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Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge Commuter Plan Commuter Fund.

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1 Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge Commuter Plan Commuter Fund

2 Belgium for beginners Praktische toelichting –Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde Ontstaan in 1990 Mensen slimmer maken inzake verkeer –Rijbewijs op School Schooljaar 2008-2009: 763 scholen, 44.353 leerlingen Veel vraag naar een vervolgproject voor de praktijk –Start to Drive Proefproject voor 5.000 kandidaten

3 Important

4 Activities FFT

5 0102030405060708090 jaar Lifelong learning Nursery and primary school Secondary school 18+ Senior drivers

6 Evolution number of cars

7 Evolution

8 Main mode of transport in Flanders (in general)

9 Main mode of transport in Flanders (commuter traffic)

10 Ambitions Commuter Plan Commuter plan (2005) –Autosolism in commuter traffic from 70 to 60% –Cycling and public transport + 5% –Sustainable measures Concrete projects Not: preparatory studies, work-related traffic What to do with telework, satellite offices, laptops, mobile phones …

11 Commuter fund –Commuter fund (2007) –Budget: 2007: 8,29 million euro 2008: 5,74 million euro 2009: 2,74 million euro 2010: 2,59 million euro 2011: 2,45 million euro 2012: 2,45 million euro –Principle: one euro for one euro –Maximum four years –Engagement to continue the project

12 Commuter fund website

13 For who? Individual companies Groups of companies Local or provincial governments, in co-operation with a private partner Other private organisations or partnerships between private and public organisations

14 Kind of projects? New sustainable transport offer New infrastructure in the company Specific actions and measures

15 Criteria? First consultation between employees and employer New transport offer has to be complementary with existing services (private or public) Shared responsability of all stakeholders in the project Evaluation

16 Demand a clear problem description; a comparison between the possible solutions: e.g. cost total and aspects; effectiveness; organization; project description; timing of the project; innovatory; applicability of the project in other locations and cases; will the project be able to function independtly; feedback with the users; formal approval of the different partners; a budget for every year; written proof of consultation between employers and employees.

17 Support By the Provincial Mobility Points (PMP) PMP is the first step, before submitting a project at the commission PMP investigates if all conditions are met

18 Judgement Administrative – Flemish Government Qualitative – Commission Members: social partners, Flemish Government Decisions: consensus

19 In globo CallsAmountPositive 11511 2 5 32620 42512 53816 62820 73422 Total 17790

20 Conclusion Evolution: from planning towards actions Support for companies and employees Companies and employees are interested

21 More info Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge Eddy Klynen Tel 0032(0)15 44 65 51 Louizastraat 40 2800 Mechelen Belgium

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