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2 Intentions for this presentation A different perspective Make it fun and interesting (successful) Social media initiatives <> Business objectives Open a conversation

3 State of the Social Space Social Media has surpassed PORN as the #1 activity on the web. Nuff said!

4 State of the Social Space Social environments have become: –A tour de force, threatening the major players relevance. –Brought misbehaving organizations, governments, politicians and business leaders to their knees at the speed of a tweet –Changed the nature of how we digest information –Flattened the world

5 Social Media Trending Localization Measurement Consolidation

6 The Art of Social Networking If someone tweets that has no followers, did they actually tweet?

7 Presenting Yourself Who are you? –An organization –A person working for an organization –A specific persona [expert] within the organization –One of many social representatives of your organization –A person representing an organization from the outside

8 The Ideal Profile Fits who you are Has detailed information that supports your role Is high-quality and correct Articulates your voice and personality Is rich in activity

9 The Ideal Profile Inventory Great photography A quick synopsis of you and what you are about A well written biography, both short and long versions A well written and approved description of the organization, short and long versions Personality and interests!





















30 A well crafted profile allows: You to be someone your audience wants to be connected with Clarity about who you are and what organization you represent Clear expectations about what you will discuss and post The best impact for your networking efforts

31 Who are the Right Connections Who are your customers Who can bring you customers Who can steal your customers Who do you want to be associated with Who can tell your story and you theirs Who can serve your needs and you theirs Who might surprise you

32 Where are These Connections Search them out on all platforms Search your connections connections Search groups and pages Search Google: Discussions

33 Where are These Connections Create an organizational networking process 1)Meet Someone 2)Connect with them on any/all platforms 3)Enter their information into CRM system 4)Communicate via multiple platforms and let them opt out of any they dont desire

34 Go Getem Be personal and genuine Be persistent but patient Be willing to connect beyond the social space Be ready for questions/comments/conversation

35 Mastering Online Content If people dont read online, then why do we write online?

36 The Nature of Reading Online Slower Less comprehension More distractions Visuals win over words

37 The Nature of Online Conversation Only 5-10% of your network will comment online If your posts are too aloof: Intimidating If your posts are too simple: Not worth the time Keep it short, sweet and to the point Support posts with visuals whenever possible Match the technology with the conversation

38 I Want to: ENGAGE: Questions News w/personal spin Casual Doesnt please everyone News of staff Shares others events Achievements Pre- and post-event sharing INFORM: Answers News w/just the facts Sounds like/is a press release Diplomatic Bios of staff Only talks about your org. Achievements Pre- and post-event sharing

39 I Want to: ENGAGE: Desires deeper relationship Is slower but more thoughtful More personal More generous Is willing to sacrifice the many to satisfy the few Requires significant industry insight & expertise INFORM: Desires quick response or shorter term relationship Is fast paced, first to the post Less personal More self-serving Quantity vs. quality Requires significant daily/hourly updates

40 Start Communicating Be clear about your intentions for each post –Beware of the Re-Tweet Button! If you seek reaction, be ready for none or tons If you want your connection to do something, be clear what and where

41 Start Communicating Be aware of any other marketing initiatives within your organization and use Social Media to support them If you dont know what your network is interested in, ask them. –(If I could provide you with something that would be valuable to you that you dont yet have, what would it be?)

42 Invites Be detailed Be descriptive DO: DONT:

43 Finding Great Content Be the reporter for your organization Learn who has the unique stories appropriate for your network Create a policy or process for gathering information Validate what you post against the experts BEFORE you post it Have experts available for questions

44 Time Management Dont forget the cover sheet on your TPS reports.

45 Pace Networking – Daily Monitoring – Daily Commenting – Daily Posting –Short news bytes – Daily + –Long thoughtful posts that require reaction – Weekly + Invites –4-6 week notice, with weekly follow-ups daily the week of the event

46 Dont add, Replace Event management and promotion E-mail and chat PR Recruiting In-person networking events Divide and conquer

47 ROI Carefully consider how you measure ROI in the social space Make sure you are communicating with whom might be hearing about the results (the sales team) Measure the intangible, the buzz, the name recognition Measure all of your marketing initiatives

48 Measurement Tools Social Mention - sentiment rating (ratio of positive to negative mentions): WebTrends - Twitter Grader - compares influence: http://twittergrader.com Klout - measures influence: http://klout.com Blogoscope - Visualization tool devel. By Univ. of Toronto: http://www.blogscope.net HootSuite, TweetDeck, CoTweet, Seesmic - all have measurements built in Forresters Technographic Profile: Measure SM in 10 min./day: Your-Social-Media-Presence-in-10-Minutes-a-Day.aspx Your-Social-Media-Presence-in-10-Minutes-a-Day.aspx How sociable? - brand visibility: http://www.howsociable.com PostRank - track social engagement: https://analytics.postrank.com

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