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University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting.

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1 University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club Staff/Faculty Team Meeting

2 Introductions website: | email : Execs Crew President: Davis Ly (Chem Eng) Fundraising and Events: Marieke Manshanden (Intl Dev), Laura Cudmore (Kin), Danielle Luxton (Kin), Karen Lai (Plan.) Sponsorship and Grants: Corinne Hanlon (Env Sci), Stephanie Murphy (ERS), Charles Desouza (Soft Eng), Phillip Bailie (Biomed) Finance: Edbert Oey (AFM)

3 About Dragon Boat Originated from ancient China 22 people in a boat racing in distances of 200m, 500m and 2000m Taken up by many adults all over the world! website: | email :

4 About UWDBC Completely student managed and run club. Have been successful in both local and international competitions. Active year-round and attracts students from all faculties. We are trying to expand the club into a full-fledged canoe club that is unique in the UW (and even KW) community. website: | email :

5 Goals Create a staff/faculty team that will race in at least 1 regatta during the summer. Foster a fun and competitive environment for faculty and staff members from all over campus Show that a healthy, active lifestyle can be a boat- load (hah!) of fun Win some races! website: | email :

6 Practice Schedule/Location 1.5 hours, 1x week for at least 8 weeks. Most likely Saturday afternoons (not set in stone) More if we have everyone in agreement Laurel Creek Conservation Area (Bearinger and Westmount) Accessible by foot, bike and car (and most other modes of transport) website: | email :

7 Cost? Equipment rental (paddles, boat, PFDs): $0 Coaching: $0 (maybe a bit of pride since it might be one of your students) Regatta fee: ~$40/person/regatta (varies with regatta and size of team) Uniforms: ~$15/t-shirt - $0 (if we can convince the Campus store to donate some stuff!) website: | email :

8 Possible Regattas Fanshawe, June 15 Toronto, June 22 -23 (one of the biggest regattas in NA) Woodstock, August 10 website: | email :

9 F.A.Q Do I need experience to be part of this? No, as long as you are willing to learn and can hold a paddle, youre in! Do I need my own paddle for practice and races? No, we provide everything you need to practice and there will be equipment at regattas Do I need to be able to swim? No, you will be wearing PFDs at all times. I heard that you need to be super fit and be able to complete an triathlon to join? No! Dragon boat is a sport for all fitness levels and ages. You will definitely notice an improvement in physical fitness though! Can my spouse and/or child(ren) also do this? As long as we have spots and they are above the age of 16 then absolutely! We have seen mother/daughter/father/son paddle on the same boat numerous times! Will you be the envy of all other faculty, staff and denizens of UW? Definitely. website: | email :

10 What now? Spread the word! We cannot do this without support from staff, faculty and YOU Go to our website and register for our staff/faculty mailing list, if you havent done so already Follow us on Twitter (UWDBC), YouTube (uwdragonboat) and like us on Facebook (uwdbc)! Think of awesome team names! (UW PhDragons? WATerloo Paddling Dragons?) website: | email :

11 Questions? website: | email :

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