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Matthew Kubicina CIS 764 Kansas State University.

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2 Matthew Kubicina CIS 764 Kansas State University

3 What are Web Services? It is a Distributed Technology Other Distributed Technologies.NET Remoting COM Message Queuing Facilitates the transfer of data between client and server using standard protocols and transports Benefits Loosely coupled Interoperability between platforms

4 Standards XML (eXtensible Markup Language) Industry standard for storing and transmitting data in a hardware/software independent format Used as the format for all data and messages exchanged between the client and the web service. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Protocol for exchanging information to/from a web service WSDL (Web Service Description Language) Used as a specification to describe the capabilities of a web service

5 Interoperability Web Services are built on industry standards. This allows web services created in one platform or technology to communicate with a client built on another platform. Attractive option for vendors looking to expose application functionality or data to external software applications. Most major languages/platforms have built in support for web services using these industry standards.

6 Additional Specifications WS-Security WS-Reliability WS-Reliable Messaging WS-Addressing WS-Transaction

7 Where do Web Services fit in? Source: Typical 3-tier application architecture Web Service based architecture

8 Tools Microsoft Visual Studio Microsofts Web Service Enhancements (WSE) Oracle JDeveloper Both tools can create web services as well as client applications to consume web services.

9 Benefits of Microsoft.NET Allows developers to create web services using familiar programming constructs. Provides infrastructure and tools to create a standards-compliant web services and clients. Web Services take advantage of ASP.NETs benefits All code is compiled Early Binding Strongly Typing Microsoft Visual Studio and ASP.NET abstracts the use of XML and SOAP when working with a web service to just objects.

10 Web Service Examples Applications that use Web Services XBOX Live MSN Web Services available for our use Google Search eBay Auction Listings

11 References MSDN – Getting Started with Web Services us/webservices/aa740678.aspx us/webservices/aa740678.aspx MSDN – Web Services and the Microsoft Platform Wikipedia – Web Services Benefits of XML Web Services Created using ASP.NET

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