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Vision for The Village School and some of the challenges we face

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1 Vision for The Village School and some of the challenges we face
Overview: Global, inclusive, outward looking, high skills and expertise, outcomes for pupils, integration into strategic vision for Brent (BSF). How will we afford it? Management of change.

All pupils will make good and outstanding progress Progress will be tracked and analysed against academic, personal social and wellbeing, behaviour and therapeutic criteria Teaching interventions are judged for the success of their impact and respond swiftly to pupil needs as required Research, innovation and CPLD are the heart of how we support pupils to make best progress possible INCLUSION All pupils will have access to a stimulating curriculum which is personalised to meet their needs All pupils have the appropriate resources and kit to support communication and physical development All pupils’ families and communities are part of The Village. Pupils are valued in their own right We work as a team and we adhere to our core values and include our partners ENTITLEMENT All pupils can expect excellent outcomes throughout their school life and aspire to the same on leaving and in the future All pupils have the right to contribute, belong and be heard All pupils and past pupils should have access to opportunities in the local and wider community

3 We aspire to the Golden Circle Why?
Why are we teaching this? Why are we engaging in this activity? Is this part of our pedagogy at the Village? How? How are we going to do this? How will it meet the needs of this group of pupils or individual? Is this pupil ready to learn? How can I support this young person to learn and make progress? Are the pupils all catered for? Are we following the plans? What? What activity have we selected and does it meet the how and the what? What do the pupils think about it? What do our teams think about it? What do our families and community think about it?

4 Vision An inclusive community school celebrating diversity
We value and are valued as part of the wider community Outward looking with improved outcomes Good and outstanding progress made by pupils A holistic trans-disciplinary organization of expertise and support for the whole school community To achieve excellence in everything we do Excellent teaching for pupils with complex learning difficulties and disabilities High quality delivery of training, induction and outreach support Progress, inclusion and entitlement need to be the key drivers for our vision. This will emerge in our developing ethos. High expectations for pupils is a core value of the school. This we need to work towards regardless of where we are based and whatever the upheaval. No excuses during upheaval Community cohesion. It is this focus and concentration which will lead us to become outstanding. Every Child Matters principles are the heart of our philosophy There is a strong tradition of pupil and parent voice in both schools and this can be stronger when we become one. Excellent quality of provision in teaching and learning which is grounded in high expectations where good or excellent progress is the aspiration. We will be able to combine our significant strengths across the provisions Partnership working with therapies, nursing services and other agencies, ‘working together to safeguard children' Training and induction expertise in manual handling, pecs , physical intervention and de-escalation, communication/access, inclusive technology, sensory curriculum Strong pupil, parent and family voice

5 Vision Inclusive creative curriculum facilitating independence
Focus on language and communication Entitlement is key Differentiated and age appropriate curriculum Purposeful and safe environment Excellent quality of care, guidance and support Outdoor and adapted learning environment Fostering independence, enriched, stimulating, age appropriate and differentiated, focus on range of learning styles and language and communication development and strategies, knowledge of entitlement and mainstream provision and possibilities. Multi disciplinary agency working and partnerships, excellence in teaching and support for other provisions, health and safety, assessment and achievement, accredited courses A safe and purposeful environment means that we have the appropriate safeguards in place. This means clear accessible policies and vigilance within the context of collective responsibility. Entitlement of pupils to make good or better progress. Use of assessment systems to analyse data. Extended provision Maximise learning opportunities and experiences

6 “It takes a village to raise a child” African proverb
3 Villages 2-7, 7-14, 14-19 Shared resources to add value and quality Discrete learning environments Flexible accommodation and support Community access and involvement Promoting independence and new opportunities Coordinated multi agency working The villages need to be part of the whole picture, interrelated and interconnected. Although pupils will have safe discreet learning environments in the true spirit of ECM it is vital that all pupils feel they contribute. Achieve Artsmark Gold Excellent Arts and outstanding sports provision Partnership working and outreach work Post school partnership focus

7 Challenges The management of change and a responsive staff structure
The budget and funding requires careful planning A changing national picture and its impact on us Making the most of our wonderful new building Meeting pupils’ needs and their statement/ EHC requirements Measuring the impact of interventions Partnership working and the transdisciplinary approach Working with and serving the local and wider community Celebrating the new ethos for our community Person Centered Planning approach The change process is difficult for pupils and staff and parents, it makes people feel insecure. Making people feel part of the process will need good communication and consultation streams Being calm and accessible as a leadership team will be vital over the coming months and some of the strategies already being worked on need to be continued. The staffing structure will need to be reviewed and it will probably be different once we have moved into the new provision compared to the decant process.

8 Problem solving Shared vision for all stakeholders with our mission statement and aims and SEND local offer Organisation of the pupils according to their needs, deploying the appropriately trained staff Distributed leadership model so that there are specific roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for the community Robust business plan to support our development and growth Working in partnership with the local authority and our partner schools in establishing effective provision and outreach services Bringing all the community together to explore what our core values and philosophies are is a good and positive starting point. Consultation processes in partnership with all key people and groups. Pupils needs met through our wrap around provision and developing in house therapy provision Strong leadership but where the pupils have the best possible input from key staff- teachers TAs, technical support, therapy and nursing provision and family support on site. Hard choices will have to be made about what is best for our pupils. These decisions need to be adhered to.

9 And finally... ‘...even if the path to knowledge is unending, no step that takes man nearer to a full understanding of the meaning of his existence is too small to count’ Tarkowsky 1986 This quote had a powerful impact on me. The steps we take and our pupils take in our learning are often quite small, but those steps still count and pupils have an entitlement for them to be recognised and celebrated.

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