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Large-Scale Distributed Computing in the Netherlands a status overview.

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1 Large-Scale Distributed Computing in the Netherlands a status overview

2 What is DutchGrid? collaboration of 12 organisations established in 2000 functions as a platform, getting manpower & hardware from partner orgs major contributors –WTCW Virtual Laboratory Project ( ICES/KIS - II ) –ASCI (5 combined Dutch CS Faculties) –Foundation NCF (NWO) –NIKHEF

3 DutchGrid Sites KNMI Nijmegen Delft Leiden Amsterdam VU WCW Utrecht Telin NIKHEF SARA UvA AMOLF CWI DutchGrid site map 20021104 David Groep, NIKHEF ASTRON, JIVE WCW Amsterdam

4 Resources ASCI DAS-2 (VU, UvA, Leiden, TUDelft, Utrecht) –200 dual P-III 1GHz CPUs –homogeneous clusters, 5 locations NIKHEF DataGrid clusters –75 dual P-III ~ 1GHz –1Gb/s IPv4 + 1Gb/s IPv6 NCF Grid national computer facilities foundation from NWO –66 node dual AMD - K7 Fabric Research Cluster ( NIKHEF ) –32 node duals “production quality” cluster ( SARA )* –10Gb/s optical “lambda” test bed † –… BioASP – various smaller O (10 node) clusters

5 Resources (cont.) SARA – National HPC Centre Processing –SGI 1024 processor MPP Mass storage –StorageTek NearLine tape robot –currently: 200 TByte –will grow “indefinitely” (with funds from NCF) User expertise centre In Total Operations/deployment effort ~ 8 FTE available Research effort O (40 FTE) over 12 organisations

6 CR1-1CR1-2 CR2-1CR2-2BR2 AR5 BR1 AMS 10G POS 2.5G POS BR1 CHI 622M PO Prot. Tyco/IEEAF AMSTERDAM 2x2.5Gb 622Mb L2 VPN 2xGbE 622Mb “rest” Global Xing 622Mb to “rest” NY CR1-1CR1-2 CR2-1CR2-2BR2 AR5 BR1 AMS 10G POS 2.5G POS BR1 CHI 622M PO Prot. Tyco/IEEAF AMSTERDAM 622Mb L2 VPN NY CR1-1CR1-2 CR2-1CR2-2BR2 AR5 BR1 AMS 10G POS 2.5G POS 622M PO Prot. Tyco/IEEAF 622Mb L2 VPN NY Networks IGRID 6509 BR4 SP 01 OC48c SR Star Light 6509 ONS 15454 ONS Star Light T640 ABILEN E NY ARGONNE IL SingAREN TANet2 … SingAREN TANet2 … Star Light RTR STAR TAP GbE CERN RTR ONS 10G POS Tyco 10G POS Level3 2xGbE 10GbE 2xGbE 2.5Gb lambda OC48c lambda 7xGbE GbE GbE’s CHICAGO, IL CERN,CH 18xGbE UvA NIKHEF “NCSA” “ANL”

7 DutchGrid Services Authentication Services (Certification Authority) –EDG CACG “proper” CA –Student and educational CA –EDG “Tutorial” CA Regular coordination and info meetings Installation support –Have been distributing EDG 1.2 till now User support

8 Initiatives inside NL NCFGrid strengthening Grid Infrastructure in NL 4 partners ( NIKHEF, ASCI, SARA, ASTRON ) 600 k EUR funding hardware (3 clusters, 10Gb/s networking) and people (1.5 FTE over 3 years) approved August 2002 fabric research + production-quality grids new apps: bio informatics, astronomy First cluster assembled and being tested…

9 Initiatives inside NL Virtual Laboratory for e-Science Dutch “knowledge infrastructure” project 14 partners 6 application domains extensive middleware research programme test bed HPCSec AAA Networks Int Visual. Inf. Mngt Intg Exp Envs UIs D.I.Sc.FoodInfBioInf Large Equip Bio diversity Personal Care Test Bed Scaling & Validation in project planning stage with estimated O (25 M EUR ) funding

10 Some Apps WTCW Virtual Laboratory visual analysis environment for (small-scale) experimental science –Chemo-physical surface analysis (PIXE,FT-IR,SIMS) –BioASP – correlating “omics” databases –Virtual Surgery (by-pass surgery, artery defects) DØ – Monte-Carlo and Analysis EcoGrid correlating bio-diversity information Radio Astronomy and VLBI (JIVE) LOFAR, AVO

11 Research Areas in NL Generic AAA and `security’ UvA, NIKHEF Adaptive programming environments Free University Amsterdam Memory-processor co-allocation TU Delft High-bandwidth networking SURFnet, UvA, SARA, NIKHEF Federated Information & Content Management UvA Interactive visualisation CWI, UvA Cluster, Storage Management & Monitoring NIKHEF, SARA

12 Summary DutchGrid Platform started informally in 2000 De-facto centre for Grid computing in NL Tasks supported by partners: CA, web, … Mix of people from all layers of the ISO stack networks, AAA, programming envs, semantic DB, apps Plenty of opportunities for collaboration!

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