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Technology Integration

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1 Technology Integration
School District 158

2 Technology Integration
Staff Development Curriculum Integration Technology Tools The Future

3 Staff Development Before & After School Courses
Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Web Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Adobe PhotoShop Classroom Web Pages Web Page Refresher Teacher Lauren Salerno teaching Classroom Web Pages

4 Teacher Web Pages

5 Staff Development Train-the-Trainer Process
New Teacher Orientation – Mentors New Teacher Mini-Courses – Mentors Technology Integration - New Position at High School & Martin

6 Curriculum Integration
Elementary Secondary Curriculum Mapping Home Computer & Internet Access

7 Elementary Technology Integration
Language Arts Phonic Express Writing Express

8 Elementary Technology Integration
Social Studies Research K-5 Links

9 Elementary Technology Integration
Science Practice & Assessment Teachers’ Resource Planner Testworks

10 Microsoft Office Integration
Word Stories Spelling Power Point Reports Research Publisher Brochures Posters

11 Secondary Technology Integration
Meet with grade/subject teams Work individually with teachers Research new classroom technologies Team teach lessons Power Lunch

12 Secondary Technology Integration
Subject-specific software training Science Language Arts

13 Home Access Do you have a computer in your home?
Fall Parent Survey 2003

14 Internet Access Does your computer at home have Internet Access?
Fall Parent Survey 2003

15 Technology Tools LCD Projectors                  Wireless Laptops

16 Laptop Carts Collaborative learning Student-centered activities
Extended research capabilities Inventive Thinking Engaged student learning

17 Laptop Carts The Upside The Downside Results: Thumbs Up for Laptops!
Great research tool Enjoy mobility Engaged learning The Downside Limited Availability Limited Number of laptops on cart Results: Thumbs Up for Laptops!

18 LCD’s – In High Demand Powerful teacher tool Displays graphs
PowerPoint Presentations Notes/Homework Multimedia programs Video Educational websites easily accessed and viewed Chad Kafka, High School Business Teacher

19 The Future…                    The Dell Axim Pocket PC

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