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Usability Test 2011. Successful Parts of the Website: Tasks 1, 2, and 4.

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1 Usability Test 2011

2 Successful Parts of the Website: Tasks 1, 2, and 4

3 Task 1 “View the Custom Designs page” Relatively easily found Quickly viewed.

4 Task 2 “Click to the ‘View All’ Page and browse through the jewelry.” 100% success rate! Only problems with this task came from the surveys – Participants wanted more organization options

5 Task Two Exclamation

6 Task 4 “Click to the promotions page” Task easily completed by most participants Quite a few testers looking for “Promotions” page under “Services”.



9 Why were these so successful?

10 Why these tasks were successful: Task 1 & 2: –Links located in top 2 in dropdown menus Links were logically located

11 Problems with these tasks: Nav bar doesn’t look like a drop down menu People were looking for “Promotions” link in “Services” first.


13 Tasks 3 and 5


15 Task 3 “Find the affiliates page and browse through their collections” Testers didn’t realize that the logos were clickable – No word links However, link was logically located, and people did find the affiliates page itself. Testers were about 50/50 on whether or not they were buying from Kas A or the Affiliate directly.

16 Task 5 “Click to the Synchronicity page, and browse through the collection.” 40.54% of students couldn’t even find the page. – Another 43% had immense trouble finding the page and clicking through to the collection

17 67.20

18 Easy Synchronicity Task

19 Typical Synchronicity Task

20 Synchronicity Task

21 Suggestions

22 Arrows on the nav bar More info on Custom Designs – How to start process – What does customer need for this? More organization of “View All” – Direct links – Organize by price option.

23 Suggestions Make named links to Affiliates pages – Make sure links are either underlined or a different color. Move Synchronicity link out one – Maybe have a direct link on homepage – Get rid of “Entrance” page- possibly put that at the top of the Synchronicity page

24 Questions?

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