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Young Adult Target 2013 Digital & Social Media Campaign Presentation

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1 Young Adult Target 2013 Digital & Social Media Campaign Presentation
January 24, 2013

2 Agenda Overview of the project and deliverables
Overview of the Tampico brand and marketing objectives Target insights Social media communication platform Campaign concepts

3 Project Assignment Roar Media and Macias Advertising are charged with;
Implementing a new Digital/Social Media Campaign that will drive engagement and conversational capital among core young adults. Create a messaging platform for Tampico’s social media channels that will engage our target and easily facilitate proprietary promotional efforts. Leverage key learning from 2012 and have multiple and ongoing proprietary promotional efforts across the calendar. Campaign needs to have elements that leverage it at Field Marketing Events in key markets (Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston/Dallas). Campaign to be ongoing in 2013.

4 Brand Alignment and Target Doug Kellner, Macias Advertising

5 Tampico Brand Strategy

6 Tampico Brand Strategy

7 Marketing Objectives - Young Adults
Grow Tampico’s social media community: Create more brand advocates Drive conversational capital Create a messaging and tactical platform that reflects and integrates with relevant lifestyle activities. Position Tampico as a brand that celebrates the colorful irresistible moments in life.

8 Real Creative Novel Authentic Irreverent Voyeuristic Complex
Young Adult Values Real Creative Novel Authentic Irreverent Voyeuristic Complex

9 Social Media Engagement Platform Jacques Hart, Roar Media

10 Reach = The size of the direct audience: Number of likes
Conversational exchange = Number of replies or comments per post Content amplification = The number of shares per post Sentiment = The expressed sentiment towards your post Content appreciation = The number of appreciations per post

11 Traditional Digital Campaigns

12 Social Digital Approach

13 Social Engagement Filters
As the blend master of flavor, Tampico will curate an eclectic mix of creative content that is “irresistible” to the young adult target. Tampico will shine a light on people and trends that reflect colorful and irresistible offline lifestyle. Content will focus on creative expression: new music, arts, entertainment, sports, technology, etc. Sourcing, filtering and linking to relevant digital media outlets (websites, blogs, feeds, playlists) that YA cultural influencers frequent to express themselves and stay “in the know”. Filters










23 Creative Concepts Marcos Macias, Macias Advertising

24 Blend Wall




28 Campaign Concept 1

29 Let Irresistible Flow Irresistible. For young adults, irresistible is the cherry on top, the sweet honey drop, the mountaintop. Irresistible is what blends real flavor into their lives. Irresistible vibrantly colors the world of young adult. The strongest emotions are stirred by the presence of irresistibility. Irresistible is not always seen as attainable. It can be the Holy Grail of “want.” Irresistible thus speaks to young adults passionately, and spurs strong emotions. Irresistible is capable of moving them like nothing else. So how do they reach irresistible? What does it take to turn irresistibility into reality?


31 When The Pulse Races: The Concept
To seize irresistible, you must: Act on Impulse. – I would not say this here, but let the next slide say the name of the concept. Impulse connects us to the irresistible that we would otherwise shy away from due to the weight of awesomeness irresistible carries. What does this mean? Impulse is a shot of bravery, an instant “YES”, the ability to attain the irresistible. Acting on Impulse is the purest, and truest form of reacting to irresistible.


33 Act on Impulse Rationale

34 Act On Impulse: Time For Action
“Act on Impulse” will empower fans to easily take action and reach what’s irresistible through our social channels. Through a series of impulsive giveaways featuring irresistible promotions, we will position Tampico as the place for acting on a blend of colorful impulsive opportunities. Tampico will come to own the area of impulse on social media. It will become known as the place to come to connect with irresistible. First step is to content seed. This is dangling- need to remove.





39 Act On Impulse: Social Media Promotions
Conduct ongoing mini-promotions across the calendar. Promotions will play off the concept of impulsive response, to win you have to act on impulse and submit the requested content. Through a series of impulsive giveaways featuring irresistible promotions, we will position Tampico as the place for acting on a blend of colorful impulsive opportunities. Tampico will come to own the area of impulse on social media. It will become known as the place to come to connect with irresistible. Slide 33 and 39 are almost identical



42 Promotional Graphics for Social Media
Promotional Graphics for Social Media. Change to: Social Media Style Guide and Content Swatches


44 Field Marketing Elements

45 Instagram Hashtag: #ActOnImpulse

46 Act on Impulse - Activation / Field Marketing
Bring the online impulsive promotions down to the one to one consumer level at select large scale events. Utilize the iPads and a selection of premiums to drive consumers to Act on Impulse and drive brand engagement. Some rebranding of elements required; iPad stands, additional signage and handout collateral, Consumer Process Step up to the iPad Hit the “Act on Impulse” button when prompted Follow the instructions and engage in the impulsive activity (iPad programmed with a sufficient quantity of random activities) Brand Ambassadors reward the impulsive action with a small (but fun) giveaway.












58 Act on Impulse - Key Benefits
Embraces being present and enjoying the colorful and irresistible moments of life. It is a free will opportunity that casts no judgment. We will be talking about this on social media and so inherently support these technologies- what does this mean? The concept is a big idea with strong PR legs and talk value. Content goldmine.

59 Campaign Concept 2

60 Nomophobia The fear of being out of contact with someone via mobile phone 84% of people don’t think they could last a day without their phone - Time Poll Social lives revolve around online technologies. More of life is “happening” in the digital universe. Short bursts of communication, multiple conversations at once, constantly updating your online life with what’s happening in your offline world. But really how engaged are you with your offline life, if your online one is constantly pulling you in? This YA generation may be losing something in the process, the gift of living presently in the offline world.


62 Be More Present With Friends And Family

63 Refocus on Irresistible
There’s been a shift in how, and who, young people are, socially. And still, what is irresistible about a moment exists in that moment. Attention no longer belongs solely to one thing, moment, person or place. They constantly have their feet, and mind, in multiple doors. Picture, text, call, chat. Snap, pose, record, share. People can learn more about the person they are talking to by checking their status updates then by talking to them. Which we love. And has lead us to an irresistible counter offer.

64 Stay Social There is a movement afoot, a positive force that simply states that we should stay social, online and off. Let’s add something colorful to that movement. Every so often, let’s catch our breath, unplug and be where we are. Focus on the irresistible moments in front of us. Let’s blend how we define “social,” and mix up the everyday every once in awhile. Invite before. Experience during. Share after. Stay social. Resocialize.



67 The Resocializing Project
The best experiences in life are irresistible. So let’s deliver them. And do it in a way that lets the experience be the star, and frees young adults to fully live in the moment. We’ll deliver the experience and free young adults to fully interact with it without interacting outside of it. -You lost me. Recommend deleting this slide.

68 How it Works The Tampico Resocializing Project will appear at a mix of the most colorful events relevant to our young adult audience (concerts, shows, festivals etc.). The Project will leverage the Tampico vans outfitting them with built-in branded cellphone lockers, a red carpet and a velvet rope to make it exclusive and official. The Project will occur alongside these venues with an ambassador team inclusive of 2 bodyguards and 2 hostesses/phone check girls. Participants can locate The Project primarily through our social media channels, which will seed the event and build anticipation for a period of time leading up to it, as well as through localized flyers. To claim the giveaways, participants will have to be one of the first X (20, 100 people, etc.) in the line. All participants in line will receive a branded giveaway. When a participant enters the activation area, the Tampico ambassador will take a picture of the participant holding one of the Resocializing “Enjoying the Moment” signs. The participant, as a condition of the giveaway, will be asked to immediately post it on their Facebook page, One of the many advantages of this is that their friends will know they are participating in a unique event.

69 How it Works Once the participant’s picture is posted, the brand ambassador will place their phone in a clear plastic Tampico-branded sleeve for protection and secure it in a locker. The locker will always be in sight of the participant for security. The participant will then be given a wristband with his/her locker number on it and a recovery phone number in case the participant forgets to retrieve his/her phone. The participant is then given a disposable camera and is sent off to enjoy the event. When the participant returns, he/she is asked to return the camera and share with us their unplugged experience as we record the content on video. The participant is then given his phone back with the branded sleeve, a T-shirt and a refreshing Tampico. All images and video content will be uploaded to the Tampico page, ensuring visits and engagement from the participants, as well as a conversation about the Resocializing Project. All participants will be encouraged to visit the site routinely to catch the next stop of the Resocializing Van.


















87 The Resocialization Project - Key Benefits
Concept is a big, first-of-its-kind idea that leverages current societal trends Concept has strong PR value Concept generates unique, first run content Concept creates unique memorable moments and experiences Concept positions Tampico as an creative innovator among YA’s

88 Work Plan

89 Project Timeframes

90 Next Steps Review and approve campaign concept.
Agency to develop campaign budget and production estimates. Agency to develop concrete work plan to specify timing and logistics. Schedule and coordinate assets with Field Marketing initiatives. Begin content curation.

91 That’s all folks - Gracias!

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