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1 1 Social Media 2.0: Managing Social Media Effectively Alice Gaston Program Assistant, WAP

2 2 What is Social Media? Social Media Assessment and Messaging Facebook How to make the most of your Facebook page Marketing your Facebook page Twitter Tools to simplify Twitter Using your Twitter feed outside of Twitter YouTube New ways to create and edit videos Complementary sites for social media Summary Overview

3 3 What is Social Media? Broadly defined, social media are internet-based media outlets which allow for peer-to-peer interactions. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the millions of blogs are all examples of social media. WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!

4 4 Social Media Assessment What is/are your organization’s key goal(s) for using social media? What are your organization’s key strengths and resources that will influence its social media effort? What is/are your key message(s)? How comfortable are you with the ‘social aspect’ of social media? Who are your key audiences for social media?

5 5 Messaging Framing Craft tweets, posts, and videos for your target audience using values and words that will resonate with them Keywords Internet searches rely heavily on keywords, use those words that will maximize search results Personal Touch Social media is informal, don’t be afraid to use a more informal tone and personal updates from staff Health & Safety The health and safety of WAP workers and clients should always be paramount in all posts, tweets, pictures, and videos

6 6 Facebook Some new features for Facebook Pages: 1.Ask Your Facebook Fans Questions How has WAP had an impact on your life? With a free form text box, users can leave comments about their own personal experiences. With set responses I work in an agency that helps families live in safer, healthier, more energy efficient homes. I have received services and now save money every month I was trained through WAP and now work as a WAP worker I work at a company supported and sustained by the WAP

7 7 Facebook Some new features for Facebook Pages: 2.Facebook Insights

8 8 Facebook How to market your Facebook Page: Add a Facebook widget to your email signature Add a Like Button to your website Add a Like Box to your websiteLike Box Add a Badge to your website

9 9 Twitter Twitter Vocabulary:

10 10 Twitter Ways to simplify using Twitter Use the ‘Who to Follow?’ options provided by Twitter Create lists to manage followers Use third party sites to help you find users, schedule tweets, and add pictures to your messages Link Facebook and Twitter! Reach out to all of your followers with just one tweet!

11 11 Twitter How to use your Twitter feed outside of Twitter: Add a Twitter icon to your email signature Add a “Follow Me” button on your website Add a “Tweet this” button on your website Add a Streaming, Favorites, or Search widget to your website Streaming Widget Search Widget

12 12 YouTube YouTube has added a number of features that allow you to edit videos directly on the site without expensive or difficult video editing software. Some additions to videos you can make are: 1.Video Annotations: Add text to videos like speech bubbles or titles for individuals 2.Video Editor: Create a video from your own video clips 3.Video Captions and Subtitles: Add captions or subtitles to your videos. If you are using federal funds for your website, you MUST have captions for all videos that are hosted on your site. Connect YouTube to Facebook and Twitter!

13 13 Other Complementary Sites for Social Media Google Blog Search Google blog searches only blogs for keywords or search terms that may be relevant for your overall social media or PIC strategy Social Mention “Google alerts for Social Media” Social mention will send you alerts when search terms that you are interested in pop up in specified media outlets ScreenR Easily take video of your screen that can be broadcasted on most social media outlets Can help you show how to fill out a complicated form, how to apply for services or how to navigate your website

14 14 Other Complementary sites for Social Media QR Codes QR Codes are one of the newest features hitting social and traditional media. If you take a picture of the image to the left with a smart phone application, it will link directly to a website. QR Codes are good for print media or advertisements to drive people to your website.

15 15 Summary Working Smarter 1.Link your social media accounts 2.Make connections between your social media and your other websites 3.Use the analytical tools provided 4.When in doubt, look it up 5.Have fun!

16 16 Questions? Alice Gaston Program Assistant, WAP 202-624-5474

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