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P.T.I. S.A. It is a firm dedicated to engineering, consulting, installation, testing / commissioning, import and distribution power systems, telecommunications.

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3 P.T.I. S.A. It is a firm dedicated to engineering, consulting, installation, testing / commissioning, import and distribution power systems, telecommunications and automation. We are certified ISO 9001-2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 to ensure our customers the best performance in our services, which demands a great knowledge and constant technological update on the Colombian regulatory for the electric and industrial sector and conditions of supply of energy companies.

4 About Us MISSION: P.T.I. S.A. is an organization with great human talent, competent, dedicated to provide high technology equipment and solutions, environment oriented, to companies engaged in trusted and reliable electric systems; offering consulting, installations and projects start-up in all major areas related to the development of the electrical infrastructure of Colombia and Latin America as well. VISION: To be in the year 2012, the main hub for marketing, sales and engineering of the companies represented by P.T.I. S.A., based in the consolidation of the operations in Latin America, being really compromised with the integral development of the equipments and the continuing updating of efficiency and quality required to be competitive worldwide observing the international standards.

5 About Us QUALITY POLICY: At P.T.I. S.A. we are highly committed to satisfy integrally all of the needs of our customers, exceeding their expectations with solutions and products of the latest technology in the areas of electricity and telecommunications, based on the empowering of alliances with companies aiming on research and development, observing the standards of quality and safety, thru continuous improvement and the adequate process control; seeking a wide margin of profitability to promote the strength of the organization and the permanent training of the human talent, contributing to the social development, technology and economy of the country.



8 Construction, assembly and commissioning We execute, import and commissioning of electrical equipment, power and telecommunications. We do designs, installations and construction projects such as: Substations of HV / MV / LV Underground networks of HV / MV / LV Grounding systems Construction of electrical systems in HV / MV / LV industrial, residential and commercial. Coordination of protections in electrical systems. Construction of civil works associated with electrical installations. Motor control centers Variable speed AC and DC. Mini-substations and medium voltage transfers Lighting systems

9 Engineering, Consulting and Testing. STUDIES OF POWER QUALITY We are able to advise our customers to develop: Measurement and diagnostic of the quality of energy. Measurement and support for construction of mesh networks. Based on our experience and technical information of the companies that we represent, we can present to our clients solutions practices and economic according their needs. TESTS. We have electrical engineers with extensive experience in the management of equipment, processing and analysis of the information collected. We provide an analysis accurate and present an optimal solution for every problem of our clients. Diagnostics in Grouding systems Testing of insulation resistance Testing on protection relays Testing on MV switches, we have power quality analyzers, equipment pattern for system of measurement, testing of relays and switches, insulation meters (meggers), resistance testers, equipment for test capacitors among others.

10 Application of concepts and analysis in design and engineering. Short circuit and load flow studies. Coordination of protections. Evaluation of reliability of a system. Analysis of harmonics and stability of transients. Assessment of equipments. (Transformers, engines, Capacitor, conductors, etc.). Evaluation and design of grounding systems. Design and analysis of systems of underground networks of 15 and 35 kV, we can determine the sizing of cables, pipelines and their behavior by calculating the correction factor for temperature. Design and optimal positioning studies of capacitors. Using the ETAP Software PowerStation, electric transients analysis program developed by O.T.I. - USA applied by universities, utilities and industries; for the design, analysis and operation of their aerial and underground electric power systems. Engineering, Consulting and Testing. STUDIES OF POWER QUALITY

11 Network analysis in Realtime Demand management Intelligent Load Shedding Automatic Generation Control Programming Exchange Optimum loading Renewable Energy Balance GIS interface

12 Telecommunications We are able to develop communications projects involving guided media (twisted pair, coaxial and fiber optic) and wireless (cellular network, digital radio) to meet the needs of remote and remote management of power and industrial sectors of the country. We have experience and maturity in the design and implementation of communication solutions that include: Open communication protocols. Network management data SCADA applications. Concentration / data conversion protocols. Protective relays IEDs - Reconnect. Energy meters, power quality meters

13 Automation and Control We have the technology and experience necessary to be part of the projects of automation systems of distribution of the Colombian electricity sector. We are able to do projects of control and automation of processes, PLC´s, computer centralization, variation of velocity in AC and DC, soft electronic starters.


15 ETAP modules Analysis of network : short circuit, electric arc, load, starting engines. Protection devices: coordination and selectivity Sequence of operation test of relay test interfaces Test and simulation of transient relays: stability of transient, Generator Start Cable Systems Underground Thermal Analysis, ampacity, sizing. Grounding Systems of distribution Systems Unbalanced Load Flow, Optimal Power Flow, Optimal capacitor placement. Transmission Line Ampacity and constant line, voltage drops POWER ANALYSIS SOFTWARE Transformers DC Systems Power Quality Geographic Information Systems Data Exchange

16 Reclosers and Switchgears Reclosers for MT (15/27/38 KV) for outdoor use for pole and / or substation. Are the smallest, lightweight and durable on the market. Free SF6 6 current and voltage (capacitive) sensors type Rogowski Switchgears of 2, 4 5 and 6 ways to 15/25/35 KV manual, motorized padmounted, submersible. Enclosures, fuses, automatic transfers for 15 KV. Extinguishing chambers

17 Telecomunications Violasystems is a Finnish company specializing in the design and manufacture of wireless M2M solutions for industry, using technology of data cellular networks GPRS / EDGE, UMTS. Kalkitech is a leader in solutions of standards of control, communications and computing in the power industry. Kalki helps companies to design, develop and deploy intelligent products and smarts systems that measure, monitoring, controlling, manage and optimize the flow of energy throughout the production chain. Kalki converters allow the integration and / or migrating of their systems to the most modern industrials communications protocols of substations and instrumentation.

18 MV and HV Disconnectors Transformers for MT and AT

19 Electric Power Quality

20 Polymeric Insulators to 115kV ETHERNET SERIAL CONNECTIVITY AUTOMATION High Density Gateway with GPON AV256G CableLAN Adapter AV256 CableLAN Adapter GameNet AV- Dual Pack

21 PowerMonic Three-Phase Power Quality Analysers LINETRAKER DVM-80 Digital Voltmeter / Phasing Se DVM-IV Digital Voltmeter / Phasing Set HiSat


23 INSULATOR TESTER 5000 Bird Dog Plus for CT Testing 5000 FLEXIBLE COIL KIT with SpinGraph

24 VAMP Ltd. specializes in protection systems for arc-flash, protection relays, metering and monitoring units for power systems. Provides protection services at low, medium voltage sub-systems focused on transmission. All kind cables for any installation

25 ELASTIMOLD · Loadbreak Junction 15-25-35 KV · Loadbreak Elbow, grounding kits · PAD-MOUNTED transformer Accesories · Indoor / outdoor terminations GMC INSTRUMENTS GOSSEN METRAWATT TRANSDUCERS, MEASURING EQUIPMENT. CAMILLE BAUER AG TRANSDUCERS, MEASURING EQUIPMENT.






31 Supply, mounting and commissioning of: Reclosers. Lightning rods station type, Current and Voltage Instrument transformers and current, ground mesh 13,2kV and 34.5 kV, Integration with the control center in four (4)substations EMSA Electrificadora del Meta S.A. EDEQ EMPRESA DE ENERGÍA DEL QUINDÍO Design, supply and commissioning of capacitive compensation. In seven (7) substations. Supply of over 1500 brand Nortroll failureindicator Providing more than 280 Recloser Noja Power

32 Supply, commissioning and implementing communications solution for underground switchgears

33 Implementing communications solution ELECTROCAQUETÁ

34 Supply, commissioning and integration into EMSA’s SCADA 25 Recloser Noja Power over 14Km of fiber optics in Villavicencio, Meta

35 Design and construction of substation plant of 4MVA for JGB Calculation Grounding mesh (using ETAP software) Calibration Equipment Civil Works Budget In progress...


37 Av Guadalupe No 2-50 PBX: +572 3366461 Email: Santiago de Cali Colombia

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