD-RW disc (Multi- Session format) –Auto-Grabber for automated data backup –Bootable CD or DVD (include master images) –Music CD (WMA, CD, WAV files)

18 July 200318/Portégé M100 2 x PC Card slots (2 x Type II or 1 x type III) i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) – for 400 Mbps data transfer 2 x fast USB 2.0 –for plug and play functionality SD Card slot for versatile data exchange. Integrated ports

19 July 200319/Portégé M100 ConfigFree software utility suite ConfigFree is a suite of utilities designed to allow easy control of communication devices and network connections. Goals –Make use of Wireless LAN as easy and simple as wired connections –Increase acceptance and penetration of Wireless LAN –Create great Out-of-box experience for the user –Support wizard-type easy connection set-up for WLAN –Motivate customers to use build-in Security features –Direct user support in case of connectivity issues

20 July 200320/Portégé M100 ConfigFreeTM user window (TAB descriptor) Network Connection Analysis Doctor will help to solve the network problem 1 Network Device Control Easy Control of the Network Device setting 2 Profile Setting and Switching Capture and switch the Network setting with click 3

21 July 200321/Portégé M100 ConfigFree utility – toolset overview Toshiba PCs new ConfigFree network utility suite. ConfigFree network utility NetDevSwitcher Profile Setting Connectivity Doctor Quick Connect Easy Secure Simple Share Switches the network device by enabling or disabling. Captures the network setting into a profile for quick switch. Informs the PC users in case of a problem in the network. It uses a friendly GUI to show where the problem is located and possible causes. Tool to provide hints how to fix the issue. Connects to Toshiba wireless devices quickly and easily. Helps the end user to connect to new Toshiba access point. It will setup the access point device and the Client PC securely and instantly within only a few steps Set security to new or existing Toshiba AP devices. Wizard type WLAN security setup without much hassle Network shared resources can be used on your PC hiding details. I.e. network printers, shared folders, internet settings. Feature description

22 July 200322/Portégé M100 Convenient docking capabilities Common docking – instantly transform your Portege M100 into a desktop with cross-platform compatible Advanced Port Replicator option Common docking is cross- compatible with the Tecra 9x00, Tecra S1, Tecra M1 series, Portégé M100, Portégé 40x0 and the Satellite Pro M10, Satellite Pro 6xxx) 5

23 July 200323/Portégé M100 Advanced Port Replicator II Compatible with Tecra 9x00, Tecra S1, Tecra M1 series, Portégé M100, Portégé 40x0 and the Satellite Pro M10, Satellite Pro 6xxx Ports SerialUSB 2.0 x2 Parallel RJ-45 RGB RJ-11 DVILine-in Gigabit Ethernet (Ready) Line-out PS/2 mouse Kensington lock for docking unit PS/2 keyboard Common Docking

24 July 200324/Portégé M100 Advanced Port Replicator compatibility matrix USB 1.1 Notebook (Tecra 9xxx, TE2xxx, Portégé 4xxx, Satellite Pro 6xxx) USB 2.0 Notebook (Tecra M1, Tecra S1, Satellite Pro M10, Portégé M100) Advanced Port Replicator (Tecra 9xxx, Portégé 4xxx, Satellite Pro 6xxx) USB 1.1USB 2.0 Advanced Port Replicator II (Compatible with Tecra 9x00, Tecra S1, Tecra M1 series, Portégé M100, Portégé 40x0 and the Satellite Pro M10, Satellite Pro 6xxx) USB 1.1 USB 2.0 with Gigabit Ethernet Docking strategy Backwards compatible with Advanced Port Replicator USB 2.0 support

25 July 200325/Portégé M100 CPU Intel® Centrino Mobile Technology incl. Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® M, 1.2 GHz processor HDD 40GB, 5,400rpm SIZE AND WEIGHT 270 x 248 x 37mm (W x L x H), 2.0 kg weight or 1.7 kg (with Weight Saver) CHIPSET & GRAPHICS Intel® 855GM 16/64MB DDR-RAM (UMA) AGP 4x COMMUNICATION 56K V.90 modem (V.92 ready), 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11b Wireless LAN, Bluetooth (optional - upgradeable), Fast InfraRed (IrDA) SOFTWARE Windows® XP Professional ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Management Console DOCKING Advanced Port Replicator II (optional – Cross-platform compatible advanced port Replicator II) BATTERY Up to 4.2 hours normal mode up to 8.4 hours with (optional) 2nd battery PORTS RGB, 2 x USB 2.0, IrDA (FIR), RJ-11, RJ-45, headphone, ext. microphone, 2 x PC Card, 1 x Secure Digital Card slot, iLINK® (IEEE 1394) SELECTBAY Slim SelectBay DVD-ROM drive, maximum Speed 24x CD-ROM, 8x DVD-ROM, FDD: Optional USB SCREEN 12.1 XGA (1024 x 768) TFT Poly-silicon Product specifications


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