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ICNA Chicago Community Center & Offices Project Proposal.

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1 ICNA Chicago Community Center & Offices Project Proposal

2 Program Summary Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest covering a wide region, about a 100 mile radius The Muslim Community in the Chicago area is expanding quickly, with the “demand” exceeding the “supply” of the community’s needs The western suburb Muslim community is the largest in the region and its imperative that ICNA takes a leading role in this community This building will help ICNA achieve the leading role and provide for the community’s needs. It will also serve as the North Central Regional office for all its departments

3 Gain Peace Office This will provide a central space to conduct all our Dawah activities conducted in the greater Midwest region and will have the head office of the Gain Peace Dawah project Can hold interfaith meetings, community training projects, and new Muslim classes along with providing training for Daa’ees Will be a central call center for all calls received on the toll free hotline Will be a hub for all the Dawah material provided to the different organizations in the region

4 Islamic Learning Foundation (ILF) This will help develop Islamic Education,which is in great demand for all, brothers and sisters, young and old It also has many rooms that can be used as classrooms where the ILF classes can be conducted. This will save the hassle of renting places to hold classes and seminars It will also provide a place to hold classes on a consistent basis; daily, weekly, monthly It will also serve as the office for the scholars that will be employed by ICNA for ILF classes

5 ICNA Relief Head office for the Midwest region will be in this building This will provide for a Muslim counseling center, something not established in the area which is greatly needed in the community It will be a central location where those in need can come for financial assistance Can also serve as a location to hold free monthly health clinics for those in need Establishment of a Muslim Funeral Services in the future

6 Youth Center There are a few Mosques, Musullas, Islamic schools in the area, but non of them cater to the needs of the youth With the help of Young Muslims (YM), this will serve the needs of all the youth in the area, including the sisters who are usually neglected This can also be used for helping youth with their studies, both secular and Islamic, and provide a source of mentorship for them to become future leaders

7 ICNA Sisters The needs of the sisters is also growing with an increase in their membership This will provide for a space to hold their Quranic classes, Islamic education classes, and seminars which are held overnight. These overnight seminars can be held here instead of a basement of a Mosque Can also be a place to expand their services to the Muslim women in the greater Chicago area

8 Muslim Children of North America This group is usually neglected in many Islamic Organizations. The building will provide for many different activities for them such as: -Muslim Boy/Girl Scouts -Quranic/Islamic Classes -Tutoring can be provided -Daycare center -Martial Arts and other recreational activities Overall, the space will provide opportunities for these young children to develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, friendship, enjoyment and leadership

9 Other activities that can be provided Café for Muslim youth Bookstore/library where books on Islamic movement can be readily/easily accessible along with other Islamic books Weekly Islam 101 classes for Muslims and non-MuslimSeminars that affect the Muslims in their daily livesFun fairs/Eid bazaars during the times of celebration

10 Other activities (continued) Permanent place for ICNA PrintsStarting of a monthly newsletterFuture recording studioESL classesComputer classesCraft/Cooking classesSpace for Qiyaams and other Islamic StudiesKhutba training and Leadership training

11 Benefits This building is accessible and located close to major highways Will not need re-zoning from the city since it is already a church building Enough space for parking in the building lot as well as adjacent areas The current owners will be tenants for the next 2 years so this will provide for an income for at least 2 years Building can become the Headquarter for the Unit and it will give the Unit a leading role opportunity in the region

12 Proposed Plan Buy a building that will provide for a reasonably large Muslim Community The center will have the following: -Dawah Dept -Relief Dept -ILF/Tarbiyah -ICNA Prints -Spaces for ICNA Brothers & Sisters, YM Brothers & Sisters, and MCNA These resources will be for the greater Muslim community but under the supervision of ICNA

13 Financial Analysis Present surveys and analysis of market: ◦ We can afford a property in the range of $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 Loans ◦ Internally: ICNA Relief, Helping Hand USA, similar organizations ◦ Islamic loans will also have to be taken: Guidance, LaRiba, etc Expected Loans ◦ ICNA Relief endowment funds: 250,000 ◦ Helping Hand endowment funds: 250,000 ◦ ICNA Dawah Center (estimated value) 400,000 ◦ Total Down:900,000

14 Fundraising Plan Since it will be a facility for all departments, they will all contribute Database of ICNA donors will be created and categorized according to which dept donation was made: ICNA, Sisters, YM, etc 150 donors will be selected and a delegation will be sent out to them with details of the plan, convincing them to donate $100/month -150 persons X 100 dollars = $15,000/month

15 Fundraising Plan (continued) Each department will have a split of these donors ◦ ICNA Unit30 individuals ◦ Sisters Wing30 individuals ◦ GainPeace40 individuals ◦ YM Brothers25 individuals ◦ YM Sisters10 individuals ◦ ICNA Relief30 individuals ◦ Sum total exceeds 150

16 Fundraising Plan (continued) Those who cannot pledge monthly payments, the delegation will ask for a one time large donation, starting from $1000 Delegation shall ask “short-listed” donors to give ICNA a loan for a minimum of $5000. There will be a formal/legal document signed pledging to return the loan interest free on Islamic basis

17 Fundraising Plan (continued) Individual Fundraising Large one time donations Monthly recurring donations Large Islamic Loans Group Fundraising ICNA team will present the proposal to various small organizations for large one time donations, monthly donations, and large loans Centers/Biz strategies Ask for 25K and present how they will benefit

18 Fundraising Plan (continued) Public Fundraising ◦ Jummah prayers  Local and national ◦ Large fundraising dinners Online Fundraising ◦ E-flyer ◦ Dedicated website Mail strategies ◦ Collect and compile list of past and present donors ◦ Ikram Hussain to ask for Midwest contacts from Tariq Yunus ◦ Compile list of attendees from various events ◦ Send year-end tax requests

19 Specific Property DescriptionCapital Cost Monthly Payment Estimated cost of property$1,600,000 Min 30% down payment (480,000)700,000 Remaining amount financed by Guidance/LaRiba900,000 Approx monthly payment for above10,000 Monthly income from renting offices (gross after taxes)5,000 Monthly utility bills3,000 Net monthly housing payment8,000 Expected Monthly donation from community????? Monthly surplus (deficit)?????

20 Conclusion In view of above cost, our vision is that this is a golden opportunity to lay down the foundation of a great Islamic Community Center in the Western suburbs of Chicago that will cater the community needs of the area including Relief, Youth and other Islamic projects. We are confident that once a decision made, insha’Allah, we will be able to generate more resources, donations and more importantly community participation for ICNA projects. May Allah help us all to perform properly for the work of His Deen. Ameen

21 Current Layout : Waiting Area

22 First Floor Hall – West Wing


24 Offices – West Wing

25 Offices – South East View

26 First Floor Hall – East Wing

27 Conference Room – First Floor

28 2 nd Floor – Current Tenants

29 Loading Dock – First Floor

30 Basement – Work Area

31 Cafeteria - Basement

32 2 nd Floor Chapel – Current Tenant

33 Multi-use Hall or Youth Center Initial Architect Proposal Created by: CollaborativeDevelopment Custom Residential & Commercial Designers

34 Banquet Hall View – Facing NE

35 Banquet Hall View – Facing SE

36 Conference Hall View – Facing SE

37 Youth Center View – NE Facing

38 May Allah help us all to perform properly for the work of His Deen. Ameen

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