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BPEL4WS Business Process Execution Language for Web Services Jim Clark eBusiness Strategist

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1 BPEL4WS Business Process Execution Language for Web Services Jim Clark eBusiness Strategist

2 Agenda Evolution to Web Services Understanding BPEL4WS Using BPEL4WS
The need for business processes Understanding BPEL4WS BPEL4WS in a Nutshell Abstract Processes Simple Scenario Using BPEL4WS Implementing BPEL4WS Quick walk-through Typical BPEL4WS constructs Update on the OASIS BPEL4WS Technical Committee

3 Evolution to Web Services


5 The Evolution to Web Services
Business Benefit 2000+ Web application technology = Web services The Goal A standards-based architecture that is broad yet flexible enough to provide secure, reliable, transacted Web services messaging infrastructure Late 1990s Web technologies appear e.g. HTTP, HTML, XML Early 1990s Application integration technologies appear Through 2002 and into 2003, the Web services landscape has evolved to meet customer demand: - Interoperability - Security and Policy - Coordination, Transactions, Business Process The goal: A standards-based architecture that is broad yet flexible enough to provide secure, reliable, transacted Web services messaging infrastructure Pre-1990s Custom, static B2B Integration

6 Web Services Overview Internal Systems Your Company Customers Partners
XML SOAP SOAP SOAP Customers Partners

7 Web Services Overview What’s Missing? Your Company Security
Reliable Messaging Transactions

8 Good Progress…More To Do
Businesses need a model for describing how individual Web services can be connected to create complex, reliable and dependable business processes This must enable... Baseline transactional support Interoperability between business processes and business partners in heterogeneous environments Interoperability between tools such that any supporting tool can be used to author and analyze business processes Executability in each supporting environment

9 Web Services “Secure, Reliable, Transacted”
Business Processes Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) Transactions Reliable Messaging Security Quality of Service Description Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Messaging Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Extensible Markup Language (XML) Other protocols Other services

10 “BPEL4WS in a Nutshell” A Turing complete language that can be used to specify behavior of business processes Between Web services... ...and as Web services BPEL4WS is not a programming language Exchange format for defining public behaviors (business protocols) Export from one platform, import into another BPEL4WS implementations leverage platform-specific strengths Abstract processes Specify constraints of message exchange Exposes only information required by partner Same language may also be used to define executable processes and business protocols “Best practice” executable models? We have discussed adding support for WSDL 1.2, but its too early at this point in time. (Same for XPath 2.0) Every partner is assigned a unique endpoint reference

11 BPEL4WS Dependencies XML 1.0 W3C XML Schema 1.0 WSDL 1.1 XPath 1.0
WS-Addressing Every partner is assigned a unique endpoint reference

12 BPEL4WS Extends and subsumes previous specifications in this area published individually by Microsoft XLANG (05/01) and IBM WSFL (05/01) XML-based workflow definition language Describe business to consume/provide Web services in a reliable and dependable manner Portability and interoperability by defining a set of constructs to implement executable business processes and to implement message exchange protocol

13 BPEL4WS – Basic Concepts
Peer-to-peer interaction between Web Services described in WSDL Process and partners are modeled as WSDL services BPEL4WS provides the process definition

14 What is an Abstract Process?
Description of public behavior Public face of private processes Independent of implementation Scenarios: BigCo dictates trading partner requirements Industry consortia provides guidelines for working together BPELa Industry Committee BigCo BPELa

15 Simple Scenario Goals:
Allow customers to submit travel itineraries to travel agents; Automatically procure appropriate airline, hotel and vehicle reservations for customer itineraries; Automatically return confirmation on all reservations back to the customer once processing of the itinerary is complete; and Streamline cancellation procedure.

16 Simple Scenario BPEL4WS: Define how to integrate the services of partners into business processes. BPEL4WS: Define how specific activities of a business process can be exposed publicly as Web services, bridging the abstract and the executable.

17 BPEL4WS Expect most practical usage in
Design of business protocols (external behavior) Design of best practices and templates (executable models) Realistic process implementations will need platform-specific resources Common model for “public” and “private” behavior The boundary between private and public can shift Outsourcing, mergers, etc. Conformance relationships, export and import, is easier if the underlying set of core concepts is the same

18 BPEL and WSDL WSDL BPEL Port types, services and messages (extensions)
Defined abstractly BPEL Partner Links Define partners, services Variables Globally visible, used to pass info, state, etc Fault Handlers Transfer of control during an exception Activities Process definition/description

19 What’s in BPEL4WS? Business Process Partner Links Variables
Correlation Sets Partner links model relationships between partners Fault Handlers Activities

20 Correlation Correlation identifiers are groups of properties embedded in messages Correlation is used between partners to identify process instances Different partners may use different correlation mechanisms Even for a single partner correlation mechanism might change in course of interaction Correlations can be based upon an XPath 1.0 query, but its also possible to use them with non-XML payloads such as EDI

21 Activities <-! activity can be any one of the following: -->
<empty> <invoke> <receive> <reply> <assign> <wait> <throw> <compensate> <terminate> <flow> <switch> <while> <sequence> <pick> <scope>

22 WSBPEL Technical Committee Update

23 About the WSBPEL TC Technical Committee launched 5/15/2003
BEA, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Siebel submitted BPEL4WS V1.1 with royalty free terms Subcommittees: Issues Specification Editing Use Cases Liaisons Implementation Liaisons with: CEFACT Business Process WG W3C Web Services Choreography WG Others pending… Publicly available: Archives Spec, Issues List, Resources Comment “web form”

24 Recommended Resources
Start using BPEL today with BizTalk 2004 Download a trial copy BPEL 1.1 specification (draft) Goals of the BPEL4WS Specification Abstract Processes in BPEL4WS BPEL4WS Issues Tracking BPEL4WS Use Cases

25 © 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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