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Slumping Dad… What's your plan? 10 tools, tips, and techniques for pulling out the father slump.

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1 Slumping Dad… What's your plan? 10 tools, tips, and techniques for pulling out the father slump

2 Definition…drop or sag heavily What do you and Tiger Woods and Barry Bonds have in common? You are either coming into or going out of a slump… Internal….mental/habits/responses External….market conditions/systems Motivation and a course of positive change and action to go forward…

3 Introduction: JAC it up Job clarity/expectation… the budget Accountability… to yourself, your company, your clients, and to your management. Cultivate a celebration culture… have fun at work, recognize success with great vigor and consistency

4 Step one: admission Recognition and realization The trending of sub-par performance The numbers dont lie Drifting off course Course corrections Ownership of the problem Ownership of the solutions

5 Step number two: ownership You are accountable Change begins at the top Identify what has to change Primary, secondary, and tertiary priorities of change 80/20 plan Leveraging strengths Recognize and addressing weakness

6 Step number three: the plan Forge The Plan Commitment to the plan Goals, objectives, & road-mapping In-depth, actionable, SMART goals Vision for total recovery and getting back on track Breaking the pattern of failure

7 Step number four: accountability Accountability/ upfront/ personal Set public goals and direction Communicate with boss, staff management and stakeholders Written goals posted publicly Get staff/team by in immediately Daily, weekly, monthly meetings

8 Step number five: current systems Revisit current systems/paradigms What works and what doesnt Implement change accordingly The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing Dont be afraid to change, what is broken If it works, dont fix it

9 Step number six: get creative Think out of the box Brainstorm Go off-campus and get creative Get feedback from trusted advisors and confidants Be fearless, try new things

10 Step number seven: expand Counterintuitive Add new staff Raise revenues with smart projects Raise rates, incrementally Sell deeper to current clients Sell broader to new prospects Track the metrics

11 Step number eight: culture change Create a culture of accountability, celebration, and job clarity Communicate expectations Coach, mentor, and hold accountable underachievers Celebrate achievement by awarding team and individual greatness Give the public and private accolades, gifts and spiffs wisely and freely

12 Step number nine: train Train on a daily basis Weekly meetings Guest speakers Special event training Role-playing One-on-one meetings E-mails, books, tapes, etc.

13 Step number 10: implementation Do the plan, on a daily basis Have accountability/be accountable Hold others accountable Get organized and focused and involved Manage the process Communicate, communicate Leverage your 80/20 energy & gifts

14 Conclusion: just do it Plan the work, work the plan Practice drill and rehearse Commit to high-performance Kill procrastination and perfectionism Keep a sense of humor Learn to love, grow and change Get back in the action, be involved

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