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Rite Lite 2 ™ Tri-Spectra LED Shade Matching Light

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1 Rite Lite 2 ™ Tri-Spectra LED Shade Matching Light
AdDent, 43 Miry Brook Rd., Danbury, Ct

2 PRODUCT DETAILS → Three modes of light for shade taking to simulate varying lighting conditions found in indoor and outdoor environments. 1. Color-corrected light (daylight) 5500◦K 2. Incandescent (Room Light) 3200◦K 3. Ambient Light, a combination of room light and daylight 3900◦K → Easily toggle between the 3 modes of 12 LED’s.

3 STRATEGY ● Shade taking inefficiencies affect both the ceramist and the dentist in time, and profit. ● The laboratory technician is often cited for not sending back a perfect shade match. ● When the Doctor and laboratory have the Rite Lite 2, they can immediately verify the shade by using the various color temperatures simulating both indoor and outdoor environments. ● The laboratories will explain the procedure to their clients, and either buy the dentist a Rite Lite 2, or highly recommend that the dentist have one in his office.

4 SHADE TAKING FACTS 60% of remakes are blamed on poor color match
It takes 5 new crown cases to cover the cost of one remake Improper color selection causes great frustration for the doctor, the laboratory and the patient, losing time and money for the dentist and laboratory. RITE LITE 2 IS A MONEY SAVER – NOT AN EXPENSE

FEATURES BENEFITS 5500◦K, 3200◦K, 3900◦K Low Cost Neutralizing color tabs included Battery operated Simulates 3 lighting conditions between multiple locations Voltage Regulator Low battery indicator Choice of 3 simulated lighting conditions: daylight, incandescent and ambient light Pays for itself with the price of one remake Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity 2 – AA batteries are readily available Provides consistent lighting conditions between dental office and dental laboratory for shade analysis Maintains constant output Light will blink when batteries are low

6 Rite Lite 2 Shade Matching Unit

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