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How Auxiliary Services can use Twitter for excellent customer service.

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1 How Auxiliary Services can use Twitter for excellent customer service

2 Why Twitter?  Fast  Helpful  Informative

3 Example of a quick info Tweet:

4 Why Twitter?  News source


6 Why Twitter?  Provides quick answers to customer service questions/problems




10 Getting Started: GOALS  Provide a channel for conversation and customer service for Auxiliary Services  Create a likeable, honest, transparent voice  Enhance awareness of our services  HEAR what clients are saying about us  Respond to customer complaints  Provide added value to customers

11 Getting Started: the TEAM  Contract managers  Customer service people  High-level director  Student worker(s)

12 Getting Started: NAMES  Keep them short and simple  Easily identifiable and descriptive  Use the power of multiple streams

13 Avatars

14 Getting Started: GO!      GOOGLE IT!

15 Start a “Tweet bank”  Start with a calendar  Take pictures of students using your services.  Take photos of staff doing their jobs  Write “awareness” Tweets  Ask Aux areas to provide list of FAQs  Think of relevant questions to ask to engage students  Have 25-30 evergreens in your Tweet bank

16 Use a dashboard like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

17 LISTEN UP! Type in key words like the name of your Univeristy, University nickname plus names of your service areas, names of dining halls, bookstore, copy center, etc. Then save those streams.

18 Monitter – real time listening

19 Set Google alerts

20 Tie Twitter to your web pages

21 Create a blog or news page; let Twitter lead followers to it.

22 Engage with others  Follow the feeds of others in the University  Follow contracted partners  Follow student leaders  Follow campus media

23 Play nicely with others  Retweet what other areas are saying if it helps them, whether it helps your area direcly or not.  Ask other areas to do the same for you.

24 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Do your homework! It only takes a minute to do a Twitter search to find if there any conversations about your services.

25 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Build your credibility — don’t worry about how many followers you have. Worry about establishing your Twitter feed as a trusted source of information  Answer questions, be personal and natural and be responsive

26 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Listen and observe. You don’t have to follow everyone who mentions your organization. In fact, it’s often best not to.  Haters are going to hate. Don’t respond to general venting.

27 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Be authentic and believable. This builds trust.  Ask questions but make sure they’re relevant.  Don’t start posts with, “Did you know” or, “Have you ever wondered…” It’s too easy for the reader to think, “No,” and not read the rest.

28 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Have a plan in place for when things go wrong.

29 Best practices for Auxiliaries  Don’t forget you work at an institution of higher learning! Watch your spelling, grammar and DO NOT USE MORE THAN ONE EXCLAIMATION POINT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!  Never, ever forget that the whole reason you do this is to provide an immediate, accessible way to provide superior customer service.

30 Have some fun with it! Surprise and delight!


32 Questions? #auxtweets

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