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Totalitarianism after WWI

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1 Totalitarianism after WWI

2 Aftermath of World War I
Europe was burdened by war debts. Had to face the tough task of rebuilding Several countries moved their governments toward TOTALITARIANISM

3 What is Totalitarianism?
A political system in which government controls every aspect of citizens’ lives. How do you control people in a totalitarian country? Mass Communication = methods of communication (newspapers, radio, public address system) designed to reach large #s of people at once.

4 Key Traits of Totalitarianism
Other methods of enforcement: -Police Terror -Indoctrination -Censorship -Persecution

5 Russian Revolution Review
What was the name of the party that assumed power following the revolution? Bolsheviks What were their goals? To create a socialist, classless society On what philosophers ideas was the new society formed? Karl Marx What ways were his ideas put into practice? Land taken from upper classes, given to commoners

6 Early Russia: Vladimir Lenin
Dictator: Vladimir Lenin System of Government: Communism Beliefs: Created a dictatorship instead of an equal society.

7 Russia: Josef Stalin Dictator: Josef Stalin
System of Government: Communism Beliefs: Controlled farms and industry. State Police enforced laws.


9 What happened if you disagreed with Stalin?
Stalin removed his enemies from society. “The Purge”. Italy, Germany, Russia and Japan would depend on dictators to lead their governments. Sent them to labor camps. Destroyed birth records Doctored photos.

10 Labor Camps in Siberia Average temperature in Siberia during winter: -10°F to below -50°F (-45°F).

11 Italy Fascism A political movement that promotes an extreme form of nationalism, a denial of individual rights, and a dictatorial one-party rule. Dictator: Benito Mussolini System of government: Fascism Beliefs: Destroy all opposition. Believed in restoring a new Roman Empire.


13 JAPAN Emperor Hirohito System of Government: Militarism & Imperialism
Japanese military was really in charge. System of Government: Militarism & Imperialism Beliefs: Wanted to seize new territories and take control of natural resources (I.e., coal, timber, iron ore, control of China) Invaded the Chinese state of Manchuria.


15 Germany Suffered the most from the Treaty of Versailles.
Germans became bitter as their economy crippled. Went through “hyperinflation”. Prices increased as the value of the money decreased.

16 What happened next? The rise of Adolf Hitler.
Tried to overthrow German government. In prison, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Book blamed Communists and Jews for Germany’s defeat in WWI. Mein Kampf also provided Hitler’s plan for Germany’s rise to European and global power.

17 Why did Hitler blame the Jews?
Many wealthy bankers and businessmen in Germany were Jewish. Since Germans were losing money, Hitler made the Jews an easy target. 1932 – HITLER Led the National Socialist Party (NAZI) to victory in the national election. NAZISM established.


19 NAZI Beliefs Believed in a strong central government under the Führer (the leader). One master Aryan race. Jewish and Communists were enemies of the people.

20 Kristallnacht - 1938 “Night of Broken Glass”
Nazis destroyed many Jewish businesses and destroyed synagogues.

21 Other Actions by the Nazis


23 Non-Aggression Pact & The Axis Powers
Non-Aggression Pact – Hitler and Stalin agreed to avoid war with each other. AXIS POWERS 1936 – Italy and Germany form a military alliance 1940 – Japan joins the alliance.

24 Appeasement British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler
Allowed Hitler control of Sudetenland but NO MORE Appeasement: meeting demands of a hostile power in order to avoid war.

25 America’s Reaction U.S. was reluctant to get involved in another war.
Congress passed laws to prevent the sale of weapons to any nation at war. Americans wanted to remain isolationists.

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