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New Deal to Cold War Jeopardy Credits Winners 1 st Hour: Matthew, Tia, Diamond, Desiree, Ronjanae (4300 pts.) Winners 5 th Hour: Deborah, Diamond,

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3 New Deal to Cold War Jeopardy


5 Credits Winners 1 st Hour: Matthew, Tia, Diamond, Desiree, Ronjanae (4300 pts.) Winners 5 th Hour: Deborah, Diamond, Diamond, Zoe, Mia (4000 pts.) Winners 6 th Hour: Marcus, Kylie, Dalisheana, Teniya, Marquita (5400 pts.) Winners 7 th Hour: Day, Jalen, Nataya, Lena, Brentni, Ashley (5700 pts.) Championship to be determined by Fridays Quiz Total Points = Points from Competition + Total Points on Quiz as a group.

6 Lets Get Started!

7 JEOPARDY RULES All topics will be on your Weekly Quiz this Friday 12/16/12 Each team of no more than 4 people will take turns answering questions. If a team answers incorrectly, the next team gets the chance to answer. If a team answers 4 consecutive times, the next team automatically gets a turn. Team members will not be able to work together to get an answer, but each team member must take turns answering. The team answering has approximately 5 seconds to answer after the question is read. To enter the Teams Score click on the SCORE box to return to the Scoreboard. The teacher is the final authority on all matters and has the power to add or remove points at will!

8 Final Jeopardy Round 1

9 JEOPARDY Scores Industrial AgePhilosophies Totalitarianism German Invasion PostwarPostwar and Challenge

10 FinalJeopardy

11 Final Jeopardy Category: Third Estate

12 Why did the people of the Third Estate Revolt? The First and Second Estate in France were comprised of Nobility and could outvote the Third Estate and set the rules as well as levy the taxes without consent, but once the Third Estate started gaining economic power, it still did not have any say-so, leading to revolution. Scores

13 100 Britain Which country started the process of Industrialization first? United Statesor Britain Return Scores

14 200 Access to waterways Name at least 1 characteristic that most major cities have in common… Return Scores

15 300 Investing in machines to do the work of humans What was one of the causes of Industrialization? Return Scores

16 400 Urbanization Cause--Industrialization Effect--______________ or population shift to cities Return Scores

17 500 Forbade engineers, mechanics, and toolmakers from leaving the country. What did Britain do in order to keep industrial secrets from the United States? Return Scores

18 100 Copernicus Who created the Heliocentric theory? Return Scores

19 200 Laissez-faire Policy Believers in this philosophy thought that industry didnt need any help to regulate itself. The prices would adjust to demand and the working conditions shouldnt be changed by the government. Hint: the Invisible Hand theory Return Scores

20 300 A Believers in the laissez-faire policy thought that workers would automatically seek labor reforms through voluntary organizations like … a. Unions b. Strikes c. Collective bargaining d. Utilitarianism Return Scores

21 400 B These were people who tried to provide reasoning for the laws and government actions through developing philosophies. a. officials b. philosophes c. Miguel Hidalgo d. Glasgow Return Scores

22 500 B The slogan of revolution included all of the following except… a. brotherhood b. justice c. liberty d. equality Return Scores

23 100 A Why was the decision to allow Hitler to annex the Sudetenland not good? a. It allowed Hitler to gain confidence to expand even further. b. The Sudetenland was unpopulated. c. Most people believed all German-speaking people should be united in one country. d. The Sudetenland government had invaded Czechoslovakia. Return Scores

24 200 C Which event led to the start of WWI? a. Invasion of Poland b. Imperialism c. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand d. The assassination of Miguel Hildalgo Return Scores

25 300 Axis Powers and Allied Powers Which group won? (200 bonus) During World War II which two groups of countries formed alliances? Return Scores

26 400 A Nationalism was a force that a. All are correct b. Tore apart centuries-old empires c. Was opposed by conservatives d. Gave rise to the Nation-State concept Return Scores

27 500 C Return Scores How did Adolf Hitler build support for Nazi antisemitism? a. by blaming Aryans for economic woes and appealing to injured German pride b. by widely publicizing the operation of extermination camps c. by blaming Jews for economic woes and appealing to injured German pride d. by conquering several European countries

28 100 B Who wrote an early gothic horror story about a monster created from corpses? a. Ludwig Von Frankenstein b. Mary Shelley c. Miguel Hildalgo d. Giuseppe Garibaldi Return Scores

29 200 B Who lead the expansion of Prussia in the 1860s? a. King Victor Emmanuel II b. Otto von Bismarck c. Frederick William IV d. King Louis XV Return Scores

30 300 Click on the link below to get access to your rapid fire challenge (each is worth 100 pts.): Return Scores

31 400 C During the reign of terror, who was safe from the guillotine? a. Revolutionary leaders b. Nobility c. No one d. French Return Scores

32 500 B The foreign policy that aimed to stop communism from spreading was called a. the Iron Curtain. b. containment. c. the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. d. the International Monetary Fund. Return Scores

33 100 The Social Contract The idea of Direct Democracy (the people make the laws and there are no representatives) was explained in a reading called… Return Scores

34 200 D Which of the following helped to spread enlightenment thinking by philosophers? a. Government agencies b. the State Department c. The Third Estate d. Salons Return Scores

35 Return 300 C Which of the following helped keep employment high? a. Automakers were awarded lucrative defense contracts. b. Urbanization c. Industrialization d. Poor people willing to work in only the best conditions Scores

36 400 B The Philosophes used reason to address which of the following: a. Taxes b. Social Issues c. Abusive Rulers d. Interest Rates Return Scores

37 500 A What did the wealthy do to increase agricultural production? a. Invest in machines to complete more work b. Invest in more raw materials c. Develop a stronger labor force d. Reduced its production by 50% Return Scores

38 100 D Who developed the polio vaccine? a. John Kenneth Galbraith b. Marie Curie c. Albert Einstein d. Jonas Salk Return Scores

39 200 A & C Which statements describe particular attitudes toward the arms race? a. The United States must keep the lead in building its military. b. Britain was key to U.S. global economic dominance. c. Superior nuclear capability would ensure total victory in the next war. d. No additional countries fell to Communist aggression. Return Scores

40 A The largest increase in birth rate occurred during which time period? a. shortly after World War II b. before World War II c. shortly before and after 1950 d. at the end of the 1950s Return Scores 300

41 400 D The Philosophes influenced Catherine the Greats … a)Architectural plans for her palace b)Military campaign against Poland c)Diplomatic relations with France d)Proposal on reforms to Russias laws Return Scores

42 500 A Study the political cartoon and answer the question. Considering that this political cartoon was published in 1947, it most likely was intended to show support for which of the following policies? a. the Marshall Plan b. containment c. the Iron Curtain d. the founding of NATO Return Scores

43 DailyDouble To Question

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