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VR-DIS Een Interactive Integrale Ontwerpomgeving.

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1 VR-DIS Een Interactive Integrale Ontwerpomgeving

2 Interactive Design System  Design support for the total life cycle of a building or the built environment  Consult design knowledge  Check against standards/rules  Simulate product behavior

3 Collaborative Design  distributed design: asynchronic communication  multi disciplinairy design: application specific views  consistency of information  management of design data and design process

4 Interactive Measurement of User Reactions  registration of user behaviour in building/urban environment  evaluate behaviour and information handling  technical infrastructure development

5 Knowledge Based Systems How to capture and employ design and engineering knowledge ?

6 KBS Objectives Involve experts during the design of computer support systemsInvolve experts during the design of computer support systems Evaluate Ideas and SolutionsEvaluate Ideas and Solutions Identify strengths and weaknesses in the prototype systems (and why) Identify strengths and weaknesses in the prototype systems (and why) Validate Expertise in SystemsValidate Expertise in Systems Make corrections and suggestions for improvement Make corrections and suggestions for improvement

7 Evaluation on 5 Aspects Visueel comfort Energie efficiëntie Flexibiliteit Operationele kosten Initiële kosten

8 Knowledge Domain basic (individual) functional (group) local (community) ecological (global) economic (owners) strategic (future users) supply scale & complexity demand Architectural System Level Human System Level Building System Level built environment building floor area workplace workstation Site (Form / Orientation) Structure Skin (Envelope) Services Space plan Stuff

9 Workplace Quality Problem: Poor quality of physical office work environments. Potential Cause: lack of technical performance knowledge, particularly in early stages of design. Basic Value Acoustic Comfort Air Quality Spatial Comfort Visual Comfort Building Integrity Thermal Comfort

10 Quality Design is not linear Traditional Design Stages Model

11 Quality Design Needs Feedback Design Planning Design Documentation Bidding Construction Post- Occupancy Evaluation Life Cycle Cost Analysis Value Analysis Buildability Analysis Functional Brief (Nelson, 1990) Feedback Mechanisms Design Brief

12 Support for Conceptual Design WEDA ILSA

13 Workplace Environment Design Advisor S.M. Mallory-Hill

14 Case-Based Design Aid [CBDA] CBR CBR Agent Problem Representation Learned Case RETRIEVE REVISE RETAIN Tested/ Repaired Case New Design Case Solved Case Previous Cases New Design Case Retrieved Case REUSE The Four R’s Model

15 Components of a Design Case 1. design solution predicted outcome physical outcome observed outcome perceived outcome Situation Problem/Situation Description (brief) 3. 2.

16 outcomes Retrieval Concept Existing Case problem (client requirements) solution GenericTechnicalTargets New client requirements

17 WEDA’s Retrieval Client’s Information Consultant’s Technical Target

18 Review & Re-Use Concept Connect to Extensive POE Case Base Explore Relevant Cases Retain Desired Solutions

19 WEDA’s Browser Plan Directory Panorama Information

20 WEDA demo

21 Integrated Lighting System Assistant E. de Groot

22 Requirements Standaard kantoorruimte: Eindhoven West gevel 1 persoon 3.60x5.40x2.8 m3 PC/ administratie 400-800 lux licht kleurgebruik maximaal daglicht gebruik Wensen Pr.v.Eisen W

23 Design Verlichtingingsmodel: 9 Daglicht componenten 6 Kunstlicht componenten 3 Regeling componenten

24 Evaluation Visueel comfort Energie efficiëntie Initiële kosten Operationele kosten Flexibiliteit

25 Evaluation Method referentie oplossing component scoort t.o.v. referentie (veel) beter, gelijk, of (veel) slechter totaal =  componenten 0 0 0 0 0 0 - -

26 ILSA demo

27 Conclusions Kennis is niet in één structuur te vatten: hybride KBS systemen Kennis = Business Commerciele toepassing: Produkten database + Toegepaste kennis (zie DS refurbishment) Exploitatie: Extranet (Remote Consulting)

28 More Information Calibre seminar: every first Wednesday each month

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