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Grid Computing Test beds in Europe and the Netherlands David Groep, NIKHEF 2001-10-01.

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1 Grid Computing Test beds in Europe and the Netherlands David Groep, NIKHEF 2001-10-01

2 Resource access: then & now In ye olde days (till approx 1992): –Hardly any network security –All machines in a local net were created equal –All local users happy with remote shell, rlogin, rcp Now: –Want to communicate globally over Gigabit WAN, but –Internet is full of firewalls and barriers, to retain local control and keep crackers out… The Grid: –Bring back single sign on and trust –use the WAN as the 80’s LANs: all global users happy

3 What is Grid computing? Dependable, consistent and pervasive access to (high-end) resources Combine resources from various organizations User-based view: `Virtual Organizations’ Transparent decisions for the user Security is of paramount importance: –Authentication, Authorization, Accounting&Quota

4 The One-Liner Resource sharing and coordinated problem solving in dynamic multi-institutional virtual organisations

5 ‘Virtual Organizations’

6 Grid Architecture Applications Grid Services GRAMGSI Grid Fabric CondorMPIPBSInternetLinux Application Toolkits DUROCMPICH-G2Condor-G GridFTPMDS SUN VLAM-G Make all resources talk standard protocols Promote interoperability of application toolkit, similar to interoperability of networks by Internet standards

7 Globus Project started 1997 de facto-standard Reference implementation of Gridforum standards Large community effort Basis of several projects, including EU-DataGrid Toolkit `bag-of-services' approach Successful test beds, with single sign-on, etc… Grid Middleware

8 Single Sign-on Based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), using X.509 `certificates’: –Grid Credential Name (~login name for the Grid) –Private key, for signing and encryption –Certificate signed by trusted third parties (CA’s) (see Co-operates with local security policies Exchange certificates, authenticate, delegate Limit vulnerability by using limited `proxies’

9 Looking at Resources Per Virtual Organization (or test bed) Directory of Resources and their Characteristics Used to find `best resource out there’ DataGrid httap:// DutchGrid?ldap://

10 Submitting a Job

11 Sending your Data Tape robots, disks, etc. share GridFTP interface Optimize for high-speed >1Gbit/s networks In the future: automatic optimizations, bandwidth reservations, directory-enabled networking, …

12 EU DataGrid Work Packages Applications Grid Services GRAM Grid Fabric CondorPBSInternetLinux Application Toolkits MPICH-G2Condor-G GridFTPMDS SUN WP8-10 WP1& 8-10 sw WP2,3,5,(7) WP4,7

13 EU DataGrid Test bed 1 DutchGrid embedded in DataGrid Test bed 1 DataGrid TB1: –14 countries –21 major sites –Shared PKI –Mutual authorization –Major applications: HEP, Earth Obs, Bio-informatics

14 DutchGrid platform Amsterdam Utrecht KNMI Delft Leiden Nijmegen Enschede DutchGrid aims: –Share experience –Test bed coordination –PKI security Participation by NIKHEF: FOM, VU, UvA, Utrecht, Nijmegen KNMI, SARA AMOLF DAS (ASCI): TUDelft, Leiden, VU, UvA, Utrecht Telematics Institute

15 DutchGrid: build-up now Current startup-resources to be abused: –NIKHEF: 50x2 CPU’s D0 cluster 2x10x2 (=40) CPU’s LHCb at NIKHEF(WCW) &VU 10x2 CPU’s Alice NIKHEF(WCW) ca. 4x2 CPU’s Alice Utrecht ca. 10x2 CPU’s D0 Nijmegen Lots of disk & dedicated 1.3TByte cache server –DAS-II: 200 dual-PIII’s systems & some disk (~2TByte) Spread over 5 locations (NIKHEF is one!) –SARA: tape robot (>200TByte), some clusters

16 Present and Future Plenty more systems (~ 5000 CPU’s in 2003/4??) Mass storage (@SARA) Network capacity to CERN and Fermi (SURFnet) Buildup of software infrastructure Support for changing Analysis/MC software Bringing the Grid to the (interactive) Desktop

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