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Planning the Promotion Advertising and Sales Promotion 1 Public Relations and Personal Selling.

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1 Planning the Promotion Advertising and Sales Promotion 1 Public Relations and Personal Selling

2 Chapter Objectives Define event marketing. Explain promotion and the promotional mix in sports marketing. Identify the roles of advertising and sales promotion in sports marketing. Describe the use of technology in promotion. Identify the roles of public relations and personal selling in sports marketing. Explain the types and steps of selling. 2

3 Event Marketing event marketing Developing an effective promotional mix and corresponding budget requires an understanding of event marketing and types of promotions. event marketing 3

4 Event Marketing Sanctioned league events are presented by sports franchises. - Internationally, various organizations govern worldwide sports. - Promotions function in sports to generate sales, attract a targeted audience, and create a positive image. 4

5 Promotional Mix promotional mix The different forms of promotion can be combined into a companys promotional mix. promotional mix 5

6 Promotion in Sports Marketing The functions of promotion in sports marketing are: 6 Generate sales Attract a targeted audience Help create a positive image

7 Promotional Budget The three ways to determine a promotional budget are: 7 Percentage of sales Competitive parity Objective-and-task method

8 The Role of Advertising advertising Since a company pays for advertising, it has control over the message it wants to deliver. 8 advertising Two types of advertising are: Promotional advertising Institutional advertising promotional advertising institutional advertising

9 The Role of Advertising The four types of advertising media are: 9 Print - Broadcast - Direct marketing - Online advertising -

10 Types of Media: Print 10 Newspapers Magazines Direct Mail Outdoor Advertising Station Posters Stadium Signage

11 Sales Promotion sales promotions Types of sales promotions include: 11 sales promotion Coupons Rebates Samples Premiums Contests Sweepstakes

12 Advertising and Promotional Advantage ___________, ______, and _______ ________ have the ability to target their ________ and fans with a great variety of medial and _____________ tools. 12

13 What is the difference between promotional and institutional advertising? What are the major types of advertising media? List the different forms of sales promotions

14 Public Relations Publicity public relations department Publicity gives a company an image that must be handled by a companys public relations department. 14 publicity public relations

15 Public Relations press releases To alert the media in hopes of getting media coverage, companies, teams, and individuals prepare press kits and press releases. 15 press releases

16 Personal Selling Personal selling Personal selling is important as part of the promotional mix because it allows for two-way communication between the buyer and seller. 16 personal selling

17 Personal Selling There are two types of selling ______ ______ and ______ ________. 17 There are two ways to prepare for the sales process ___________ and pre-__________ strategies

18 Personal Selling The seven steps of professional selling are: 18 1.Approach. 2.Determine needs. 3.Present the product. 4.Overcome objections. 5.Close the sale. 6.Perform suggestion selling. 7.Follow up.

19 Power of the Promotional Mix The right combination of all the elements of the promotional mix works to create synergy. 19 Advertising Sales promotion _____________ Personal selling Attract customers and fans ______________ Positive image

20 Define event marketing. 20 Identify the elements in the promotional mix. All activities associated with the sale, distribution, and promotion of a sports event. 1.The promotional mix is any combination of advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling. 2. Explain a budget in sports marketing. The promotional budget can be a determining factor in deciding the promotional mix. It can be determined in three ways: percentage of sales, competitive parity, objective- and-task method. 3. Checking Concepts Identify the roles of advertising and sales promotions continued 4.

21 Define public relations and personal selling. 21 Differentiate between contests and sweepstakes. Public relations are activities that promote the image and communications a company has with its employees, customers, investors, and public. Personal selling is direct communication by a salesperson to potential customers either in person or by telephone. 5. List the steps in the selling process. In a contest, the entrant must perform a task; in a sweepstakes, participants need only sign up. 6. Checking Concepts continued

22 8. 8.Explain the role that the various media play in public relations. 22 Critical Thinking Checking Concepts

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