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Vijay Ramanathan Principal Product Manager

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1 Vijay Ramanathan Principal Product Manager
Oracle Universal Content Management Content Folios – Bundle and Render Content Vijay Ramanathan Principal Product Manager

2 The following is intended to outline our general product direction
The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Content Folios Agenda Content Folios - A Business Case
Technical Overview Simple Folios Advanced Folios Folio Templates Customization Creating a Custom Renderer

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Content Folios Business Case

5 Content Folios Business Case

6 Content Folios Business Case

7 Content Folios Business Case

8 Content Folios Business Case

9 Content Folios New ways to group content together, and then do useful things with the groupings UCM’s approach differs from existing implementations of “virtual documents” or “compound documents” Folios makes possible a number of more content-centric and process oriented vertical solutions

10 Content Folios Example uses for Content Folios
Contracts Manage sections separately, and assemble on-the-fly Marketing materials Group text, images, and layout files to produce communications Sales kits Group presentations, fact sheets, etc. to support sales people Policies and procedures Manage sections separately and assemble on-the-fly Reports Information about competition, market opportunities, etc

11 Content Folios Possible Vertical Solutions using Content Folios
Compliance applications Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO E-Learning applications Course materials Process-oriented applications Contract Management Asset Licensing Applications in WCM Folio as a mini-website Applications in DAM Presentation management

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Content Folios What is a Folio?

13 Content Folios What is a Folio?
XML Document Edit Metadata Revise and Render Subscribe, Workflow, Discuss, etc.

14 Content Folios What is a Folio?
A Folio can be rendered into PDF ZIP XML Custom Formats (PPT, etc.) Oracle UCM provides Customizable AJAX-based GUI to build and edit Folios Service-oriented infrastructure that allows Folios to be leveraged from external applications

15 Content Folios Creating a new Folio
From Content Management Menu From Search Results Page From Content Basket

16 Content Folios Content Baskets
Users can create of multiple named content baskets Baskets are available to the user only (not shared) A basket can be published as a Content Folio

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Content Folios Terminology and Details

18 Content Folios Terminology
Contents of a Folio Items & Slots Nodes Hyper-text Types of Folios Simple Folio Advanced Folio Types of Advanced Folios Ad-hoc Folios Template-based Folios Folio Viewing and Editing Folio Editors Folio Viewers Folio Actions Render Save Snapshot Lock/Unlock Subscribe

19 Content Folios Items, Slots, Nodes and Hypertext
Item - A content item in a Folio Slot - An empty placeholder for a content item Node - A container for items, slots and nodes A node is not a separate folio Hypertext – An entry used to add a URL

20 Content Folios Simple Folios and Advanced Folios
Flat, ordered list of items Example: A PPT slide deck Advanced Folio Allows for hierarchy within a Folio Allows for additional properties on items, slots and nodes Example: Assets needed to create a brochure

21 Content Folios Advanced Folios : Ad-hoc and Template-based
Advanced Folios can be Ad-hoc or Template-based Ad-hoc Folios Create any structure and put any content into the Folio Edit the Folio in any desired fashion Template-based Folios Edits are restricted by settings defined in a folio template Folio template can be created by administrators

22 Content Folios Editing and Viewing
Edit mode - Allows users to edit a Folio Simple Folio editor or Advanced Folio editor Folio Template editor (administrators only) Viewer - A different mechanism to view a Folio Example: View a folio as a mini-website

23 Content Folios Actions
Save changes to current revision Create new revision Lock items to current revision Prevent further edits Unlock locked folios Download Folio in other formats

24 Content Folios Subscribe
Users can choose to be notified when Content is added to or removed from the Folio Folio structure is changed (i.e. nodes or items are moved around) Folio is revised Items referenced by the Folio are revised

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Content Folios Demonstration

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Content Folios Folio Templates

27 Content Folios Folio Templates
Provides a starting point for users to create common advanced folios Allows admins to restrict functionality available to end users Examples: Template for Contracts Template for Sales Kit Template for Product Information Website

28 Content Folios Folio Templates
Can contain Nodes Empty Slots Items Can limit the ability for end users to Add, remove or move nodes, slots and items Add content of certain profiles or file types Render the folio using certain renderers Allows administrators to Map folio to appropriate Content Profiles Map slots and nodes to appropriate Content Profiles Require capture an archive of items in folio at time of snapshot Force items to be cloned when Folios are created

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Content Folios Folio Templates Demonstration

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Content Folios Customizing Content Folios Creating a Custom Renderer

31 Content Folios Creating a Custom Renderer – Step 1
Write a Java class that implements FolioRenderer class package folios.renderers; import; import java.util.*; import intradoc.common.*; import*; import folios.*; import folios.iterators.*; public class FolioPptRenderer implements FolioRenderer { }

32 Content Folios Creating a Custom Renderer – Step 2
Write a Java class that implements FolioIteratorCallback class package folios.iterators; import intradoc.common.*; import*; . . . import folios.*; import*; public class FolioPptIterator implements FolioIteratorCallback { }

33 Content Folios Creating a Custom Renderer – Step 3
Create a table to list out details of the new renderer as follows @ResultSet cpd_FolioPptRenderer 4 rendererID name actionDisplayLabel renditionClass ppt PPT Rendition wwCpdDownloadPptRendition folios.renderers.FolioPptRenderer @end

34 Content Folios Creating a Custom Renderer – Step 4
Merge the new table into the CpdRegisteredRenderers table as follows @ResultSet MergeRules 4 fromTable toTable column loadOrder cpd_FolioPptRenderer CpdRegisteredRenderers rendererID 10 @end

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Content Folios A Quick Look at PptFolioRenderer

36 Content Folios Useful Resources

37 Q & A

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