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Experiences in Applications of Strategic Management in Companies

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1 Experiences in Applications of Strategic Management in Companies
David Hawk, Professor New Jersey Institute of Technology

2 Traditional differences are being reconsidered
Some differences no longer make a difference Differences between projects and their environments are being rethought Differences between projects are becoming counter-productive New differences are needed

3 Historic: Project Management & Strategic Formulation
Emergence of PM Emergence of SF Status of PM Status of SF Co-Existence Closing the Gap

4 Futuristic: A Sense of Project Management
NASA and the Sky as a limit NASA and the limits in the Foundations Beyond NASA Strategic Deregulation Deregulation as Strategy Strategic Management in Companies At the edge of Corporate Reality

5 From Strategic Defense to Defensive Strategy to Strategic Offense
The Hudson Institute – Herman Kahn The Rand Corporation – Hasan Ozbekhan Minztberg,, 1998 – Schools of Thought Ken Lay,, 2002 – Strategic deceit Secretary of Defense, 2003, Strategic Information

6 Regrouping: Schools of Strategy in the 1990s
Planning – formal process Positioning – analytical process Entrepreneurial – visionary Cognitive – mental process Learning – emergent process Design – process of conception Power – negotiation process Cultural – collective process Environmental – reactive process Configuration – transformation

7 Filling the Strategic/PM Gap: PM towards SM
Average salary of a PM - $75,000, manages 15 people Average salary of a SM - $3,000,000, manages 100,000 people

8 Filling the Gap: SM merging with PM or something else?
Enron Worldcom ABB Shell Toyota etc even…Nokia?

9 Negotiating with Future Realities via Current Relationships
Reflection Redirection Deconstruction Reconstruction Reintegration

10 The Quest for a Better Future: Creative Reconstruction
Schumpeter, J. Merton, R. Georgesu-Roegen, N. Rapoport, A. Churchman, W. Vickers, G. Trist, E. Etc…

11 Planning as Projection Management
The rest is up to you… Along with those next to, following behind and standing in front of … The challenges are worthy of your time, and you…

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