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1 HUNGARY Kiskunhalas




5 K i s k u n h a l a s  Kiskunhalas is a 600-year-old agricultural town with 30.000 inhabitants. It bears the honourable address of the Town of Wine and Grapes.  The hand stitched Halas Lace is world famous, and it’s trade-mark is the three fish crossed to form a triangle, which is the symbol of our town. The thermal bath and the region’s only one well- preserved, still ready-to-operate windmill also attract a lot of visitors.

6 The Lace  The Hungarian hand-stiched lace was created by Árpád Dékáni ( 1861 – 1931 ) art teacher;  The inventor of the new technology was the underwear maker Mária Markovits ( 1875 – 1954 );

7 1900. World Exhibition gold medal, 1903. Handcraft6s Association Grand Prix, 1904. Handcrafts Awards, 1905. Awards at thr Exhibition of Venice, 1906. Grand Prix of the International Exhibition in Milan, 1909. London Exhibition, 1910. Paris Exhibition... Halas Lace was given to: Habsburg IV. Károly and Queen Zita, Horty Miklós Governor, Julianna Queen of Holland, The Pope, Princess Diana …

8 Bács-Kiskun Megyei Önkormányzat Vári Szabó István Szakközépiskolája, Szakiskolája és Kollégiuma Kiskunhalas Kazinczy u. 5.

9 The operator of the Vári Szabó István Szakképző Iskola has been the Bács-Kiskun Megyei Önkormányzat since 1st August 2000. The school is situated in Kiskunhalas, which is 60 km far from Kecskemét, the capital city of the county, and 130 km from Budapest. It is in the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, between the Danube and the Tisza.

10 Training types of the school - General education years 9-10417 students - Vocational secondary education years 9-12552 students - Vocational trainingbased on years 8., 10., 12.903 students - Adult training 112 students - Dormitory 260 students

11 Adult training Adult training aims partially at gaining vocational qualification, partially at GCSE. Adults follow corresponding training which for them means going to school two days a week. Adult training aims partially at gaining vocational qualification, partially at GCSE. Adults follow corresponding training which for them means going to school two days a week.

12 Dormitory Our school also has a 260- bed dormitory where we can provide our students from the neighbouring towns with refind accommodation.





17 Our Innovations Inner developments  Social join up program  Teachers’ evaluation system  School honour system  Carrier following system  Training developments  college,  higher degree vocational education,  education based on reporting,  horseman training,  adult training,  9-10th year training

18 O ur I nnovations External programmes  Phare and Worldbank program  Vocational Development Programme  Applications

19 Wideapread relations

20 Partner relations  Organisations  Organisations providing the place for practice  Aiding  Aiding organisations sponsors, contribution payers  Other  Other partners health area social area cultural area mass media trade providers partner institutions

21 Measurement of partner satisfaction 1. Eficiency of the school leadership 2. Content of the rules of the house 3. Equipments general condition of the school 4. Supply of the tools, technical level 5. Furnishing 6. Division of the classrooms, providing the most appropiate places for the lessons 7. Cleanness of the school 7. Cleanness of the school 8. Safety of the school environment 8. Safety of the school environment 9. Providing coursebooks 9. Providing coursebooks 10. Opportunity of using the library 11. Development of objectives, conditions

22 News DocumentsContactsForumEvents

23 web: vari.szk @ digikabel. hu vari.szi @

24 Thank you for attention!


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