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Georgetown Elementary Technology Learning Community.

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1 Georgetown Elementary Technology Learning Community

2 PhilosophyNeedsInitiatives & Standards Hardware & Software Funding Professional Development Maintenance & Timeline BibliographyEvaluation

3 Education is important Education should be creative Teachers should be leaders

4 65% of staff rate their technology aptitude as intermediate or higher. Approximately 10% have established wikis, blogs or other types of websites. 10% responded that they have created projects with or for students using any of the following: programs such as PowerPoint or Movie Maker, scanners, digital cameras or video, or used internet scavenger hunts or WebQuests. Virtual tours, podcasting, collaborative internet projects are virtually non-existent. next

5 U.S. Department of Education – National Educational Technology Plan teachertraining.html Department of Education Delaware ISTE –NETS next

6 Use existing equipment Mobile interactive whiteboard/laptop/projector/wireless internet based in Computer Lab. Learn methods to acquire funding for future.

7 0$ required for startup! Obtaining grants and other funding will be a goal in the future.

8 Project based on three principles 1) Staff is unaware of many technologies as well as how to best use those presently available in our school. 2) Undertraining of staff 3) Few funds available Solution??? - The Plan

9 First week of July July 8 - 22 July 22 – Aug. 25 Aug. 29 Aug. 30 Sept. 4 First two weeks of Sept. Last week of Sept. Sept. 13 Present to G.E. Administrators Identify startup committee members Recruit teachers/students for mini-fair. Complete wiki & blog sites. Set-up and run through of mini-fair Technology mini-fair Emails & communication with staff Update wiki & blog, create interest w/ questions, tips, links and discoveries. 1 st hands-on session Grant submitted and followed to completion

10 Short term – participation Middle of first year – Wiki and blog become a growing resource of information; development of classroom wikis and blogs; internet scavenger hunts and WebQuests used in computer lab; teachers pursuing finding. Long term – Acquisition and integration of technology into classrooms. Staff pursuing outside information to share.

11 Delaware English Language Arts Standard 3 Delaware Mathematics Standard Delaware Statewide Recommended Curriculum Project Update September 2005 Delaware Science Standard 1 George Lucas Foundation Edutopia ISTE National Educational Technology Standards Projects Microsoft 101 Ideas for Innovative Teachers 1f1cf7d42fba/101_angol_3.pdf 1f1cf7d42fba/101_angol_3.pdf National Education Technology Plan e-teachertraining.html e-teachertraining.html Salem State College, Massachusetts pagepage 2

12 Teachers Improving Learning With Technology San Deigo Supercomputer Center Teacher Tech hp?module=ContentExpress&func=display&c eid=14&meid=-1 hp?module=ContentExpress&func=display&c eid=14&meid=-1 U.S. Department of Education ogy/plan/index.html ogy/plan/index.html WWW For Teachers – Sharing Technology index.shtml index.shtml Page 2

13 SOLUTION -begin grass roots technology movement in Georgetown Elementary by forming an in- house Technology Learning Community (GETLC) -The Plan next

14 Create interest in technology! -mini technology fair -sharing of ideas, programs, discoveries, expertise - creating classroom wikis, blogs -hands-on sessions in computer lab -involve students -keep GETLC organized but informal. No stress on teachers time. Participation optional. -The Plan next

15 Establish reliable support system using wiki, blog and the collective expertise of all staff members. Find answers, tips, resources reliably. No Funds??? No startup costs! Use available equipment; computer lab, rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, free wiki & blogs space. -The Plan

16 100% of surveyed felt it was important to use technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Majority of teachers questioned used computers only CCC or Earobics when in use by students. 50% indicated they would use an online source (wiki or blog) as a resource for collaborative tech. learning. 65% would attend voluntary hands on sessions next

17 How about a little support??? -Eight interactive whiteboards in school (approx. 28 classrooms). Three acquired by efforts of teachers through grant process. ***THREE OF EIGHT PRESENTLY DO NOT FUNCTION*** (one bulb out for over two weeks, two boards hung in March but projector and wiring never connected.)

18 Staff needs to do whatever they can. SmartBoard…OOOH! Projector??? next

19 George Lucas Foundation Edutopia Microsoft 101 Ideas for Innovative Teachers 1f1cf7d42fba/101_angol_3.pdf 1f1cf7d42fba/101_angol_3.pdf

20 Another nice SmartBoard…OOOH! Projector???

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