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Air powered car.

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1 Air powered car

2 Outline INTRODUCTION Problem With GASOLINE Air Powered Car
Vehicle Part Working Models Air car in INDIA

3 INTRODUCTION Our world is facing fuel crisis, air pollution.
All kind of conventional source of fuel are on verge of exhaustion. Gasoline is the primary source of fuel. Gasoline is becoming more and more expensive and impractical.

4 Problem With GASOLINE Polluted Expensive Non Renewable

5 Alternative energies Air Energy Solar Energy Electric Energy

6 Air Powered Car The Air Powered Car is powered by air engine which uses COMPRESSED AIR as fuel.

7 Inventor Manufactured by:
French Co. Moteur Development International (MDI) Founded by: French inventor GUY NEGRE

8 Vehicle Part Compressed Air Tank Break Power Recovery Body Air Filter
Engine Electrical System

9 Compressed Air Tank It is a carbon-fiber tank
It holds 90 cubic meters of air. This tank can be ruptured, but can’t be explode.

10 Break Power Recovery It uses one mechanism that stops engine when the car is stationary (at traffic light , junctions etc..), which recover 13% of power used.

11 Body It’s body is made up of FIBER GLASS and INJECTED FOAM.
It is slightly costly ,but it does not cut like steel. It does not rust. It is light weighted.

12 Air Filter Carbon filter are used to get rid from dirt , dust , humidity and other particles. MDI cars produces clean air, which is cold on exit and is harmless to human life. Air Filter

13 Engine This engine use compressed air as fuel.
The engine was developed between the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002. Totally eco-friendly engine. The engine becomes idle automatically when car is stationary.

14 Electrical system Only one cable connects all electrical parts (Headlight ,Dashboard light, light inside the car) in the car. Advantage are: Ease of installation. Easy to repair Removal of long cable.

15 Working

16 Facilities Computer screen showing the speed of car
Internet connection GPS device

17 2 Types Of Energy Mode Single Energy Mode:
It uses only compressed air. The maximum speed is 50 km/h. Dual Energy Mode: It uses compress air as well as fossil fuel. At speed over 50 km/h, the engine will switch to fuel mode.

18 Models Family car Van Minicat Pick up car Taxi

19 Fueling Process Three modes for fueling tank: Air Stations
Domestic electric plug Dual-energy mode

20 Air car in INDIA Tata Motors, on Feb.05,2007 signed an agreement with MDI Co. of France, to develop air car. The Air Car, called the MiniCAT could cost around Rs. 3,50,000 ($ 8177) in India and would have a range of around 300 km between refuels .The cost of a refill would be about Rs 90.

21 Advantage and Disadvantage
Advantages: Economical Pollution free Better Comfort Less maintenance Easy to refuel Disadvantages: Less Speed Air pumping station are less in number

22 Conclusion Air powered cars is a realization of latest technology in automobile field. The air car is a clean, easy to drive, light weight and high performance car. It eliminates the use of non-renewable fuels and Thereby preventing pollution and step to a healthier environment. The Mexico government scheduled to replace cars by air car in highly polluted area of their country.

23 References “HEAT AND THERMODYNAMIC” by Brijlal N. Subrahmanyam


25 Question ??

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