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The Next Economy Jerry Whitehead Justin Whitehead.

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2 The Next Economy Jerry Whitehead Justin Whitehead

3 What is the greatest invention of modern man? What Al Gore claimed he invented? The Internet The world has become a truly global network and we are ALL connected! Any conceivable topic, language, or subject matter is found on the Internet E-Net Business today is estimated to process over a billion dollars a second via the Internet A number of institutions have been crippled by this revolution such as the Post Office, Newspapers and other forms of print media! Dont know what your looking for or at, Google IT! EBAY changed the world forever – customers gladly send E-cash and goods all over the world today!

4 What is one of the biggest advantages to having the social media connections? ITS FREE! Its out there everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Global media presence IS revolutionizing our world everyday!

5 Social Capital: your network of relationships and connections availability to resources accessible and available within Cultural Capital: the corresponding advantages and influence resulting from your knowledge, experience, and connections Financial Capital!

6 Social Networks: T odays time can now be used in reference to Web based platforms where people can connect to and/or stay connected with one another in REAL TIME! Reeds Law – Social Networks can scale exponentially with the size and social importance of the network – Every new person can potentially double its value!

7 Are all connections created equal? Being in the center of your network gives you more access to more info that gives you more POWER! Being at the center allows your company to make better policy decisions and online investments which has advantages to your bottom line or your message!

8 Video: Video: Utilization of web cams, YouTube and digital media allows you too express your image and your philosophy! What types of tools or media are available VIA the Internet? Audio Audio: Utilization of audio in online presentations adds effect! Blogs: Blogs: Keep your message alive within the community you create Analytics: Analytics: See where your traffic comes from, what they look at, how long they were there and mine the data! Email: Send and receive limitless propaganda on all sides!

9 IN the selection process its important to fit you, your business into the right medium for you and your ultimate message Once you begin this process its important for you to maintain and update your presence and your message frequently People or users who may frequent your site or sites typically do bore very easily Keep your message fresh and updated ALL the time!

10 Get out there as much as you can and build bridges Take photos w/ high profile people in your industry Comment on others postings if and when you get your blogs up and running – dual traffic in and out Sign off w/ embedded links to your site Imagine not needing a resume, Just Google Me sounds so nice doesnt it?

11 What Social Sites are out there, and which one is for me? My Space Facebook Hi 5 Twitter LinkedIn You Tube Any many more

12 Getting on and Starting Up Social Networks Out There MySpace 200+ million users Customizable profiles, bulletin boards, blogs, even classifieds

13 Facebook 250+ million users Best used for maintaining and building your personal network Look at it as a Living Rolodex !

14 Facebook Tactics Status Updates – Distilling the most interesting and pertinent information will grant you more inquiries and more influence among your group Posting Items and Links – Posting videos and pics of you and your organization at attended events and among luminaries and industry celebs goes a long way The Wall – Keep messages short and sweet - Some things are better for email Applications – Interactive Friends Graph, Six Degrees of Separation Social sphere and connectivity of your friends grows as the circle of sphere influence grows in the viral realm

15 70 million users Rated #1 social network across 25 nations in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa hi5 Similar Sites (Europe, Canada) (Brazil, India) Great for expanding your sphere of influence outside of the United States!

16 Twitter 190 million users Uses Short Message System (SMS) Best for those who are heavily connected to the internet, used to remain super-connected w/ one another

17 LinkedIn 50 million users worldwide Primary audience is entrepreneurs and business professionals Great place to start social networking and build your professional network!

18 You Tube More than 100+ million users world wide Tremendous format to place your video messages Video Imaging allows for so much more communication of who and or what you are and what you do As your you tube presence grows, keep it updated constantly with good, funny, goofy and practical material Once the viral looks begin, you, your message start a movement around the world!

19 Almost every single network now has applications for your smart phones – pretty much letting you do everything you could at your home computer on the go!

20 Remember to use common sense As w/ any means of communication, keeping some things private and other things public is vital Anything you place on the worldwide lives and stays there FOREVER!

21 The Micro Celebrity w/ valid input and genuine and creative ideas your network will grow exponentially around you and/or your business The key benefit from this ties back into being at the center of the universe for you or your industry

22 Being Popular Online Networks allow you to achieve this in a very genuine manner Social Networks let you view what the influencers in your social circle are doing

23 Know yourself and make use of your own strengths Search Engine Optimization, use more key words to create a broader susceptible audience Meeting your network community creates more attachment Dont sell out, people can see right through gimmicks and corporate shills Be Genuine and Be REAL!

24 Caution When everything is on the web and accessible to by the masses, you cant run or hide. Always be genuine-when people are invested in what youre doing they feel personally betrayed if youre not being honest.

25 The Feedback Cycle Customer Community Company Feedback Respond to those within your community, they will more likely follow your future work, Silence can lead to unfavorable perceptions about you and or your company!

26 Social Capital Its all about your connections, for each strong one you have, you also gain weaker ones. Keeping in touch with the weaker ones gives you access to more resources too! Its not always what you know, but who you know!

27 Cultural Capital Companys w/ a lot of Social Capital can influence their partners. Being at the center of your information flow, will have Cultural Capital follow Companys w/ a lot of Cultural Capital can influence their industry and have the world have its own view of you!

28 Social Capital Cultural Capital Financial Capital Large amounts of social and cultural resources obtained thru social networking translates into financial wealth thru enhanced development, communication and recognition !

29 Audience to Community Dont talk to, but rather, with your network audience Forward along relevant blog postings, articles, and links Recommend former employees/coworkers and suppliers Easy Tips Tricks of the Trade Look for patterns of interaction: who influences the larger groups? And how? Pass along endorsements on your home page to social influencers in your network Observe the hidden dynamics of how people interact w/ your brand and each other

30 The Internet has changed our lives so much within the past years and one thing that has become evident is that the audience which used to primarily function as a receptor/consumer now through the Internet and the feedback mechanisms built within has been empowered to become participants in the information cycle through active feedback in real time! Feedback Cycles Feedback can Make or Break your messages, your community or your life!

31 1. Which way do you want to open the channels? Inspiring Better Communication 2. Do you want a dedicated community or just a way to share info? Internally, a wiki may be for you. Externally, remember to keep the real motivations of your community in mind. Within the company?For customer interactions?

32 Inspiring Better Communication Tie in promotions, discounts and activities like product giveaways and more at the store(s) in with popular group discussions and give customers a reason to register and talk about their favorite products and/or services. Be genuine you cant force conversation and more than you can force a purchase!

33 Wave Future the of Make no mistake, social networking is not a fad. Social Networking is the new way that business will be carried out in the future.

34 Pawnshop Pawnshop Consulting Group33 33 Pawnshop Consulting Group also Specializes in Web site and Social Media Development, thank you for your Participation! Jerry Whitehead

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