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Abuse Types of Child Abuse Emotional Neglect Physical Sexual.

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2 Abuse Types of Child Abuse Emotional Neglect Physical Sexual

3 Abuse Care Tips Remain calm. Reassure the child. Seek help.

4 Abuse Counseling Tips Pay attention. Create a safe place.
Respect the privacy of the child. Gather information.

5 Bullying Signs and Symptoms Physical Verbal Social

6 Bullying Care Tips Pay attention to targeted kids.
Teach children how to respond. Encourage kids to report bullying. Deal with bullies sensitively.

7 Bullying Counseling Tips Allow physical movement.
Work on emotional development. Practice what you preach.

8 Bullying Bullying in the Church Don’t minimize or disregard.
Give special attention to the target. Emphasize that God loves each unique child.

9 Terminal Illness Ways to help and support Communicate. Listen.
Address spiritual needs. The child may regress.

10 Death Ways to help and support Encourage active grieving. Be there.
Listen. Help with daily chores. Show love. Pray.

11 Loss of Child Counseling Tips
Offer nonverbal ways to express feelings. Maintain routine and structure. Discuss Heaven. Allow the child to help. Give a comfort token.

12 Loss of Child Counseling Tips Create a goodbye ritual.
Allow the child to pray.

13 Depression Addressing Concerns Confront aggression.
Confront isolation. Confront suicidal thoughts. Medication. Set a positive example.

14 Depression Addressing Concerns Take care of yourself.
Teach thought-stopping. Work with the family.

15 Divorce Care Tips Provide a feeling vocabulary.
Provide a consistently warm and stable environment. Teach children how to use affirmations about themselves.

16 Divorce Care Tips Reassure children that they did not cause the divorce. Practice effectively listening. Normalize the child’s experience.

17 Divorce Counseling Tips Provide a network of support.
Help with household adjustments. Include single parents in activities. Offer resources. When a family member is overdoing.

18 Special Needs Types of Needs Learning disabilities.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Autism spectrum disorders. Mental retardation. Physical disabilities

19 Special Needs Counseling Tips Reach out to the family.
Commit to open and constant communication. Believe that all children are important.

20 Special Needs Counseling Tips Educate yourself. Involve the parents.
Be sure to include both parents when possible. Communicate Respond to the child, not the disability. Don’t lose hope!

21 Special Needs Counseling Tips Don’t forget the other siblings.
Provide respite for the family. Make your ministry accommodating. Finding partners in the secular society.


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