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MSC Cruises – Costa Concordia report. Murphys law.

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1 MSC Cruises – Costa Concordia report

2 Murphys law

3 The information curve Information travelled fast across the web since the very beginning. Both news diffusion and news search were concentrated around three definition: Costa Concordia, Concordia, Giglio.

4 The information curve Costa Concordia and Concordia were mostly adopted by international commenters as made it clear by the streamgraph

5 The information curve Giglio was a local hashtag

6 Point of origin The first news came from a local newspaper, La Nazione Grosseto edition, then social media took over mass media spreading the news like a wildfire.

7 Company reaction Companys reaction was dealt through the website, the blog, FB page and Twitter account

8 Company reaction Companys reaction was dealt through the website, the blog, FB page and Twitter account

9 Company reaction Costa closed for a while the YouTube account where video about similar situation have been previously posted.

10 Company reaction – key learning Positive 1.apparently company were in control 2.every channel was covered with the statement harsh reaction even to the most offensive comment Negative 1.the first statement shows that the company had not detailed information 2.wrong or misleading information came from the ship 3.same tone was used in different channels 4.apparently the phone number was a toll number while it should have been toll free Key learning avoid to share information that may cause trouble later (eg: rescue operation was immediate), instead remain focus on more neutral info (eg: we are concentrated on rescue operation) create message for different public (press, Fb fans, Twitter commenters are not the same audience)

11 Company Facebook page Company posted several articles on its Facebook page. Since the very beginning, they tried to appear in control and emphatic. Anyway, the result is in someway aligned to the detail of the information and, day after day, the number of comments takes over the number of likes and arises the negativity of the sentiment. From its an accident, it may happen to they cant turn all the responsabilities over the Captain, they put him in control

12 Company Facebook page Jan 14

13 Company Facebook page Jan 17

14 Company Facebook page Key commenters

15 The follow up Mentions on web channels skyrocketed immediately and are still high due the news flow

16 The follow up Twitter, as it always happens for breaking news, is the winning medium

17 Follow up Twitter also works as touch point for foreigner passengers

18 Follow up And it is adopted by marketing people to comment the latest news, sometimes in a very cynical way

19 The follow up – key learning Positive 1.most of the comments were concentrated in Twitter and in Facebook Costa page Negative diffusion is faster than ever 2.even without a mass media coverage, information goes around Key learning to cope with the harsh reality better have a crisis set ready real time control of what goes around to check if it matches with reality and, eventually, amend it Twitter is THE mainstream channel to control

20 Twitter to follow Perhaps the most active commenters, followed live the Costa situation.

21 Twitter to follow



24 Overall – key learning Key learning Too low price could be seen as sign of low quality service or, worst, poor safety level Facebook page control is less urgent than Twitter control: people commenting on Facebook are fans, on Twitter comments are open to everybody Identify the most aggressive commenters to control if they are fakes or they spread false or misleading information and eventually point out and amend these comments

25 Costa Concordia 14.215 mentions Costa Concordia 2.937 mentions Costa Allegra 4.232 mentions Costra Concordia: red line - Costa Allegra: green line - Costa Crociere: blue line

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