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1 Delivering Performance Feedback Larry Olmstead / August 15, 2008.

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1 1 Delivering Performance Feedback Larry Olmstead / August 15, 2008

2 2 Todays discussion Five keys to managing for high performance Performance management toolkit Elements of effective performance feedback Case study Your comments and questions

3 3 About Leading Edge Associates Leading Edge helps organizations improve their capacity to lead and manage. Our special expertise is in leadership development, organizational change and diversity. Founded July 2006 Based in San Jose, CA

4 4 Leading Edge – What we do Organizational Change Leadership Development and Training Leadership Assessment ResearchEdgeline e-newsletter Executive CoachingDiversity/Inclusion Webinars and Seminars

5 5 Influencing performance: What works … THESE HAVE THE GREATEST POSITIVE IMPACT ON PERFORMANCE, IN ORDER: Fairness & accuracy of informal feedback Risk-taking culture Emphasis on performance strengths in formal review Employee understanding of performance standards Internal communication Manager knowledgeable about performance Opportunity to work on the things you do best Feedback that helps employees do their jobs better Opportunity to work for a strong executive team SOURCE: Corporate Leadership Council

6 6 … and what doesnt Emphasis on performance weaknesses Increasing the number of formal reviews given each year

7 7 Managing for high performance

8 8 Managing for high performance What are some of the key principles?

9 9 Five keys to managing for high performance 1.Set high expectations 2.Make sure expectations are clear and agreed upon 3.Establish line of sight between individual performance and organizational goals 4.Provide consistent, timely feedback 5.Play to strengths

10 10 Its about playing to strengths This is the one insight we heard echoed by tens of thousands of great managers: People dont change that much. Dont waste time trying to put in what was left out. Try to draw out what was put in. That is hard enough. - from First Break All the Rules

11 11 Set SMART performance goals Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time-bound

12 12 Individual performance should help the team Members of your group should have a shared set of goals and expectations that are reflected in performance reviews and that tie to the broader mission of the organization

13 13 Performance management tools Reward systems: Pay, bonuses Promotions Assignments Training, cross-training Coaching Performance reviews Other formal, informal feedback Selection of partners, teammates Others?

14 14 Six steps to a great performance review 1.Maintain ongoing dialogue, feedback 2.Keep track of milestones 3.Get employee input 4.Write with clarity and courage; put key issues on the table 5.Deliver with clarity and positive intent 6.Follow through on performance expectations and developmental goals

15 15 Delivering constructive feedback – a key skill Give feedback that is: - timely - frequent - relevant - useful Deliver feedback with: - courage - positive intent

16 16 Feedback challenge – Donita the analyst Joel, an accounting manager on the finance staff at City College, was struggling with his review of Donita, a finance analyst. Technically, Donitas work was the best on his staff. Her numbers were accurate and she was good at forecasting trends. But she often was sarcastic and negative. The admissions and marketing staff complained she was great at talking about how much money they were wasting, but rarely offered ideas on efficiencies or ways to make money. Her nickname around campus was Doomsday Donita. Also, Joel thought her appearance undermined her. In his view, Donita was a little too plump, wore her dresses too tight, with her neckline too low. He wished she came across like his deputy Rosa, trim, neat, conservative and professional. Bottom line – Donita had a strong finance mind, but how was she going to rise to the top? 1.Should Donitas attitude be addressed in the review? Why, or why not? 2.Should her appearance be addressed? Why, or why not? 3.Write two or three sentences that would be appropriate for this review.

17 17 Final comments or questions?

18 18 Contact us Larry Olmstead (408) 997-2905

19 19

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