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Open Evening September 2013 Welcome!. Who are SASH? Paul McAteer, Slough & Eton CE School.

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1 Open Evening September 2013 Welcome!

2 Who are SASH? Paul McAteer, Slough & Eton CE School

3 Slough Association of Secondary Heads (SASH)

4 Baylis Court Beechwood Herschel Grammar Langley Grammar Slough and Eton St Joseph's Catholic Wexham St Bernard's Catholic Grammar The Langley Academy The Westgate School Upton Court Grammar Arbour Vale School Haybrook College 13 Secondary Schools

5 Non selective and selective Special and Haybrook

6 Shared values / COLLABORATION

7 Top ten in country for KS4 Results Lo cal Au th ori tie s Slough 1 154

8 Why have SASH set up a new school?

9 We want the best for young people in Slough

10 ‘Tsunami’ of places

11  Free schools  Support and guidance  Unique

12 Vision and ethos Mercedes Hernandez Estrada Upton Court Grammar School

13 Inspirational 21 St century learning Leaders of tomorrow – creative, innovative and decision makers Active in the community – good communicators, involved and proactive,

14 Core Values School is… stimulating and inspiring Staff are… inspirational and multi-skilled Learners are … motivated and engaged Curriculum is … challenging and diverse Qualifications are … future proof and fit for purpose Learning environment is … flexible and adaptable Education is … inclusive and adaptable

15 Our pledge The SASH school is committed to contribute to the success of future generations in order to support and share in the future successes of Slough.

16 The Curriculum Joanne Rockall Herschel Grammar School

17 Rationale Access higher order jobs Local economy Skills for future Active citizenship Future leaders

18 Personalised Learning Focus on literacy and numeracy Competence based approach Thinking skills Creative and innovative extended learning

19 Personalised Learning Highly differentiated Building on strengths and talents Nurturing high self esteem Specialist evidence-based teaching programmes

20 Learning Together Vertical curriculum High quality qualifications Work based opportunities Collaborative Sixth Form High quality continuing professional development

21 Pastoral welfare at the SASH School Rhodri Bryant Langley Academy

22 Strengths Collaboration/understanding from SASH Significant strengths with behaviour and safety systems (Ofsted reports) Underpins our vision – personalised, leadership, confidence, thinking curriculum, inclusive, every individual does matter

23 Structure 6 Teaching and Learning communities TLC (Like a House system) Vertical Tutoring, 10 tutor groups in each TLC Registration/Assembly 8.30 – 8.50am, 3.10 – 3.20pm

24 Structure Staff – experts in every area of need Outstanding External agency support Early identification – initial assessment of attainment and ability, CATs, Reading tests Pupil Led Learning – Individual Learning Plan Targeted support/intervention eg literacy, numeracy, SEND Parent sessions for early review Weekly monitoring of student progress Inclusion – UNICEF, Rights and Respecting School Award – rights of the child Bullying Attendance/punctuality

25 Working with the local community John Constable Langley Grammar School


27 Local community focus Promotion of enterprise and creativity at the heart of the school Engagement with local business community Links to Higher Education Access to jobs with major employers based in the area

28 Active Citizens Self-confident and responsible pupils Focused charitable fundraising and support Community service schemes, Academic mentoring Sports leadership opportunities

29 Modelling life-long learning Hub for family and community learning Integrated adult education Virtual college Dual-use facilities Out-of-hours classes for parents and community

30 Admissions arrangements 2014-15 Full details are available at To apply online for a Year 7 place go to

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