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What have these two got in common? &. Hans Holbein the Younger The Ambassadors & Anamorphosis.

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1 What have these two got in common? &

2 Hans Holbein the Younger The Ambassadors & Anamorphosis

3 The full title is Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve, the French Ambassadors The Ambassadors, 1533

4 The portrait was painted to celebrate the reunion of two wealthy young friends, who were ambassadors from the French Court The picture is full of symbols and hidden meanings

5 Symbolism 1 Click your mouse for the labels to appear

6 Symbolism 2

7 Anamorphic drawing Anamorphosis derives from a Greek word meaning to transform or change shape It is a distorted image that appears in its true shape only when viewed from a certain oblique angle It can only be viewed correctly by one person at a time Holbein may have used a grid to construct the distortion

8 The Geometry of Anamorphosis In the seventeenth century a French monk called Jean- François Niceron wrote a book on anamorphosis He worked out a grid for producing anamorphic pictures

9 Leonardo Da Vinci was also interested in the technique. These drawings were found in his sketchbooks:

10 Why didnt Leonardo use the technique in his paintings? Can you suggest any reasons?

11 Other Renaissance artists Van Hoogstratens peepshow box The National Gallery, London William Scrots, 1546 The National Portrait Gallery, London

12 Other uses of Anamorphosis Anamorphosis is often used in road markings: here the signs are stretched to be read correctly by a driver. Advertising logos painted on the grass for rugby matches are designed to be read correctly from the angle of TV cameras.

13 Contemporary art 1 The Vauxhall Station mural in London was designed by William Pye in 1986 Unfortunately, it was destroyed during refurbishment in 2002 It consisted of four different anamorphic images, which needed to be viewed from four different locations, marked on the floor

14 Contemporary art 2 "Passing Through" was designed by Colin Wilbourn in 1997 It s part of the St Peters Riverside Sculpture Project in Tyne and Wear This anamorphic galleon is sited on the bank of the river Wear

15 Year 8 pupil work

16 Can you find other examples of anamorphosis? artwork artwork illustration illustration road-markings road-markings advertising advertising

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