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Section 01Resources1 HSQ - DATABASES & SQL 01 Resources And Franchise Colleges Name :MANSHA NAWAZ room :G 0/32

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2 Section 01Resources1 HSQ - DATABASES & SQL 01 Resources And Franchise Colleges Name :MANSHA NAWAZ room :G 0/32 email :

3 Section 01Resources2 Module Specifications Assessment Development of a SQL Database from a Case Study ER Model MS SQL Implementation OUT Week 6 : IN Week 14 : marked on criteria F R P M D HSQ Databases & SQL Module Guide HSQ CAMS2 Module Description

4 Section 01Resources3 Resources I – Mansha Nawaz Staff PageMansha Nawaz Click on Your Module in this list Mansha NawazMansha Nawaz staff page defaults to the Module Page. Locate and click on your module to be directed to the appropriate Web Page. Web Page List for SAD - Systems Analysis and Design DD - Databases & SQL project - Individual Project ccc - Comms Case Study resources - Additional Resources

5 Section 01Resources4 Resources II – Databases & SQL Website

6 Section 01Resources5 Lectures Lecture Notes ** REVIEW POWERPOINT SLIDES BEFORE LECTURE Lecture focuses on Worked Examples, Scenarios and Problem Statements Practices Paper based designing a database from a scenario SQL SERVER – implementation of database systems Populating the database with some test data. Writing and Testing SQL Queries. Appraisal of SQL syntax Answer Pointers & Solution Consolidate and check with Answer Points provided online only – see resource III Self Study exercises, reading and consolidation Online Resources III M. Nawaz Staff page

7 Section 01Resources6 MS SQL SERVER 2008 MS SQL SERVER 2008 STUDENT EDITION from MSDNAA installation guide – similar to 2005 edition MS SQL SERVER 2008 STUDENT EDITION from MSDNAA Resources IV

8 Section 01Resources7 MSDN – MS SQL Server 2005 Online Videos Learning Resources - Video Series: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for Beginners Getting Started with SQL Server Express This video series is designed specifically for SQL Server beginners—individuals who are interested in learning the basics of how to create, manage, and connect to SQL Server Express databases. Whether you’re just a beginner or somewhat familiar with databases, these video lessons will help you get better acquainted with SQL Server 2005 Express. The series includes almost 9 hours of video-based instruction that walks SQL Server beginners through the steps of learning about SQL Server databases to actually connecting a SQL Server database to a Web application. Select your starting point below based on your skill set. –Introduction Learning Video 1: What is a database? –Designing Tables Learning Video 2: Understanding Database Tables and Records Learning Video 3: More about Column Data Types and Other Properties Learning Video 4: Designing Relational Database Tables –Database Functions Learning Video 5: Manipulating Database Data Learning Video 6: More Structured Query Language Learning Video 12: Creating and Using Stored Procedures Learning Video 13: Enabling Full-Text Search in your Text Data –Creating and Using Reports Learning Video 10: Getting Started with Reporting Services Learning Video 11: Embedding, Packaging and Deploying SQL Server Express Reporting Services –Database Security Learning Video 7: Understanding Security and Network Connectivity –Database Management Learning Video 9: Using SQL Server Management Studio Express –Publishing to the Web Learning Video 8: Connecting your Web Application to SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

9 Section 01Resources8 Resources V – Free Data ModelsFree Data Models

10 Section 01Resources9 Resources IV ASCENT –A Case Tool for Data Modelling via ERD in Ascent –available in PC labs –Tutorial & video support on Intranet ASCENT student version – –Need WinZip –Download available on DD Web-Site ASCENT is not bug-free so SAVE WORK REGULAR Ascent files.asc need to be ZIPPED (winzip) if you are emailing solutions to tutors

11 Section 01Resources10 Resources VII - ADDITIONAL RESOURCES WEB SITE

12 Section 01Resources11 Resources VIII – PROJECT WEB SITE

13 Section 01Resources12 MS SQL Server is Server – Client Based Large, high volume traffic database systems Generally, database servers like MS SQL Server are the way to go for database or web/database systems For web or database systems if the access traffic is likely to generate more than 20 concurrent database hits at a time, it's time to move to a database server MS SQL Server MySQL (if you don’t need relational database). MS SQL Server V MS Access MS Access is Desktop based Small, low-traffic database systems Small, low-traffic web sites requiring database connectivity. Cannot handle heavy traffic from multiple users.

14 Section 01Resources13 Important …. As part of your course in the final year you will be asked to undertake a systems development project. –This kind of project is where you produce a clearly defined system. –The system is intended to meet the needs of a client; the project proposer. –The project has a deliverable system (or product) –An application (a piece of software) –A majority of such work require a database. When you enter the real-world you are the computer expert –participate in systems development. –propose, convey and agree a computer system –determine how these requirements are to be achieved –implement and build the system –A majority of such work require a database. HSQ is vital for your long term System Development skills –Future career

15 Section 01Resources14 The Database & SQL website is the FIRST point of contact for module based information. It contains : –Lecture notes, Practicals & Solutions, Self Study material –MS SQL material and resources –Supplement information and background reading. –Links to other useful resources. –Assessment information - soon –Anything else useful! You are expected to review the material in advance of the lecture period. The lecture booklet is essential reading material. Website contains much more useful information and resources The website is updated on a regular basis Databases & SQL Website

16 Section 01Resources15 Do not cover ALL material in the 12 teaching weeks. Focus on reviewing each of the sections Attempt at least one exercises from the weekly practical. The aim is for you to be proficient in modelling server oriented database large scale multi –user systems be able to implementation in MS SQL Server proficient in SQL (the database definition and query language). The module requires a commitment of several hours each week on Both theoretical and practical study If you devout additional time there is sufficient material for you to become a professional database developer in MS SQL Server. Course Material Summary

17 Section 01Resources16 Whilst studying this module, students undertake: 1.Formative work (designed to develop students' skills, but not contributing to the mark/grade for the module) 2.Summative assessment (contributing to the module mark/grade). This module provides student feedback in a number of ways: For FORMATIVE WORK –feedback provide in terms of Model Answers and Solutions for all sections For SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (ICA) –feedback provided via a Criteria Referenced grade sheet –Sample student reports and ICAs Throughout practical sessions –There is no feedback if you have nothing to show or demonstrate !!! Student Feedback

18 Section 01Resources17 Further Reading Supplement 01 Database Introduction -1- Supplement 02 Database Introduction -2- Database Introduction -1- Database Introduction -2- available online

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