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Irakli Garibashvili Georgian Library Association

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1 Irakli Garibashvili Georgian Library Association
OpenBiblio in Georgia Irakli Garibashvili Georgian Library Association

2 Pre-FOSS situation (before 2005)
Almost no Georgian library had ILS Those having OPACs, had commercial systems with problems with Georgian language/script Main obstacle for having ILS was Price – libraries in Georgia still are very poorly supported Local needs – scripts (most of Georgian libraries have materials at least in 3 scripts – Georgian, Cyrillic, Latin Librarians mostly were not aware of MARC standards and online tools.

3 OpenBiblio – advantages
Easy to learn – almost all functions could be learnt in practice (even beginners do this in 1-2 days) Easy to install – we make installations on: Websites of libraries – PHP/MySQL support needed Free hosting servers – most of them provide environment sufficient for OpenBiblio work Local computers (for libraries with just several PCs an no Internet connectivity) – Windows or UNIX platforms

4 OpenBiblio – advantages (cont.)
Easy interface translation procedure Openness – free to modify/design PHP code

5 OpenBiblio - disadvantages
Too simple – lack of functionality (e.g. no support for URLs in fields, no user interactivity, no MARC export, no field indicators, not full MARC21, no support for UNIMARC) New versions add functionality!

6 Windows platform We use additionally a simple PHP/MySQL server – “Uniserver”. All pack is pre-installed on a Flash stick and can be just copied to PC. Many libraries prefer to start with this option (PC + intranet on LAN) and later move database to online server. This overcomes connectivity problem, but OPAC is just accessible inside a library (or school)

7 Online installation Apache/MySQL is a standard for majority of modern hosts – makes installation very straightforward (just need to follow instruction file) For libraries which do not have websites yet – variety of free hosting solutions a possible. Makes OPAC visible for users everywhere, but needs good connectivity. Offline circulation introduced recently!!

8 Training During a training we :
Make final setup together with library staff (names, opening hours, language, landing rules, fees, types of materials, collections, etc.) Teach all functions (administration permissions are given to local administrators) Make entries together with staff and teaching some good practices Provide ID/Passwords and permissions to staff members Give contact/support data

9 Samples

10 Samples – OPAC switched to Georgian

11 Samples – search results

12 Samples – librarian’s interface

13 Addons – SRU search/download from LOC

14 Sample SRU search

15 Results – click “Use This”

16 Advanced “Reports” module

17 Georgian Library Association supports OpenBiblio

18 100 countrywide installations listed on Association site

19 OpenBiblio manual in Georgian

20 Openbiblio is used in our training center for introduction into e-cataloguing

21 Current situation (since a launch of FOSS program)
OpenBiblio is installed in more than 100 libraries (schools, colleges, academic, public,…) KOHA is installed in 5 libraries Evergreen 2 installations (joint OPAC of 20 libraries) More than 400 librarians received training

22 Links Georgian Library Association –
OpenBiblio page - User Manual (Georgian)

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