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September 5, 2012. Disclaimer These remarks may contain forward-looking statements relating to the Companys operations or to its business environment.

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1 September 5, 2012

2 Disclaimer These remarks may contain forward-looking statements relating to the Companys operations or to its business environment. Such statements are based on the Companys operations, estimates, forecasts and projections, but are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict or control. A number of factors could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially from those expressed. These factors include those set forth in the corporate filings. Although any such forward-looking statements are based upon what management believes to be reasonable assumptions, the Company cannot guarantee that actual results will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. In addition, the Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, for any reason. We also do not commit in any way to guarantee that we will continue reporting on items or issues that arise. STK – TSX.V 2

3 Capital Structure STK – TSX.V 3 Symbol/Exchange:STK/TSX Venture Shares Outstanding*:111,719,740 Fully Diluted:149,777,509 Share Price*:$0.075 Market Capitalization:$8.4 million 52 Week High/Low:$0.17/$0.055 Management & Board Ownership:12% * As of September 5, 2012

4 Highlights Strike has the potential to be the key player in an emerging gold camp near Wawa, Ontario The Edwards Property is a past producer with significant gold mineralized zones The Hemlo West Project provides significant gold exploration potential The Company has arranged a $3.5 non dilutive million financing to enable underground development and commence production The Company is now seeking a minimum of $3.0 million to provide the initial production capital: Plans for the balance of 2012 include: – Continuing the dewatering of the Edwards Mine – Continuing underground exploration on the 60m, 90m &120m levels – Commencing production on the Edwards #1 and #5 veins – Follow up of known mineralization at Harkness-Hays – Prioritize mineral zones at Hemlo West for drilling and exploration. STK – TSX.V 4

5 Michael Newbury, B.Sc. M.Sc. P.Eng., CEO, Director - 40 years experience as a banker, engineer, and project finance specialist. Board member of Roscan Minerals and Ring of Fire Resources, Director, President and CEO of Greenock Resources. Kerry Smith, P.Eng., MBA. President: 30 years experience in mining operations, equity analysis and financing, operation and acquisition analysis. Bruce Staines, B.Sc., P. Eng., Vice President – Edwards Mine Project, 40 years of underground gold mining experience. Denis Crane, B.Sc., P. Eng., Chairman - President County Heritage Forest Prod. Ltd., Michael S. Harrington, Director - Experienced in advising mining companies on financing. Vice-Chairman of the board of KWG Resources since 1998. Colorado, USA. Bruce Edgar, H. B.Sc., P. Geo, Director - Extensive experience in gold exploration in the Goudreau-Lochalsh belt Ian McColl, P.Eng, Director – Extensive experience in operations and management, project management and engineering for the minerals and other resource industries worldwide Independent business person. Scott Jobin-Bevans, Ph.D., P. Geo., Director - Founding Partner and Director, Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc. (CCIC) and President and Director of Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. Wendy Kimmel, BES, Secretary & Director - Independent business person. President of Mansell Properties Ltd. Management & Board STK – TSX.V 5


7 Edwards Property River Gold Mines Ltd. : Production 1996 - 2001 Produced 144,000+ oz Au from underground mining operations on three zones with an average mined grade of 0.35 oz/ ton gold Ceased mining in 2001 due to low gold price Lower zones within the Carbonate and Porphyry veins were developed but not mined. Strike subsequently completed 41,000+ ft of diamond drilling delineating: New North zones (I & II) Plowman zones (1,2,3) Rusty Weathered zone Property permitted for mining, including limited surface facilities and a ramp for access to underground STK – TSX.V 7

8 Edwards Property SURFACE DRILLING 8

9 ZONEOz / Ton AuLength (ft) Plowman 30.90 0.98 2.3 1.0 Plowman 10.84 0.81 11.0 1.0 New North 11.12 2.17 0.46 2.0 1.0 4.0 New North 22.68 3.32 0.48 5.90 7.0 4.0 1.0 Hole 88 - 111.313.0 Edwards Property Selected Drill Intercepts : SURFACE DRILL INTERCEPTS 9

10 UNDERGROUND MINERALIZATION Back Sampling Results from zones previously prepared for mining Edwards Property These are located on 280m level when mining ceased due to a low gold price ~$300/oz Subsequent drilling indicates that mineralization continues to greater depths Porphyry ZoneCarbonate Zone Oz/Ton Au0.2930.506 Width (ft)4.95.0 Length (ft)196.0262.4 STK – TSX.V 10

11 HISTORICAL UNDERGROUND DEVELOPMENT Edwards Property HISTORICAL MINING 11 Ramp Porphyry Zone Carbonate Zone Shayne Zone

12 UNDERGROUND PROJECTION OF NEW ZONES Edwards Property STK – TSX.V 12 Historical Mining Zone New North l & 2 Zones Plowman 1, 2 & 3 Zones

13 Edwards Property GEOLOGIC MODEL 13 The development plan for the Edwards is the underground exploration of the new gold mineralized zones to achieve the near-term objective to commence production in 2012. The gold mineralization occurs in a quartz vein system and is similar to other gold quartz vein type deposits in northern Ontario and Quebec. Gold mineralization in these types of deposits has a nugget effect that can result in very high assays immediately adjacent to portions of the vein having no significant values. The drilling at Edwards has a similar result in that some intersections have significant gold mineralization and some do not. Historical underground production indicates that the average grade for the mineralized zones is approximately 0.3 oz/ton of gold. To obtain a more reliable estimate of the production potential of the new gold zones drifting along two of the new zones has commenced on the 60m level. This will allow underground bulk sampling to complete a full assessment on the production potential.

14 60m Development Plan STK – TSX.V 14 Edwards #1 #5 #3 Rusty Weathered Zone Plowman #1 60M Level Plan

15 90m Development Plan STK- TSX.V 15 90M Level Plan Edwards #1, #2, #3 Rusty Weathered Zone Plowman #1 2012 Planned Drifting Historical Driftl

16 Edwards Property The company has dewatered the old workings to below 140m; 60m Level: – Drifting of 57.3m along Edwards #1; Has exposed a 23.3m long section that averages 25.45 g/t over a 1.5m mining width. – Drifting of 60.4m along Edwards #5; Has exposed a 24.0m long section that averages 15.14 g/t over a 1.5m mining width. Cross Cut Advance: – Approximately 87.5m on the 60m level and 30.7m on the 90m level. Rusty Weathered Zone has been intercepted on the 60m level. Surface stockpile: – High grade – 1100 tonnes grading 13 g/t – Low grade – 1800 tonnes grading 2 gpt STK – TSX.V 16

17 17 Edwards Vein #1 23.3 m length averaging 25.45 gpt over 1.5 m mining width

18 Edwards Vein #5 18 24.0 m length averaging 15.14 gpt over 1.5 m mining width

19 ZonesTonsOzGrade (ounces / ton) New North 1 58,12118,6980.322 New North 2 38,46241,8271.087 Plowman 1 46,7199,7250.208 Plowman 2 67,9767,2650.107 Plowman 3 30,8205,5420.179 Sub Total: 242,09883,0570.343 Additional Inventory New North 1 81,46326,2310.322 New North 2Not yet completed. Plowman 1 171,89626,2410.15 Plowman 2 95,97317,1790.179 Sub Total: 349,33369,6510.199 Total: 591,432152,7030.258 Previous Mining Zones 47,00019,5600.42 GRAND TOTAL 638,432172,2630.28 Edwards Property Inferred Resource Inventory (Non – 43-101) Potential Resources

20 Other Drilling: 2010 drilling: A sulphide-rich quartz vein was encountered at vertical depth of 220 feet with Visible Gold returning a grade of 21.86 g/ton Au over 0.91 metres (0.641 oz/ton over 3.0) and stringers within a Felsic Intrusive vertical depth of 260 feet returned a grade of 6.56 g/ton Au over 1.52 metres (0.191 oz/ton over 5.0) This intercept indicates the continuity of an east-west trending shear/alteration zone with gold mineralization over some 2,500 feet from the Edwards property through the Cline property and on to the Pele Mountain gold property Hole 88-11 on the Edwards Mine property has intersected a siliceous section with quartz veining that assayed 40.0 g/ton over 0.66 metres (1.326 oz/ton over 2.0 feet) in a zone located near the North boundary of the claims. Additional follow up is required. Edwards Property 20 Edwards Mine Cline Property 2010 Drilling EXPLORATION Hole 88-11

21 Adjacent Properties in Goudreau Gold Belt COMPANYSTATUSPRODUCTION RESULTSRESOURCESG / T Prodigy Gold Magino DevelopmentFeasibility Study: Capital cost $242 million Op cost $521/oz Indicated: Inferred: 20.2 m tonnes @ 1.92 5.8 m tonnes @ 1.77 Island GoldProducer260,000/yr produce 52,000 oz (Cost $790.00/oz) Proven/Prob: M/I Inferred: 818,000 t @ 6.13 800,000 t @ 7.36 600,000 t @ 7.14 Westdome Eagle River Producer200,000 t/y produce 53,000 oz (cost $1,000/oz) Proven/Prob Ind/Inf 345,000 t @ 15.00 410,000 t @ 6.80 Pele Mountain10,000 bulk sample produced 1,702 oz. *Recently proposed production of 12,000 tonnes @ 6.6 g/t n/a 21 STK – TSX.V

22 A large property near Schreiber Ontario - approximately 35 km² regular claims and patented mining claims providing a strategic land position with excellent exploration potential Strike is acquiring a 100% interest in the property subject to some NSR royalties from previous property holders Historical production from four past producing gold mines (North Shore, Morely Mine, Harkness Hayes, Golden Range) – Three diamond drill holes have recently been completed on the Harkness Hayes with assays pending on hole #3 Recent exploration has identified in excess of 25 areas of surface high grade gold bearing zones that require detailed exploration The southern zone contains an extension of the Afric gold zone that Noranda Inc., in 1990, calculated a non-NI43-101 compliant, near surface geological resource 2.0 million tonnes grading 2.20 g/t gold (140,000 ounces) based on the completion of 20 drill holes 22 Hemlo West Project STK – TSX.V

23 23 STK – TSX.V Hemlo West Project STRIKE CLAIMS

24 In the 1990s both Noranda and Cyprus Canada conducted significant drilling on the Afric zone that extends onto the property. –This drilling on adjacent property delineates a near-surface historical resource of 2.0 million tonnes at 2.2 g/ton –More recently Balmoral and GTA intersected 149.50 metres grading 1.20 g/t gold (capped) on Northshore property, majority of holes collar and end in mineralized zone; Caly-Caly north vein system returns 12.49 g/t gold over 33.20 metres, including 760.15 g/t gold over 0.40 metres; high- grade Audney vein returns 13.23 g/t gold over 6.50 metres. –The western extension of the Afric zone carries onto the Strike claims. Hemlo West Project 24 STK – TSX.V

25 25 Hemlo West Afric Zone Strike Property Afric Zone Extension STK – TSX.V

26 26 Strike Property GTA /Balmoral Current GTA Drilling Location Afric Zone Hemlo West Afric Zone

27 Located 48 km west of the Hemlo Gold Camp, gold was discovered and mined by Harkness-Hayes 1920 to 1940. Underground development included 1,730 ft drifting in 8 adits on high-grade gold bearing veins; There are other zones of gold mineralization that were exploited during that period; Morley, Gold Range, Longworth and Gale. Historical channel samples from Harkness-Hayes property have yielded significant values on veins 2 and 3. Historical channel sampling of Vein 3 values ranged from 1,396.7 g/t over a width of 25.4 cm to 2.63 g/t over a width of 25.4 cm. at 5 foot intervals over a 250 foot length. Vein 3 exposed near surface for approximately 125 metres available for bulk sampling. A diamond drill campaign has commenced, designed to test strike length, depth and continuity of the previously mined mineralized structures. (Note: These values are historical and are not compliant with NI 43-101) Hemlo West Project 27 STK – TSX.V

28 28 Hemlo West Project Historic Vein Sampling – Harkness Hays Deposit Hemlo West Project STK – TSX.V

29 Edwards The current goal is to have the Edwards in initial production by Q3/Q4 2012 based on the following milestones : –Continue dewatering currently at 140m level –Drifting on the 60m level and the 90 metre level to crosscut the New North 1 & 2, Edwards #1, #2, #3, and Rusty Weathered zones –Conduct initial mining on the Edwards #1 and #5 zones and prepare production –Negotiate a custom milling contract with a nearby producing Gold project –Conduct underground exploration at deeper levels to expand the mineralized zones Hemlo West –Commence surface exploration and sampling to locate and evaluate the known gold occurrences located on the property. –Commence drilling to evaluate the extension of the Afric zone. APPENDIX 29 Strategic Plan and Objectives

30 Edwards Development Plan 30 Proposed Timeline and Budget for the Edwards Mine Development 20122013 AugSeptOctNovDecJanFebMarAprilMayJuneJuly Dewatering to 150m Production Mining 60m Level Exploration 60m Level Production Mining 90m Level Exploration 90m Level Dewatering to 300m Underground Development Exploration on 120m Level Schreiber Exploration The exact time line and sequence of activity depend on factors outside the companys control. These include: weather; equipment availability; financing; personnel; etc.

31 Summary Strike Minerals is a mining exploration and development company focused on the development of precious metal properties in Northern Ontario The flagship Edwards Property a formerly producing mine with new mineral resource targets. Permits and infrastructure are in place and low capex development has started to achieve production in 2012: Historically produced 144,000 oz of gold by River Gold (96-01) at an average grade 0.35 oz/ton Au from Carbonate and Porphyry zones Subsequently Strike completed 41,000+ ft. of drilling that identified 5 new parallel and sub-parallel gold mineral zones in addition to those previously mined Dewatering the Edwards Mine is below the 140m level and the property permitted for mining, Strike commenced in early 2012 an underground mining plan on the 60m and 90m levels to delineate and expand current gold mineralized zones Strike expects to recommence mining Edwards by the end of 2012 Richmonts Island Gold mill is located 10km to the West The Company has arranged a $3.5 million Gold Stream Debt financing with Waterton Global Strike has highly prospective Hemlo West properties near Schreiber surrounding the GTA ground Strikes management and board have the experience needed to develop the project and deliver value to shareholders. STK – TSX.V 31

32 Contact Information MICHAEL NEWBURY, KERRY D. SMITH T: 416-603-7200 STK – TSX.V 80 RICHMOND STREET WEST, SUITE 1101 TORONTO, ON M5H 2A4 T: 416-603-7200 F: 416-603-9200 E: INFO@STRIKEMINERALS.COM 32

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