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2 1 Planning Integrated Communications John Griffiths June 11 th

3 2 Ground I am going to cover Why advertising planning needs translating when applied elsewhere Applying account planning to different disciplines Integrated communications: integrating what exactly? Where in the process integration happens Defining a model playing field for planners

4 3 Ad planning – Pride and Prejudice Its the creative work stupid! Strategy means how you structure the message Its all about developing the brand The brand personality is fixed You are trying to changing awareness and attitudes There are two kinds of mass audience: those who buy the product and those who dont Measurement is difficult

5 4 The Issues Affecting Planning Beyond Advertising…. Each discipline makes its money differently Adding value in each discipline is different Need to do this before we can resolve: How integration makes its money How to add value to integration

6 5 How Each Discipline Makes Its Money - IT VARIES Advertising Media commission Fees related to media spend Biggest accounts DisciplineMaking moneyMaking profit Direct Marketing Construction and operation of bespoke medium: account handling/targeting Complex accounts Sales Promotion Construction and operation of bespoke mechanic: account handling Complex Mechanics (any size) Sponsorship Fee proportionate to size of sponsorship Biggest Accounts Complex accounts Construction and operation of bespoke medium: account handling/targeting Web based

7 6 How Each Discipline Adds Value - IT VARIES Advertising Effective creative work that creates mass awareness/involvement Discipline Adding value Direct Marketing Effectiveness of targeting and ability to solicit response and conversion Sales Promotion Effectiveness of mechanic and appeal to the trade and the client Sponsorship Leveraging higher awareness at lower cost than advertising Reducing interaction costs OR Leveraging higher Involvement Web based

8 7 Putting Integrated campaigns together

9 8 Why Integration Is a Great Idea It is cheaper for a client to use one agency than lots of different ones Client only has to brief once Less miscommunication with a single briefing Strategic thinking in the round An integrated agency recommends the best route not the discipline they are most accustomed to/make most money from/become most famous for Campaign idea more powerful because of synergy across all the disciplines Agency more accountable for results

10 9 Why Integration Is a Terrible Idea Sloppy briefing: client devolves marketing into the agency Agency has less money to play with and cuts corners: never the same people resources as with individual agencies Integrated team of generalists perform less well than specialists Integrated agencies are just as NIH-ish as other agencies when they have to share a brief Creative idea stretched so far that it becomes an issue of corporate identity rather than a strong creative idea universally strong in every channel Accountability never happens it just becomes too complicated to evaluate the interplay between the different elements of the campaign

11 10 How Integration Makes Money By blending the elements together usually using the most profitable disciplines to subsidise the most visible! EVERY agency wants ad accounts even if they never make money on them!

12 11 Where Integration Adds Value Strategy Development I mplementation The first major issue with integration is what are we integrating? Thats why whenever integration is talked about we have to get people to define what they mean by the word They will always claim that they integrate EVERYTHING and that no one else does it like them! In reality you will find that integration happens at one of the following stages; NEVER at all of them largely because no one has the time or the money to follow and police the integrated product all the way through the process

13 12 How Were You Going to Make Money? Strategy Development I mplementation Integrating at the Strategy Stage Brilliant for winning business without pitching –client pays to induct you! Perfect for locking very senior clients in Lots of fee income – for planners Integrating at Development Stage Often a bundling of services – savings handed back to the client Excellent for getting more business out of existing clients Integrating at Implementation Stage Agency focuses on increasing perceived value by customers Profit share in incremental income

14 13 The 3 Rules for the Integrated Planner Know where your pay packet is coming from…. Play to the strengths of the particular discipline and always add value Run the length of the field: strategy, development and implementation: planning the most integrative function in an integrated team

15 14 Introducing a model playing field for the integrated planner

16 15 The Integrated Planning Model 1. The brand as promise 3. The brand as experienced directly by the consumer 2. The brand as medium

17 16 How the Elements Have Been Used in Isolation Brand led business Service led business Media led business E.g. Heinz Eg The Economist Eg J Sainsbury

18 17 Where the Disciplines Add Value Advertising Sales Promotion Point of sale Interactive Comms Event marketing Direct marketing Database marketing CRM PR Sponsorship

19 18 The Planning skillset Required for Each Psychologist Private Investigator Accountant

20 19 A new way of organising Core Brand Promise team (Advertising led) Line members of team function first as specialists Then as generalists to agree strongest blend of elements Core Brand Medium team (Database/Media people) Planner as team integrator

21 20 A new way of organising Core Brand Promise team (Advertising led) Line members of team function first as specialists Then as generalists to agree strongest blend of elements Core Brand Medium team (Database/Media people) Planner as team integrator

22 21 Appendix of Case Studies

23 22 Evaluating Integrated campaigns: Business Link network Tyneside regional integrated advertising and PR test before national roll out – control area set in Midlands – not integrated Multiple evaluation sources Regional boost for quarterly tracking study used Carma to track key message themes in national and regional press Traffic spreadsheets from Business Links daily inbound telephone traffic and meetings with business advisers Showed Differences Vs pre campaign benchmark in traffic volume and in SIC profiles Vs control area in nature of press coverage

24 23 Integrated development process: Accord launch 1998 Entire launch campaign developed at CDP: TV, fleet, customer retention, dealership promotions, POS, and website. Even designed the PowerPoint presenter for the fleet sales teams and briefed inbound telesales staff on campaign themes Used brand team/targeting teams to maintain consistency of tone of voice and targeting Core creative idea developed by advertising creatives – disciplines worked autonomously to implement the idea Copy tailored to company car drivers of particular models because we knew what they were driving and why they had originally bought Placed cassette in existing Hondas when serviced at dealerships extolling merits of new model – ultimately reached more Honda owners than by using the database and conventional DM!

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